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choco galaxy by Leo_nid

choco galaxy


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18.11.2010 at 19:44h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
a 2006 work revisited and renamed
<tools: Photoshop>


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BRYAN CRUTE, 18.11.2010 at 20:08h

The planets !
Another creative masterpiece Leo


CsomorLászló, 18.11.2010 at 20:09h

Planets in sürreal mood!

TFR, 18.11.2010 at 20:49h

A tasty universe.


Adele Oliver, 18.11.2010 at 21:32h

Fantastic vision ... I want to go there!!! The brilliant colours and combination of forms are so well created, Leo ... compliments!! Definitely a favourite!
cheers, Adele

Kaith Kakavouli, 19.11.2010 at 5:44h

a very tasty photo !!!!!!!

Enzo Leprai, 19.11.2010 at 7:59h

great creativity ... brilliant ... very good!

s. sabine krause, 19.11.2010 at 8:47h

: )))) love it!!! a sun, and a chocolate-ball planet orbiting around it – probably unpopulated, though, (a shame, really!) because of the fudge erosion caused by the heat ; ))! but the crux of the matter is that second, flat-shaped planet just below it: the earth before galilei, only covered in chocolate which rained down on it from the forever shrinking choc ball! just imagine drizzly november on this planet!! heavenly times ; ))… greetings, sabine.

Mark Billiau., 19.11.2010 at 10:04h

It's great to see how you made your own chocolate factory.
Striking digital creation !!


Fons van Swaal, 19.11.2010 at 15:10h

Best regards,

Andrea Sagawe, 19.11.2010 at 16:36h

Glad I don't have to live in this galaxy...I'd probably be twice my size now...width not height... :-))
I especially like the sun, but wonder how the chocolate planets can stand the heat. Apparently they are just far enough away that they don't melt. Wonder how life would look on those planets...


Ralph Bache, 19.11.2010 at 17:25h

Sience fiction, a masterwork of digital editing. Excellent. BW.

Pascal Viyer, 19.11.2010 at 23:18h

So much time... light-year !

Zenonas Meskauskas, 20.11.2010 at 6:14h


Tad Kanazaki, 20.11.2010 at 7:25h

Like a really galaxy,good idea.

monochromo, 21.11.2010 at 13:13h

...superbe work leonid!

Mimi Chielens, 24.11.2010 at 14:42h

Es un trabajo perfecto bravo ++++
cariños Mimi

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