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triplication by Walt Mesk



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19.08.2004 at 8:47h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.


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Atina Rentrah, 19.08.2004 at 8:59h


i like this pic!

Walt Mesk Mesk, 19.08.2004 at 9:12h

thanks,thanks....more pictures are on my site (
camera:nikon coolpix 5700
1/250 f8
i waited 45 minutes the situation for the shot.
i'm italian....

Walt Mesk Mesk, 19.08.2004 at 9:21h

for Atina:i like your personal site....compliments.

Esbjörn Strid, 19.08.2004 at 9:27h

A superb B/W picture with a nice depth and good contrast.

[ Andreas Hurni ], 19.08.2004 at 10:24h

hey, this is a great pic
the glow in the lower right corner and the doubled shadow (mirrorimage and shadow) makes it special.


Laura Großer, 19.08.2004 at 19:27h

i like the trees in the background... and the shadow.. and the reflection... there's so much to see in this photo... great

Martin von Lindern, 20.08.2004 at 22:33h

I like these kinds of pics with shadows in the puddle. Great pic - thanks for sharing


Claudia Zurlo, 31.08.2004 at 14:02h

Excellent !

Voting Center, 12.12.2004 at 17:00h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 72 pro- and 28 contra-votes. Congratulations, Walt Mesk Mesk :-)

Claudia Zurlo, 12.12.2004 at 17:00h

I fully agree ! Pro

Andreas Allgeyer, 12.12.2004 at 17:00h

Great b/w :-) Pro!

Peter Szymanski, 12.12.2004 at 17:00h

pro !

Evelyn Munnes, 12.12.2004 at 17:00h


Klaus Oppermann, 12.12.2004 at 17:00h

i like the shadow AND the mirror image. Good b/w!

Elena W., 12.12.2004 at 17:00h

na aber logisch prooo

lg elena

Roland G., 12.12.2004 at 17:00h

only the frame is to much

but pro...

Elfi Winter, 12.12.2004 at 17:00h


Thommy Nagel, 12.12.2004 at 17:00h

Atina Rentrah, 12.12.2004 at 17:01h


°°° S. l °°°, 12.12.2004 at 17:01h


Laki K., 12.12.2004 at 17:01h


Oliver Gemesi, 12.12.2004 at 17:01h


Amigo Zomtec, 12.12.2004 at 17:01h


Marko Mueller, 12.12.2004 at 17:01h


Marina °, 12.12.2004 at 17:01h


Mark Brun, 12.12.2004 at 17:01h

Pro !

Georg Dorff, 12.12.2004 at 17:01h


Rip ., 12.12.2004 at 17:01h


S. K. G. Schanz, 12.12.2004 at 17:01h



Walt Mesk Mesk, 12.12.2004 at 22:02h



Vanessa Torres, 12.12.2004 at 22:17h

Hi Walt!!!
Sincerly.. your photo has a lot of details who has a good picture.. nice, very good tones, a very spectacular situation ... the person in form, the shadow and the reflect in the water... the solitude.. wow! congratualtions... Iiked so much your photo.keep doing this.

Ektor Coughanour, 14.12.2004 at 12:52h


Snjezana Josipovic, 14.12.2004 at 22:44h


Tana Brooks, 15.12.2004 at 12:43h

very good !

Kudiyan Kudiyang, 17.12.2004 at 23:44h

Excellent composition. Good one.

Nirmal Stanley, 18.12.2004 at 22:50h

Good work. Nice triplication, everything came together, marvelous.

Julia Orlova, 24.12.2004 at 5:41h

Super !!!!

Antonio Branco Nunes, 26.12.2004 at 0:13h

Great!... I like this pic of Yours... we see a triplication.... but... maybe there is a "n" plication...

Janis Eglitis, 13.01.2005 at 11:24h

i like very good .

David Read, 15.02.2005 at 16:35h

This photo is right on the money!

Bojan Nikolow, 25.05.2005 at 3:08h


Eamon Lynch, 17.06.2005 at 21:17h

Fabulous Well Done Walt

Benedikt Wendland, 15.08.2005 at 10:49h

great picture
just excellent
love it

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 25.08.2005 at 14:09h

This photo is really good,
like the way you have done this
very eye catching


Frederick E Gaghauna , 27.09.2007 at 12:56h

so lonely... accompanied with 5 trees without leaves.. dark and lonely! Nice photo!!!! one of my favorite

kameraluegen , 20.08.2008 at 23:23h

very well caught!

Istvan Stefan, 18.12.2008 at 1:01h


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