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Calm before the Storm - Ruhe vor dem Sturm by KasiaD

Calm before the Storm - Ruhe vor dem Sturm 


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25.10.2007 at 0:20h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.


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Dianna , 25.10.2007 at 0:49h

Love that sky! :-)
You were correct to put it in the 'Emotion' section! :-)
Great work!

J.Carlos R. Alves , 25.10.2007 at 1:27h

Love it, great work ,

Ilidio Fernandes , 25.10.2007 at 2:14h

wonderful shot , the sky is just excellent.

Matthias Moritz, 25.10.2007 at 5:26h

dramatic scenery!

Wayne Tsipouras, 25.10.2007 at 6:21h

Beautiful image and mood, splendid work.


Josep A. Collado, 25.10.2007 at 7:19h

wow, Kathryn. what a terrific sky!
it seems that the clouds will fall down over the sailboat!

Marguerite L., 25.10.2007 at 8:12h

Great scenery, wonderful shot
Grüessli Marguerite

Theo Weijmer, 25.10.2007 at 8:36h

Like the contrast between the peacefull sea and the dramatic sky, well composed.
Greetings Theo

Balazs Prattinger, 25.10.2007 at 10:05h

Great photo!

Alexandra Baltog, 25.10.2007 at 10:16h

wonderful picture ! excellent sky ..beautiful composition ...

Leo_nid, 25.10.2007 at 11:34h

Very, very good!!!

Claire Laira, 25.10.2007 at 14:28h

Beautiful composition ...I love that sky!
Kind regards, Claire

Dennis Maloney, 25.10.2007 at 16:52h you say, calm before the storm, well captured....regards, den

Reinhold Bauer, 25.10.2007 at 18:09h

großes kino......ganz große kulisse.
lg reinhold

DoroS , 26.10.2007 at 13:16h

Das nenne ich Bildgestaltung, Dramatik vom Himmel und die noch ruhige See, sehr gelungen.
LG Doro

Gert van der Flier , 26.10.2007 at 23:56h

Hello Kasia,
I realy like your picture. Impressive sky.
Best regards, Gert

Pascal Viyer, 27.10.2007 at 14:08h

Marvelous tranquill scene

KasiaD , 28.10.2007 at 9:53h

@everyone, thank you for your appreciation of this shot. It is one of my favourites of recent times. The sky was just amazing that day and then the yacht sailed into the scene!
@Reinhold, Doro, danke für Eure Zustimmung. Der Himmel war an dem Tag einfach sehr fotogen! Und dann kam das Boot dazu.

Cees Kuijs, 28.10.2007 at 10:28h

Very impressive skypart !!. Very well composed.
Greetings, Cees

J. Und J. Mehwald, 28.10.2007 at 20:57h

Von dem Himmel hätten wir nichts abgeschnitten, tolle Stimmung hast Du da festgehalten!

Vesela Maleeva, 28.10.2007 at 22:57h

This silver lightblue you have here is my favourite
colour, combined with the divine light and the
composition with the boat, the dramatic sky and
calm water -- you have a masterpiece and it's beautiful.

Manuel Gloger, 29.10.2007 at 19:51h

Ein tolles Foto mit den durch die Wolkendecke brechenden Sonnenstrahlen.. Bei diesen Wolken kann der Segler froh sein, dass Land in sicht ist.
LG Manuel

Kerstin Gruenling , 31.10.2007 at 11:14h

Wunderschön, Kathryn!
Da gibts nicht mehr zu sagen :-)

Voting Center, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 68 pro- and 32 contra-votes. Congratulations, KasiaD :-)

Stephie S., 4.11.2007 at 9:34h

I find it incredibly beautifully, one can see force, beauty and threatening evil in a picture. It states a lot about fear and courage.
And because I can so badly English, everything again in German:
Ich finde das Bild unglaublich schön, man kann Kraft, Schönheit und drohendes Unheil in einem Bild sehen. Es sagt sehr viel aus über Angst und Mut.

Theo Weijmer, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h

@Stephie thanks for trying but it it is, well I'm also not English, perfect as well as the picture, PRO

Jutta.M., 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Claude Coeudevez, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Micha Boland, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Vesela Maleeva, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h

pro, beautiful

KasiaD , 4.11.2007 at 9:34h

@Stephie, thank you for your proposal - I am really honoured that you have suggested this shot of mine.
@Bernhard, there is such a thing as poetic licence;-)
Is it not the emotions a photo or painting create rather than the factual situation that makes it special or not?But I'll let you all judge this for yourselves.

