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Shopping - It's a girl thing. by Sally Dunn

Shopping - It's a girl thing.


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15.01.2010 at 23:00h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
I did feel momentarily sorry for these poor men waiting for their women folk to finish shopping and come and collect them and then couldn't resist the urge to go shopping myself!! At least some of them have come prepared for a long sit!


Adele Oliver, 16.01.2010 at 5:00h

A priceless image, Sally. Clever eye and great how you captured the expressions of the waiting men...... quite a statement and also so apparent that everybody is from an older generation.
I wonder if you would achieve more of an impact by cropping from top and bottom.
hugs, Adele

Ayse Nalan Yasin, 16.01.2010 at 5:36h

Super image Sally :)) Excellent shot.. Great idea..
Hugs Ayse

Mark Billiau., 16.01.2010 at 9:46h

Poor, poor guys.......


s. sabine krause, 16.01.2010 at 9:57h

: )))))))))) this is SO funny, sally!! what a great daring candid shot! a friend and i talked about this very phenomenon just the other day, and we came up with an idea: wouldn't it be neat to found a "kindergarten" for men? a place with lots of technical stuff – batteries, dvd players, tvs, stereos, autoparts, etc.? the ladies could pay a small fee to drop their husbands off and pick them up again later? that way everybody would be happy and exhausted at the end of the day ; )))… hugs, sabine.

Frederick Mann, 16.01.2010 at 11:27h

it's true..
but one gets used to it
(one wants to be helpful.. and will carry her shopping bags too

Steve Ashforth, 16.01.2010 at 17:19h

Hi Sally. Welcome back.
What a great picture! You have a great eye for a shot. I can also see another 'poor soul' walking towards the "Gang of Six". His expression sums up the whole experience!! LOL!

BRYAN CRUTE, 16.01.2010 at 19:48h

:-))))))))) How very true !
Great shot, real life photography


Colin S Byford, 17.01.2010 at 17:49h

Been there - but I am a bit younger than that.them.

Well spotted and well captured as I have come to expect from Sally,

Kaith Kakavouli, 17.01.2010 at 21:07h


Dolores M., 17.01.2010 at 21:41h

That's a real funny pics :-)) But it's true ! Compliment Sally for this eyecatcher - it's really something special !!
Hugs Dolores

fotopeter45, 18.01.2010 at 10:26h

this made me really laugh
its the

Majid mehraban, 18.01.2010 at 11:17h

poor men ;)))
great capture

anthony ryan, 18.01.2010 at 12:38h

Hi Sally,How often have I sat there with my paper wishing that I had stayed at home.You women can walk around all day just looking and then not buying anything,were has we men know what we want and were to get.Stright there and home again.I can not see a load of women sitting there waiting for us men,Now that would be a sight to behold.

doktada didelas, 19.01.2010 at 6:01h

It must be universal.
Somewhere else I was one of them.

Jutta Ploessner, 26.01.2010 at 4:28h

This is certainly a great shot, Sally!
As a writer, I could come up with a whole bunch of stories about these guys. But I have to object about the girl-shopping-thing. What about men and hardware stores? Lol ...
Take care -- Jutta from Edgewood, B.C.

Alfredo Yanez, 30.01.2010 at 21:33h

Muy interesante captura!!

Max13, 4.02.2010 at 21:46h

Klasse gesehen,ein Bild mitten aus dem wirklichen Leben Greetings max

Heidi A. S., 7.02.2010 at 4:01h

That's hilarious! They have all got the same expression on their faces. Classic. I'm chuckling and secretly thinking "suckers"
Love it!

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