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No matter with rain, keep your blue sky ;-) by Véronique Soulier

No matter with rain, keep your blue sky ;-) 


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21.10.2009 at 8:11h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
Qu'importe le temps, gardez un coin de bleu dans votre ciel !
il tombait des cordes ce jour là, de la neige fondue glaciale ; dans ce petit passage couvert de l'abbaye de Saint Gallen,
nous nous sommes croisées et la lumière s'est accrochée dans leurs parapluies.. comme quoi, elle est toujours quelque part par là..

it was raining cats and dogs, melted snow, a bad winterly day and they crossed my way in this short tunnel with their blue umbrellas .. Light was there ;-))


thanks a lot to Michel for this nomination, enjoy your week end even if you have to sing in the rain ;-))
17.10.09, 19:07


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Anne-Marie Frei, 21.10.2009 at 8:28h

Très belle composition, bravo !
Amitiés, Anne-Marie

aline64, 21.10.2009 at 8:48h

une photo géniale !!! j'aime

Claude Coeudevez, 21.10.2009 at 8:48h

J'aime bien :-)


Irca Caplikas, 21.10.2009 at 8:49h

J'adore cette idée et sa compo!

La couleur des parapluies est si sympa!

CABANIEU Gilbert, 21.10.2009 at 9:01h

Compo, couleurs, superbe image

Leo_nid, 21.10.2009 at 9:17h

A nice observation

Mauro Stradotto, 21.10.2009 at 9:57h

Ottimo scatto, bellissima la costruzione dell'immagine e i contrasti cromatici!!!!
Un caro saluto,
buona giornata,

Kaith Kakavouli, 21.10.2009 at 10:14h

I adore your title !!!!
fantastic mood !!!!

Peter Mertz, 21.10.2009 at 10:50h

oh yes, Streetlife as it's best !!!

Canan Oner, 21.10.2009 at 11:09h

Light is everywhere if we just want to see it :-)) A wonderful capture , fantastic title meaning a lot Veronique....Excellent...
Much hugs,

Mark Billiau., 21.10.2009 at 11:40h

Good compo and excellent exposure of light and dark parts in this shot.


Alessandro Russo, 21.10.2009 at 11:52h

ciao Alessandro

Antonio Morri, 21.10.2009 at 12:57h

Bella ripresa ed interpretazione!

Victor Malakhov, 21.10.2009 at 13:27h

nice capture with perfect title

Alexandra Baltog, 21.10.2009 at 13:41h

excellent !

Beeri Rolf, 21.10.2009 at 14:02h

Wunderbare Farbkontraste, eine feine Idee.
LG Rolf

Marie-Anne PERRON, 21.10.2009 at 15:07h

C'est une bien belle image bicolore. Belle composition !
Amitiés. Marie-Anne

regineheuser, 21.10.2009 at 21:06h

very good Véronique!!! A perfect situation, I like it a lot...!!! :o)


Denis Heirendt, 21.10.2009 at 21:18h

Excellente composition...
Bien vue!
Amitiés, Denis

Deryck, 21.10.2009 at 21:28h

this is a lovely shot - almost black and white. Well seen and captured

Uschi Pechloff, 21.10.2009 at 23:05h

Klasse!!! Vg uschi

Bruno Botta, 21.10.2009 at 23:44h

Bella composizione. Complimenti.

C.Click, 22.10.2009 at 0:11h

Nous sommes des soeurs jumelles .......... sous le signe .....du ..............

Joëlle Millet, 22.10.2009 at 0:23h

Des murs blancs et lumineux qui font penser au sud avec des parapluies qui ont l'air d'ombrelles , c'est charmant . De la gaité malgré la grisaille , bravo . Amitiés . Joëlle

Véronique Soulier, 22.10.2009 at 10:25h

merci Chris- C.Click pour l'idée , allez ne cherchez pas, pour vous mettre du soleil dans la tête, voici le lien avec les parapluies de Cherbourg :

Inez Correia Marques, 22.10.2009 at 23:18h

Et voila : Tres romantique ! Bravo Veronique , you were ready and got it perfectly :-)

Petra Mohr - PhotoMomente, 23.10.2009 at 9:19h

Super klasse! I think it would be still a little bit better if only the umbrellas are in colour - Then it would be perfect!!!

Best wishes


anthony ryan, 23.10.2009 at 13:09h

It's beautifully compositioned in a excellent light and wonderful colour Véronique,the detail and ballance of the picture is perfect for me.This is a excellent picture well spotted and captured.
Best wishes.

Juan, 23.10.2009 at 14:58h

admirablement observé et photographié

s. sabine krause, 23.10.2009 at 16:32h

this is magic!!! the minature looked very promising already, and made me click!! just love to look at those lit through blue umbrellas against the white arched background! they trigger all kinds of pleasant emotions – marbles from childhood, the blue blue ocean, smoothed pieces of glass you find at the beach, "softened" by the power of the waves… beautiful shot! greetings, sabine.

