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The Living Forest (123) : Barn Owl by Mark Billiau.

The Living Forest (123) : Barn Owl


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13.09.2010 at 8:00h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
The Barn Owl with its heart shaped face is a bird of open country like farmland or grassland but prefers to hunt along the edges of forests.

It’s a nocturnal bird, but it often becomes active already shortly before dusk and can sometimes be seen during the day.
I spotted this specimen in the neighbourhood of a nest box in the forest. He was sitting there for maybe 2 or 3 seconds. I could only take one shot, but I got him !

Dutch name : Kerkuil
German name : Schleiereule
Latin name : Tyto alba


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Ryszard Basta, 13.09.2010 at 8:01h

znakomicie sfotografowany ptak

Werner R. Albert, 13.09.2010 at 8:06h

A lucky shot, Mark.
She looks directly into your lens, a brilliant portrait.
Compliments !
best wishes

Anca Silvia B., 13.09.2010 at 8:06h

schoen ist sie...lg anca

j.a.j.jansen m., 13.09.2010 at 8:51h

Wow, great detail, well done.

s. sabine krause, 13.09.2010 at 9:23h

an owl in his natural habitat! two or three seconds?? wow, what a shot!! congratulations! he looks magic – almost "otherwordly" with his light creamy and "caramel-colored" plumage and "gentle" look – like a creature from a legend or fairy-tale! easy to imagine why the owl plays an important part in the myths of many peoples! beautiful details in his feathers, and i love the direct eye-contact and the reflections in his eyes. so cute, how the root of his beak is all covered in feathers, too! greetings, sabine.

Canan Oner, 13.09.2010 at 9:36h

Time and space.

Does the truth emerge?
Casting out deception.
Silent flight,
Sacred Medicine Bird.....

What a great shot of this beauty Mark...
Owl medicine is symbolically associated with clairvoyance, astral projection and magic as far as I know..And it is called "night eagle" by the Amerindian teachings....:-) Excellent eye contact, splendid colors...
Have a nice week,

Pe-Sto, 13.09.2010 at 9:55h

Das ist ein Wahnsinns-Foto, Mark! Sie sieht wunderschön aus ... gratuliere zu diesem Foto!
lg Peggy

Majid mehraban, 13.09.2010 at 10:05h


Jan Rillich, 13.09.2010 at 10:28h

great stuff - a free living barn owl
big point

Gruber Fred, 13.09.2010 at 12:36h

Ein feines Bild mit ausgezeichneter Schärfe,aber warum hast du sie nicht ganz auf das Bild genommen,die hat doch auch schöne Füße.
LG Fred

Mark Billiau., 13.09.2010 at 12:48h

@Gruber Fred : I had a 800mm lens loaded on my camera when the owl suddenly landed too close for this focal length. As he was only there for 2 or 3 seconds I had no time to change the lens. So, it was this shot or nothing.......


Mauro Stradotto, 13.09.2010 at 13:29h

Wow che incontro, dev'essere stato veramente emozionante e ne hai ricavato un grande scatto!!!!
Un caro saluto,
buona settimana,

Vitória Castelo Santos, 13.09.2010 at 13:42h

Great shot Marc...nice model :-))))))

Rike-Tina, 13.09.2010 at 13:58h

...einfach genial !
lg von....Rike

Vera Shulga, 13.09.2010 at 14:07h

Great shot!Well catch!Wonderful white owl!Very nice photo!

EdelS, 13.09.2010 at 16:31h

Wunderschön diese Eule und einsame Spitze die Aufnahme.Liebe Grüße Edelgard

Sylvia Schulz, 13.09.2010 at 17:34h

bestimmt war das eine Freude, diese Eule zu entdecken dazu auch noch wunderbar fotografiert, selbst scheint sie über Deinen Anblick aber auch sehr erstaunt zu sein!
Eine tolle Aufnahme,
es grüßt Dich Sylvia

Heinz Janovsky, 13.09.2010 at 17:41h

Schöne Details im Gefieder, ein Klassefoto.
Gruß Heinz

Inez Correia Marques, 13.09.2010 at 19:05h

You got him alright! What a beautiful bird. A beautiful photo too Mark

Leo_nid, 13.09.2010 at 19:16h

Superb poser for your impeccable shot

Andrea Sagawe, 13.09.2010 at 19:27h

You are so lucky to get such a shot of this wonderful bird in it's natural habitat...think I'm green from envying you :-)))


Josef Kainz, 13.09.2010 at 20:31h

Toll erwischt schönes Foto

Deryck, 13.09.2010 at 20:45h

You got him! You got him beautifully! At first I thought you were lucky, but then I realised you just beat the odds because you spend so much time looking for the occasion. Great work Mark. I can even see the reflections in his eye

Astrid Buschmann, 14.09.2010 at 13:34h

Ein fantastisches Glück einen solchen Vogel zu Gesicht zu bekommen und eine ebensolch fantastische Aufnahme ist Dir hier gelungen.
Meinen herzlichen Glückwunsch dazu.
LG Astrid

CsomorLászló, 14.09.2010 at 17:55h

Very serious bird!
Excellent photo!


Mohr Wilfried, 15.09.2010 at 20:04h

Eine Superaufnahme.
Gruß Wilfried

TeresaM, 17.09.2010 at 21:06h

SUPERBE portrait animalier !!
Bravo pour cette très belle capture.

carinart, 21.09.2010 at 8:50h

Eine erstaunliche Begegnung! Toller Vogel mit einem Blick, der einen zu durchbohren scheint! Sehr feine Aufnahme!
L.G. Karin

Caro Nachtigal, 21.09.2010 at 10:00h

super schönes Foto!!!!!!!!!!!
liebe Grüße Caro

leverdesoleil, 10.02.2012 at 11:06h

ADORABLE portrait !!!!
Quelle beauté !!!
Tu étais très près !
Bravo !

willy ombret, 3.06.2012 at 12:19h

très beau portrait aussi
compliments pour les couleurs
willy ombret

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