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Golden Age by Pat Di Fruscia

Golden Age 


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30.06.2006 at 3:20h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
This shot was taken on my recent trip to Croatia on the beautiful Island of Mljet. Using a canon 5D, Canon 17-40L, Lee Filters and Heliopan Polarizer. Please visit and


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Anastasya Ivanova, 30.06.2006 at 4:20h

da It's a very beautiful one, with nice view and perspektive.

Matthias Moritz, 30.06.2006 at 5:52h

I visited your website: great images.
Thanks for being here!

Peter Mertz, 30.06.2006 at 6:29h

wonderful composition.

Mark Johnston, 30.06.2006 at 7:19h

Outstanding, once again.

Luc Grollie, 30.06.2006 at 8:15h

another great pic of a beautiful landscape !!!!!!
you keep stunning me with those.......
we want more !!!!!

Hans Solcer, 30.06.2006 at 9:21h

very beautiful!

Katerina Zumrová, 30.06.2006 at 10:26h

looking very nice...

Claude Coeudevez, 30.06.2006 at 11:12h

Wonderful colors

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 30.06.2006 at 15:09h

wow like on another planet, what a beautiful and magical image Pat


Cees Kuijs, 30.06.2006 at 19:21h

Brilliant !!! Wonderful image.
Greetings, Cees

K.L. Short, 1.07.2006 at 13:22h

wow great shot and color

Robert Lazar, 2.07.2006 at 11:15h

It is so grotesque. so mystical. so beautiful!!! I have no words ... Probably it's one of the most beautiful photos ever taken ... !

Frank Terlien, 2.07.2006 at 12:46h

great and beautiful sunset

Voting Center, 2.07.2006 at 16:49h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 39 pro- and 17 contra-votes. Congratulations, Pat Di Fruscia :-)

Radim Spitzer, 2.07.2006 at 16:49h

Another beauty of yours, Pat.
I do admire your sense for timing and lightning conditions. The composition is great as well. But this could be easily said pretty much about all your shots.. :))))
I visited your personal webpage and found some very interesting motivations for my orher work.
Please keep it coming.
And guys, have fun with voting for this one. :)
Cheers, R.

Celal Tayar, 2.07.2006 at 16:49h

i had fun ;-))

Frank Cecconi, 2.07.2006 at 16:49h

Pat, when are you gonna come out with a book/video/tours ... count me!!

Costantinos Milonas, 2.07.2006 at 16:49h

Pro !!!

Claude Coeudevez, 2.07.2006 at 16:49h


Peter Mertz, 2.07.2006 at 16:49h


Martin Herdicky, 2.07.2006 at 16:49h

a big pro !!! Great work Pat!!!

Valfoto, 2.07.2006 at 16:49h


Daniel Avasilichioaei, 2.07.2006 at 16:49h


Massimo Carolla, 2.07.2006 at 16:49h


Roberto Grilli, 2.07.2006 at 16:49h

Great photo

Clà Riedi, 2.07.2006 at 16:49h


Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 2.07.2006 at 16:49h

beautiful colours, love his work anyway so pro for them all

Mircea Tiron-Tudor, 2.07.2006 at 16:49h

Pro !

Paul Grimshaw, 2.07.2006 at 16:49h

I have often seen the landscape genre looked down on by some on the site as boring and mainstream - this is the answer to those people. One of my favourite photographers on here. Beautiful in every aspect. *favourites* Regards, Paul.

Cees Kuijs, 2.07.2006 at 16:49h

Brilliant, PRO

Jacky Kobelt, 2.07.2006 at 16:49h


Robert Riley, 2.07.2006 at 16:50h

It is another great example of Patricks fantastic ability to take the almost Perfect Shot. I say almost because I dont think 'perfection' can be achieved. Pro.

Patrick Parenteau, 2.07.2006 at 16:50h

Ah, those creative Canadians. Masterwork. HAPPY CANADA DAY from one Patrick to another. Pro

Theo Weijmer, 2.07.2006 at 16:50h


Anderl Rodoschegg, 2.07.2006 at 16:50h


Peter Kis kalóz, 2.07.2006 at 16:50h


Jacqueline Chay, 2.07.2006 at 16:50h

Pro - wonderful


Paul Grimshaw, 2.07.2006 at 18:57h

Hi Pat, congratulations and a well deserved place in the Gallery - have a star !! Regards, Paul.

Radim Spitzer, 3.07.2006 at 1:53h

Congrats, Pat! :)

Susi Lawson Susi, 3.07.2006 at 9:06h

Congrats! Beautiful!!

Nilüfer Barin, 3.07.2006 at 15:04h

very nice tones...
very nice photo.

Pat Di Fruscia, 4.07.2006 at 4:33h

Thank you everyone for all your great comments and votes. I really appreciate this :)

Luda Sikora, 4.07.2006 at 15:06h

Great photo

Fredrick Adam, 11.07.2006 at 19:26h

Terrific composition, National Geographic quality!

Thomas Rense, 12.07.2006 at 12:53h

I´m very impressed, really great pic!
VG tHomas

Irina No, 18.07.2006 at 18:54h

great colors)

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