Frederick Mann, 24.10.2009 at 18:56h

If I could ... I would vote PRO...
(lovely image

Stefan Andronache, 26.10.2009 at 13:23h

Bien composee. J'aime.
Amities, Stefan

Georg Lehnhardt, 26.10.2009 at 19:03h

schade ich nicht darf

ein klares PRO

LG Georg

Anne Rudolph, 4.11.2009 at 20:16h

damit es hier mal weiter geht ein dickes PRO
lg anne

Voting Center, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 114 pro- and 61 contra-votes. Congratulations, Véronique Soulier :-)

MICHAEL stüben , 7.11.2009 at 12:26h

blue day...nice way

Canan Oner, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h

PRO !!...

Claudio Morselli, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


Die Mohnblumen, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


Mark Billiau., 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


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Arnd U. B., 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


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Deryck, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


mike snead, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


Marc Maiworm, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


leonorakarr, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


Ayse Nalan Yasin, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


Alexandru Valentin Iedu, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h

P r o

Charly Roggow, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


Alessandro Russo, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


Leo_nid, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


Anne-Marie Frei, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


r o l f WENGENroth, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


lemmi65, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


Claudio Micheli, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


Nena, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


- Edith Vogel, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


Sabine Suess, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


Carlo Pollaci, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


vasilis valakis, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


cosmosgirl, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h

*** P R O ***

. just the model

Ludwig F. Ellner, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


JValentina, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


Gasser Lisbeth, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


JURAFR, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


Kaith Kakavouli, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


Adele Oliver, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


Jürgen Cron, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


Thoralf, 7.11.2009 at 12:26h


Michael Grotkamp, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


M.W. Schiller, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Claire Laira, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


lolita cecilia, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Takis.K, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


ACAKO, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Sabine Sirey, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Ralph Bache, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Waldi W., 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Denis Heirendt, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Holger Findling, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Ruud van der Lubben, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h

Good !!!

Pro !

Andrea Sagawe, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Alfredo Yanez, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Luca Ciardiello, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


ston, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


bombamo Michèle, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Micha Boland, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


--Opal--, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Inez Correia Marques, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Claude Coeudevez, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Pawel Majewski, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Volker Lenk, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Hans-Reiner Bohn, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Pixarno, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Johann Dittmann, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


photom, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h

well titled, good shot+++

Fons van Swaal, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Jean-Bernard, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Dieter Craasmann, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


bayerlein ute, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Pascal Viyer, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h

PRO ! ! !

willy ombret, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Federico Cirillo, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h

+ + + + +

Zdenek Baranek, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


adriana lissandrini, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Vera Böhm, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Uwe Vollmann, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


t a s e n e t, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Christa Regina, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


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toniGRAPH, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


redfox-dream-art-photography, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Anca Silvia B., 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


MAURICE CLEGG, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Anne Rudolph, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


Sylvia Schulz, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h


dieterDIETRICH, 7.11.2009 at 12:27h

pro +


Andrea Stefanie Gierke, 7.11.2009 at 16:41h


Didier MARZIN, 8.11.2009 at 9:19h

Une originale et superbe image que je découvre à l'instant et qui mérite tout à fait cette juste récompense.
Toutes mes félicitations Véronique.

s. sabine krause, 8.11.2009 at 9:49h

so nice to see that the "weather girls" marched right into the gallery with their beautiufl blue umbrellas ; ))! still like the shot a lot!! congratulations, véronique! greetings, sabine.

Véronique Soulier, 8.11.2009 at 11:34h

Thanks a lot to Michael and to all of you ! it was a rainy day, it was an happy day ;-))))

Lazaros Limos, 8.11.2009 at 11:45h

Very beautiful composition, the color contrast between the white walls and the blue umbrellas is very inspiring... and very smart title!... Bravo!!..
Best wishes, Lazaros.

roald, 8.11.2009 at 17:05h

simple and yet very captivating. i guess it has something to do with the vibrant blue. minimalist with impact.

Jürgen Cron, 8.11.2009 at 21:15h

Veronique congratulation !!!

A very nice Photo by you.

Hugs, Jürgen...

Alberto Angelici, 9.11.2009 at 9:13h

Oui, tout le monde aurait besoin d'un coin de bleu :-)
Une image simplement charmante...

CODY EIGEN, 10.11.2009 at 8:59h

Gefällt mir besonders !!!

John Sampson, 10.11.2009 at 11:44h

Nice simple picture. Really works well.

Maxkodak, 10.11.2009 at 13:06h

Tres belle image, pleine de douceur et de mystere.

SIMOND Gilbert, 14.11.2009 at 2:01h

C'est très original. Composition parfaite. Amitiés.

Vincent Bourrelly, 15.11.2009 at 12:21h

Bravo pour cette étoile ! la photo est superbe ! bravo

pp2t, 25.11.2009 at 9:11h

Jolis parapluies bleues. Finalement, le mauvais temps est une bonne source pour les photographes!
Laughing in the rain by pp2t
Laughing in the rainnot being discussed
18.10.09, 20:28

Maria João Arcanjo, 29.11.2009 at 21:19h

big aplause Véronique!

carinart, 21.12.2009 at 18:16h

J'adore cette image - elle est superbe, tout simplement. Pas besoin d'autres commentaires!
Amitiés Karin

Nuria Zortém, 30.09.2011 at 19:39h

Excellente !

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