Maguire , 4.11.2007 at 9:34h

I don't hold with 'good' or 'evil' being found in nature.. nature just 'is'.. that aside..

its a beautiful photo... pro

Robert Riley, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h

Great shot. Pro.

Christiane Wüllner, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Dominique Duriot, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Inez Soares, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Massimo Carolla, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Pawel Majewski, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Angéla Vicedomini, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Christian Knospe, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Bernd Ernst, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Claire Laira, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Mircea Tiron-Tudor, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h

Pro !

Ilidio Fernandes , 4.11.2007 at 9:34h

Big pro.

Leo_nid, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Alexandra Baltog, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h

Kathryn...I saw this picture in the day when you've posted ... I thought : I'll suggest it for Gallery ...but .. then.. I was very busy .. and I hadn't enough time to walk my thought on ...

PRO !!!! A really great image !

Michael Henderson, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Dmitry Zhamkoff , 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Vera Böhm, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Jutta Washington , 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Carlo Capobianchi , 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


BRYAN CRUTE, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


2 little stars, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Doug Hough, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Alessandro Ballerini , 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


aw masry , 4.11.2007 at 9:34h

Calm but full energies inside ... Great captured.

Ruth Hutsteiner, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Canan Oner , 4.11.2007 at 9:34h

DSK , 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Claudio Capobianchi, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Fons van Swaal, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Simona Carli, 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Klaus der Sandmann , 4.11.2007 at 9:34h

A well-balanced composition. Pro.

Uli Gerritzen , 4.11.2007 at 9:34h


Ken Alvin Jenssen , 4.11.2007 at 9:35h


Alfred Spectrum, 4.11.2007 at 9:35h


Waldi W., 4.11.2007 at 9:35h


Anna Katarina , 4.11.2007 at 9:35h

Pro !!

C. Dietl, 4.11.2007 at 9:35h

pro !

Steffen Niclas, 4.11.2007 at 9:35h


Ruud van der Lubben, 4.11.2007 at 9:35h

YEP !!!
Definitaly 200% PRO !!
Love the sky and the way it allmost looks like B+W

Anca Silvia B., 4.11.2007 at 9:35h


Luc Grollie, 4.11.2007 at 9:35h

would do well on my wall.....PRO !!!

Jürgen Cron, 4.11.2007 at 9:35h


Rosa Phil-Li , 4.11.2007 at 9:35h


Dagmar Illing, 4.11.2007 at 9:35h


Wendy de With, 4.11.2007 at 9:35h


Dianna , 4.11.2007 at 9:35h

PRO vote :-)

Matthias Moritz, 4.11.2007 at 9:35h


Fons van Swaal, 4.11.2007 at 9:35h

Beautiful .......


de ceulaer , 4.11.2007 at 11:06h

wonderful light under this heavy black sky !
lg alain

Alexandra Baltog, 4.11.2007 at 11:40h


KasiaD , 4.11.2007 at 12:15h

@Stephie S. , thanks again for having faith in this shot. I am so pleased that it is judged worthy of the gallery!
@Everyone, thank you for your support and comments - most of all thanks to all of you who have criticised my work along the way and helped me to develop!

Vesela Maleeva, 4.11.2007 at 16:27h

Congratulations ,-)))

Ruud van der Lubben, 5.11.2007 at 22:36h

As said also by others, a well deserved star !! 8-))

Congratz !!

Canan Oner , 10.11.2007 at 18:06h

Congratulations !!!

Perry Blevins , 12.11.2007 at 23:16h

Congratulations !!!

Vladan Doslic , 21.11.2007 at 12:09h

Excelent !
Best wishes

Daniel Avasilichioaei, 13.01.2008 at 11:20h


Dieter Schweizer, 16.02.2008 at 17:55h

well done!


John Moore, 14.03.2008 at 17:06h

Brilliant capture of these amazing skies, it is a magical photograph and well worthy of the star received.
Pro from me as well Kathryn, be it late.
Best wishes from Korat Thailand.


Werner Braun , 10.04.2008 at 23:42h

Eindrucksvolles Bild!

lg Werner

Gabi E , 21.10.2008 at 19:18h

Sehr schönes Foto, gefällt mir total gut!
LG Gabi

KasiaD , 22.10.2008 at 20:56h

@everyone, my very belated thanks for all your comments.
@allerseits, ein sehr verspätetes Dankeschön für Eure Kommentare.
@Gabi, vielen Dank. Es freut mich besonders, wenn jemand "alte" Fotos nicht nur anschaut, sondern auch kommentiert!

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