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Vietnamese Child (37 years ago) by Bob Fraioli

Vietnamese Child (37 years ago)


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11.12.2006 at 22:04h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
A frightened young girl in Viet Nam....I wonder if she survived ............No child should ever suffer this fear......!!! You think we would have learned something in 40 years !!!.............This picture was done with a Telescopic lens from a moving truck and developed in a village in Viet Nam and printed on what ever available paper was there at the time....................


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Kombizz Kashani, 12.12.2006 at 2:02h

that devil octopus has reached himself to poor and innocent children of Iraq, Afganistan, Lebanon, Palestine in ME and other places in Africa, and Central and South America to drink their blood under so many intelectual names.

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 15.12.2006 at 15:59h

wonderful portrait, very moving and inspirational
well done

Wim Denijs, 16.12.2006 at 19:23h

Lucky enough , there still some hope !!

Voting Center, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h

This photo was proposed for the gallery, as the voting ended with 12 pro und 88 contra votes. Maybe next time you will be more successful;-)

Bob Fraioli, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h

What life was like 37 years ago in a war torn country

Kai Sehlke, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h

Great, Pro

Peter Hauri, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h

oh yes

Ruud van der Lubben, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h

I am shure there is a story behind it, but for Gallery ?

P.e.ter Gau, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h


Jan Van Der Hooft, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h


Thomas McAlexander, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h

I like the picture, but not for the gallery.

Mark Johnston, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h

Im really suprised at the imediate pro votes. Quite a story but a very plain, blurred photograph.

Anastasya Ivanova, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h

Well it's a very symbol of the bitterly prolonged Vietnam war

Abdul Khaliq, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h

Great Docu.
Considering 40 years old pic i vote Pro.

Bruno`s Pixelwork..., 18.12.2006 at 14:52h


Robert Riley, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h

Not good enough, the photo needs to be a lot better technically.

Ivano Cheli, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h


Claude Coeudevez, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h


Cees Kuijs, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h


Michael Henderson, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h


Geoff in Germany, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h

i have come back to this twice now
the development was primative
not what we have today

Dave Donaldson, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h

Sorry Contra

Luc Grollie, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h

age of the pic has nothing to do with sharpness and composition.....

Eddie Maguire, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h


Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h

this is a very beautiful and moving image, but not for gallery

Valfoto, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h


Inez Soares, 18.12.2006 at 14:52h


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