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PRIME PROPERTY by Lawson McCulloch



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10.05.2008 at 21:20h
, License: All pictures  by the senders.


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BRYAN CRUTE, 10.05.2008 at 21:24h

Great work Lawson, superb colouring to these rocks.
Looks like you also found a good location to get this shot


Leo_nid, 10.05.2008 at 21:28h

Stunning colors here
An excellent shot

Marit Hansson, 10.05.2008 at 22:07h

Simply cool :)
Regards, Marit

archiek , 10.05.2008 at 23:10h

great color contrast and excellent light. Very nice photo. -archie

Fons van Swaal, 10.05.2008 at 23:52h

Amazing Colours ......beautiful image....;-)))

Dianna , 11.05.2008 at 0:34h

I am amazed by all the lovely colors ! :-)

JVision , 11.05.2008 at 1:38h

Beautiful colors !! Great capture Lawson.

Canan Oner , 11.05.2008 at 8:07h

Great work Lawson...Fantastic capture....Very interesting to see all those color combinations on the rocks...And the birds look great !!!

Cees Kuijs, 11.05.2008 at 20:14h

Oh..shit.....I think the best place is at the top !! :-))))))))))))))
Very colorful rock formation. Superb details !!
Greetings, Cees

Mark Billiau. , 11.05.2008 at 21:16h

Hi Lawson,
Very colourful picture and great capture of the seagulls.
Must not be funny lo live there on the ground floor.....

Christiane Wüllner, 11.05.2008 at 21:40h

Very very fine presented!
:-)) Christiane

Pascal Viyer, 12.05.2008 at 19:17h

superb vertigo !
amitié, Lawson

CsomorLászló , 13.05.2008 at 20:29h

***** Congratulations! by CsomorLászló
***** Congratulations!not being discussed
16.2.08, 14:24

Vesela Maleeva, 23.05.2008 at 16:44h

Super composition and stunning colours.
It's amazing how these chaps sit in an ordered
way and you've captured it. Unusual and beautiful.

Andrej Nagode, 23.05.2008 at 17:50h

Well composed and beautiful image.

Alexandra Baltog, 10.06.2008 at 17:40h

good colours ... nicely done !


KasiaD , 22.06.2008 at 14:30h

There's a small plot in the middle still vacant, if you are quick! Another well captured shot. Nice graphic composition on top. Kathryn

j.a.j.jansen m. , 22.06.2008 at 18:48h

A great capture and colors, a pity they don't clean up their own mess.
Greetings, Jan.

Alfred Spectrum, 24.06.2008 at 5:18h

As all of the above, and, uh, how did it smell there??....

Deryck , 24.06.2008 at 21:47h

I agree with all of the above, especially Cees!
Well done

Véronique Soulier , 30.06.2008 at 11:19h

I  i  i  I   I  i  I  i by Véronique Soulier
I i i I I i I i
27.6.08, 8:06
and stunning colors around, but I agree with Cees, bye VS

Voting Center, 13.09.2008 at 17:17h

This photo was proposed for the gallery, as the voting ended with 65 pro und 110 contra votes. Maybe next time you will be more successful;-)

Vesela Maleeva, 13.09.2008 at 17:17h

For the unusual quality of this work:
as an extraordinary nature pic and
with it's colours and lines - a work
of art at the same time. A unique
and different capture, which would
be a great addition to the best works
in our Gallery.

Happy voting!

Peter Mertz, 13.09.2008 at 17:17h

very nice shot indeed, but gallery ??

Vesela Maleeva, 13.09.2008 at 17:17h

Dear Peter - I am amazed a person
like you can be asking a question
like this. How many of this kind of
nature pics do we really have in
our Gallery? I'd have it on my wall,
I'd love it in a calender I'd buy for
the whole year to look at - how many
such are in our Gallery, if you decide
to say honestly?

Alexandru Iedu , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h

I agree with Vesela ... PRO

Leo_nid, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Denis Heirendt , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Elke, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Canan Oner , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h

Agree with Ves...Beautiful shot..PRO !!

Takis.K , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Frank Cecconi, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h

Most colourful piece of (bird) shit I've seen in FC to date....;-)

Pawel Majewski, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Robert Riley, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Pascal Viyer, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h

pro !!

Inez Correia Marques , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


DSK , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Carlo Capobianchi , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Claire Laira, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Luigi Scorsino, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


CsomorLászló , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Stefano Todde, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Monic CHAILLIER, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Mario Benz, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Anca Silvia B., 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Norbert° , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Mikael Hörnlund, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h

Imho, i think the other one is better than this one. Lacks to wow factor for me.
Sorry Lawson, contra on this one.

Holger Findling , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h

We need more nature shots:)

Laszlo (L.C.S.) , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h

I like it ;-)
+++ PRO +++

Gazp . , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Vladan Doslic , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Gert van der Flier , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Andrea Se. , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h

Nice, but gallery?

Cristina Ioana S. , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h

Very nice colors, good composition, great sharpness!
Good luck, Cristina

archiek , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h

pro from me. -archie

Véronique Soulier , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Ilidio Fernandes , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Ewald L., 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


BRYAN CRUTE, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h

Pro !

Vera Böhm, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h

I'm really sorry, but my eyes don't find a fixed stability.

Vesela Maleeva, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h

@Vera: My own eyes swipe along the
upper line, then along the lower line,
(of birds) a very pronounced composition ,-)

lemmi65 , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


DRAGA PUC, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


III sto III, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


PRO :-)

Arnd U. B., 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Black Pearl Design, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h

+ + + P R O + + +

Luc Grollie, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h

difficult to make a good compo in these cases, the nice diagonal lining up of the gulls isn't strong enough to decrease the impact of the rocks which seem to be very dominant...
cropping the half birds at the edges would also improve...
but i agree, we need more natureshots in gallery !!!
skip on this one Lawson....

Michael Henderson, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Zsolt Kiss, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h

PRO! :o)

Tom McAlexander , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Andrej Nagode, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Günter Nau , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Red Carpet , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Alexander Arns , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h

sorry, contra

Luca Di Paola , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


My Blick, 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


B-A-U-M-I , 13.09.2008 at 17:18h


Stefan S. Mosley, 13.09.2008 at 17:19h


Fuchs Heike , 13.09.2008 at 17:19h


Geoff Ashton , 13.09.2008 at 17:19h


Deryck , 13.09.2008 at 17:19h

I have read through these comments and as a nature photographer I believe we do not get these scenes easily. You stumble on them often after much adventure and make the best you can. I judge this shot not only for it's photographic aesthetics, but also for it's once in a lifetime value!

D Wen, 13.09.2008 at 17:19h


Sylvia Schulz, 13.09.2008 at 17:19h


Gunda Horstmann , 13.09.2008 at 17:19h


Jorge Pérez Carsí, 13.09.2008 at 17:19h


Saska S. , 13.09.2008 at 17:19h



Vesela Maleeva, 15.09.2008 at 11:46h

Disappointing how people fail to
acknowledge the unique nature shot.
But not surprising ,-) Keep up your
beautiful nature work to the joy of
the rest of your friends!!


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