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Crossing A paradox by Glenn Capers

Crossing A paradox


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4.02.2013 at 17:01h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
A wedding was in place and an old woman fell to the gerund leading the groom and bride. While another with a long stick marked the place of ever spot she places her hands.
The old way of ceremonial storytelling, about the burden of life for a woman in a small village in India. The groom parades his wife to be around like property. and never looked at her.
This was obviously a prearranged marriage. Centuries old, while today on MTV India the village man is seeing european like women bumping and grinding her man in a plush bedroom or disco.. The cultural conflict is that the village man wants the woman that pop with pizzas .

Everyone is happy and everyone uses bleaching cream on their skin thinking it will make them white and cheat their way out of a lower class into a higher class.

India is waking up but it's not pretty The class system still rules, it's just that there is an amendment to who gets to do the nasty at least in Bollywood and in their minds in Mumbai. It's the top classes that can play the game because they have the money.

You know this might not be true. getting a straight answer from an Indian male on the subject is not easy.

Just that when the village guy comes into the big city and goes to the disco, it becomes clear they don't know how to house party or do Gangnam Style with out thinking its suppose to lead to something lease.

The juxtaposition in life here in India is something one can write aout for a long time.


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Lawson McCulloch, 4.02.2013 at 19:38h

A wonderful image and excellent explanation of what is happening here.
best wishes,

Paride Pierini, 4.02.2013 at 20:23h


Harald Hagedorn, 4.02.2013 at 22:52h

i´ll second lawson´s comment

Leo_nid, 4.02.2013 at 22:58h

We stumble and fall even when we are most enlightened. But when we are in true spiritual darkness, we do not even know that we have fallen.
<Thomas Merton>
P.S. terrific capture

Dolores M., 4.02.2013 at 23:05h

Our journalist Glenn is back with another fantastic documentary and picture. It is always interesting to follow your reports ! Thanks Glenn !
Regards, Dolores

Adele Oliver, 5.02.2013 at 0:15h

yes - and amazing image and story !!!
greetings, Adele

Nadja Ph., 5.02.2013 at 8:39h ist gut, dass dem alten Mensch geholfen wird..
LG Nadja

Romani Mariano, 5.02.2013 at 13:36h

Glenn, you are the master on this style, your photoes are Amazing and your reportage are very real...
When i see your image, i can feel the real atmosphere of this place!!

RI Rowly, 6.02.2013 at 9:28h

Excellent Story +++++

BRYAN CRUTE, 6.02.2013 at 10:41h

Superb photo journalism !
Indian is so complex with the modern face and the deep cultural past trying to meet !
Arranged marriages still happen here too with Asian populations spreading across the world. Mind the mess Ive made of marriages maybe somebody should have arranged mine :-) sorry if the current wife is reading this only joking love :-))


Berthold Klammer, 8.02.2013 at 19:34h

Extraordinary work!
regards Berthold

Enzo Leprai, 9.02.2013 at 13:14h

Thank's, Great Story Glenn

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