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Chicago "L" - commemoration of a massacre by Matthias Moritz

Chicago "L" - commemoration of a massacre


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14.02.2009 at 16:26h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
The "L" is the nickname for Chicago´s elevated railroad, constructed and first operated in 1892.

Have you seen "While you were sleeping", "The Fugitive" or "Spiderman II"? Chicago "L" has been part of the set.

I myself was thinking about Al Capone, delivering his illegal goods, or, at worst, his deadly message, who´s the ruler in Chicago.

Capone was skillful at isolating and killing his enemies when they became too powerful. A typical Capone murder consisted of men renting an apartment across the street from the victim's residence and gunning him down when he stepped outside. The operations were quick and complete and Capone always had an alibi.

Capone's most notorious killing was the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. On February 14, 1929, four Capone men entered a garage at 2122 N. Clark Street. The building was the main liquor headquarters of bootlegger George "Bugs" Moran's North Side gang. Because two of Capone's men were dressed as police, the seven men in the garage thought it was a police raid. As a result, they dropped their guns and put their hands against the wall. Using two shotguns and two machine guns, the Capone men fired more than 150 bullets into the victims. As usual, Capone had an alibi; he was in Florida during the massacre.


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Klaus Kieslich, 14.02.2009 at 16:57h

Eine starke Aufnahme mit herlichen Licht-und Schattenspiel
Gruß Klaus

Ilse Jentzsch, 14.02.2009 at 17:26h

Gerade gestern habe ich davon gelesen und nun vermittelt Deine Aufnahme etwas von der Stimmung, wozu die Wahl zu s-w ordentlich beiträgt.
Es grüßt Dich

Lichtbilder - Holger Sauer, 14.02.2009 at 18:13h

genauso hab ich mir das vorgestellt, matthias!
die starken kontraste sind der hammer!
lg holger

Adele Oliver, 14.02.2009 at 20:59h

Very strong, great play with light and shadow, great forms. And thank you for giving us the account of the massacre.
greetings, Adele

Ilidio Fernandes, 14.02.2009 at 22:33h

Excellent work , thanks for the info.
Best wishes

Maren Arndt, 15.02.2009 at 10:05h

Erinnert an Feininger, nur die Automodelle waren damals anders.

Andrea Sagawe, 15.02.2009 at 18:39h

Fine motive, works very well in b/w. Good use of foreground to frame the scene from one side.The strong contrast gives it a good strength. Planning a trip Chicago this year...thxs for the information.


KnipsNix, 15.02.2009 at 18:48h

Die harten Kontraste der Schatten wirken sehr spannend.
Gruß Reiner

Tad Kanazaki, 16.02.2009 at 3:21h

Fine B&W & nice crop.

Nicole Zuber, 16.02.2009 at 14:34h

Stark in SW!
Fein gestaltet und Klasse die Infos dazu.

GLG - Nicole

Andrej Nagode, 18.02.2009 at 16:54h


DRAGA PUC, 28.02.2009 at 7:08h

+++ yes, very good!

Giorgos Fidanas, 1.03.2009 at 6:42h

Very fine work!

Mircea Tiron-Tudor, 12.03.2009 at 15:03h

Well done ! I like it !
Regards, Mircea

s. sabine krause, 2.04.2009 at 8:42h

great b/w shot of my favorite windy city!!! love the downtown loop area, michigan avenue on a crispy cold day, that curve near oak street beach on lake shore drive… oopd, i feel wanderlust kicking in… ; ) greetings, sabine.

Anders Å, 14.04.2009 at 22:40h

Great composition with lots of depth. Framing the motif with the pillars works very well.
Greetings, Anders

Fredrick Steven Adam, 26.04.2009 at 14:01h

Wow, powerful composition, lines, light, shadows.

mike snead, 27.04.2009 at 10:20h

great shot.



Jim McKinniss, 27.04.2009 at 17:30h

I really enjoy your capture of light and shadow here.

The geometries of the scene created by the steel I-beams is terrific.


WGL, 14.05.2009 at 17:13h

Great shot.Interesting story.

TFR, 19.05.2009 at 22:12h

Great pic, great story.


Simona B., 8.06.2009 at 22:43h

Excellent presentation.

katy taylor, 8.06.2009 at 23:18h

fantastic shot! so many details... great contrast... great light...

J e n n i f e r E., 8.06.2009 at 23:45h


El Porte-Bonheur, 14.11.2009 at 0:56h

This is the 'complete package' Matthias, excellent street capture and conversion with fine tonality choice as well as your accompanying lines. Big compliments!
I will have a good look at your works as soon as I have some spare time. Have a nice w-e, El

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