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Love My Tender by Susie Q

Love My Tender


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4.12.2006 at 9:07h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
The first in a series featuring The Wooden Boatbuilding School located at Franklin in Tasmania, south-west of Hobart on the banks of the Huon River.

The school aims to preserve traditional wooden boatbuilding knowledge and skills with an emphasis on the use of quality natural timber, especially Tasmania’s unique boatbuilding timbers including Huon, Celery Top and King Billy Pine, Blue Gum and Swamp Gum.

& by Susie Q
4.12.06, 9:14

------ by Susie Q
4.12.06, 9:16


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Abdul Khaliq, 4.12.2006 at 9:24h

Wonderful composition. Positioning of the boat, perfect light and angle for reflections. great work Susie

Aniko Mocher, 4.12.2006 at 10:44h

amazing, calm image, like the colours as well...great shot
br, anikó

Peter Mertz, 4.12.2006 at 11:10h

well done captured :-)

Antonella Scimone, 4.12.2006 at 11:51h

Very nice picture! ciao Antonella

Claire Laira, 4.12.2006 at 15:45h

Beautiful colours, light and reflection!
Greetings, Claire

John Bennett, 4.12.2006 at 16:25h

Well composed,beautiful reflections. I like the way the water on one side of the mooring rope is lovely and calm while the other side has just caught that breeze.

Henk Auwema, 4.12.2006 at 21:40h

Very clear, well captured. What about the title?


Cor van den Doel, 5.12.2006 at 16:28h

Colourful and good reflections.

Mark Johnston, 5.12.2006 at 20:03h

My favorite from the series. I'm a big fan of still water and mirror reflections, (maybe too much), but the ripple in this one really adds.
Lovely work.

Luiz Porto, 6.12.2006 at 4:42h

Adoro barcos.

Andrew Adams, 6.12.2006 at 5:53h

Boats... something about them... very cool : )

Peter Lawrence, 12.12.2006 at 8:19h

Love it true

Voting Center, 12.12.2006 at 14:55h

This photo was proposed for the gallery, as the voting ended with 43 pro und 57 contra votes. Maybe next time you will be more successful;-)

Josep A. Collado, 12.12.2006 at 14:55h

Maybe the topic is a classic, but I find this pic is almost a perfection matter. The composition, the stunning colours, specially of the water ...
moreover, the rope plays here the role of key that join the image with the onlooker.

Ivano Cheli, 12.12.2006 at 14:55h


Cees Kuijs, 12.12.2006 at 14:55h

PRO !!

Michael Henderson, 12.12.2006 at 14:55h


Robert Riley, 12.12.2006 at 14:55h

Even the Title! Pro!

Claire Laira, 12.12.2006 at 14:55h


Jacqueline Chay, 12.12.2006 at 14:55h

Great work Pro

Abdul Khaliq, 12.12.2006 at 14:55h


Véronique Soulier, 12.12.2006 at 14:55h


Peter Mertz, 12.12.2006 at 14:55h


Ruud van der Lubben, 12.12.2006 at 14:55h


Claude Coeudevez, 12.12.2006 at 14:55h


Theo Weijmer, 12.12.2006 at 14:55h


Cor van den Doel, 12.12.2006 at 14:56h


Bruno`s Pixelwork..., 12.12.2006 at 14:56h


Valfoto, 12.12.2006 at 14:56h


Liz Collet, 12.12.2006 at 14:56h


Robert Riley, 12.12.2006 at 14:56h

Good Grief, I think you got a pro from Liz! The problem with voting is that unless the pic is truly awful, not many Contras will make a comment, unlike Herwig and me, who try to make a comment whatever the vote. And Ruud, Paul, and a few others. Its the non commentors who usually prevail.

Eddie Maguire, 12.12.2006 at 14:56h


Jacky Kobelt, 12.12.2006 at 14:56h


Mircea Tiron-Tudor, 12.12.2006 at 14:56h

Pro !

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 12.12.2006 at 14:56h

i think some of her other photos are way more amazing than this one sorry sweetheart contra this time :0)

Olivier Vanbiervliet, 12.12.2006 at 14:56h

I'll vote contra because I want to see the horizon with this photo...I want to look up. The boat makes me look down and there's nothing to see there...

Stefan S. Mosley, 12.12.2006 at 14:56h

Fantastic! Absolutely beautiful and idyllic.

P.e.ter Gau, 12.12.2006 at 14:56h


Wen P, 12.12.2006 at 14:56h

It's a lovely choice of proposal Josep. Very refreshing, feels like a refreshing summer day on the lake.

Balazs Pataki, 12.12.2006 at 14:56h

I'm fascinated by the insight to such a distant world and the subject is also very interesting, but this is not at all the best shot from this series. Any of the two others would do, they also tell us more about the boats. c

Anastasya Ivanova, 12.12.2006 at 14:56h



Josep A. Collado, 12.12.2006 at 15:03h

I'm sorry, Susie. However I still think that it is a very good picture. :-)

Stefan S. Mosley, 14.12.2006 at 15:33h

A real pitty it didn't make it into the Gallery, I love this photo nevertheless.

Paraschiv Vasile, 14.01.2007 at 0:09h

Very good photo. Peacefull.

Chris U. Jutta , 28.05.2007 at 0:50h

wonderful picture !!!!!

LG Chris

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