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Just singing in the rain!! News letter included, please read!! by John Moore

Just singing in the rain!! News letter included, please read!!


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31.10.2008 at 7:27h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
Greetings and salutations one and all.
Once more I have been rather shy at writing of my tales on my travels and adventures, the reason being that I am busy researching a couple of subjects.
Does not allow me much time to write or upload any photographs.
Tonight I hope to upload a photo or two to accompany my note.
Now for those wondering, I spent a week at Patong Beach Phuket after arriving from Australia.
From there I travelled by taxi to Hua-Hin, my old hunting ground, in fact I spent my first holiday in Hua-Hin Thailand some years ago.
I spent a month there before returning here to Patong and have been here for four weeks so far.
A few days ago I was invited to visit a very interesting family in Hat-Yai, some six hours from here.
As I have never been down, I might take a visit at sometime.
Last night I took a friend to the spectacular Phuket FantaSea Show in the grand temple of the elephants.
Several stories were told in costumes of the period, the most spectacular of all was the legend of the Elephant Prince of Kamara.
Dressed in costumes of the Siam period, he told of the beginning of life, how the oceans, the heavens, plant life, animals and humans all lived as one in total harmony.
The story then goes on to tell of the greed which caused feuding amongst Neighbouring tribes and countries.
Thirty live Elephants were included in the very colourful show.
For a while after that story, I sat pondering how sad it is, that we have done so much damage to this earth through our greed and progress?
For those of you who would like to have a peep @ what the show is all about, here are a couple of links;#

We are still having torrential monsoonal rains that are most refreshing, I am at the moment trying to plan a trip to Phi Phi Island, weather pending.
My group of American friends have all gone walk about to the old area once Bangkok, known as Ayutthaya or Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya.
The kingdom of Ayutthaya existed around the period; 1350 to 1767 A.D
Founded by the first ruling King Ramathibodi (1).
Theravada Buddhism became the official religion during that period.
Another interesting area to explore, with its many old temples, I am told that there are 300 temples in that province.
I hope to visit the area in a month or so.
Some news for those who are planning a holiday here, the unrest in Bangkok seems to have affected international tourist, I am totally amazed as to why this should turn folk away from visiting Thailand??
An official report from the Phuket airport says 23 international aircraft have cancelled flights for November.
The unrest does not have any effects on holiday makers at all!!!
What is greatly affecting Thailand at the moment is the crash of the dollar.
Prices here are rising at some rate.
Firstly the exchange rate for the Australian dollar fluctuated between 30-32 baht.
Three days ago, it was 20 baht to the Aussie dollar.
Many items on the shelves at the super market are now more expensive than in Australia, for example, a baguette cost 60 baht that is $2.50 Australian, and it would cost 40cents in Australia.

7 weeks ago in a Thai Restaurant it cost me 25 baht for a bowl of chicken fried rice, a bottle of water and a bowl of chillies.
Last night I paid 40 baht for a bowl of fried chicken rice only.
Well it’s time for me to collect my laundry, so I bid you all health and happiness from the land of smiles!!



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Véronique Soulier , 31.10.2008 at 7:58h

Great to read your diary again, I'm fan of it ;-) really interesting repport on what you lived, thanks ! 'm singing in the snow which is pretty unusual so early in the year
Fresh news by Véronique Soulier
Fresh news
30.10.08, 11:13
See you my friend, Véronique

Leo_nid, 31.10.2008 at 8:49h

It was a pleasure to hear from you again and read your marvelous chronicles! Do post more pictures to illustrate your travels..

Tanjung-Pinang, 31.10.2008 at 9:29h

Wow - he is still alife !! -
Indeed, the time is hard in the moment, all over the world.
Thanks for informations.
Take care !
bw monika

ReMo-49 , 31.10.2008 at 9:38h

Hi John,
it`s nice to see and read something new from you!
Hope you have a nice stay. The picture is well done with the drops of rain.
Kind regards

Joachim Häfner, 31.10.2008 at 9:45h

Hi John, nice picture, I like the rainy season.
best wishes, Joe

Christian Knospe, 31.10.2008 at 10:22h

hallo john,
nice to see something from you.....;-)

br chris

annegretfunk , 31.10.2008 at 10:59h

ein erfrischendes schönes Foto !!!
Danke für die Informationen !
bw annegret

Sabine KöllnXX, 31.10.2008 at 11:28h

It's such a beautiful picture of this flower - and so good to hear and see something from you here again too!
But it's really sad for the Thai people what you tell about the rising of the prices and the decline in tourism - which might be even worse for the people.
Hope you have a good time despite all this - take care!
Sawadee kha, Sabine

Aniko Mocher, 31.10.2008 at 11:57h

Hi John,
Good to read from you again after a long time.
Lovely story again just like the pic...take care of yourself.

Claudio Micheli, 31.10.2008 at 13:42h

Fantastici colori!

Cees Kuijs, 31.10.2008 at 18:52h

Well John, it`s great to hear from you again !!!
When I read the info from you, I would say you`re dutch......talking about the weather and the high prices :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Take care, buddy !! Let us hear from you again !!
Greetings, Cees

Anna C. Heling, 1.11.2008 at 10:25h

its beautiful, a very nice picture..
with best greetings, claudia

Frechdax . , 1.11.2008 at 21:03h

wonderful flower!
Greetings to you!

Christoph Willich , 4.11.2008 at 14:49h

My favorite ! I like the Lotusflower ! This is
looking very fresh ! More oft this ! Thank u for
ur reports too ! Kindly regards Chris .

Wilhelm H., 7.11.2008 at 18:22h

What a beautiful flower. Yes my son is growing and becoming even more and more handsome. Glad to hear from you again

OIWEIDRAWIG , 12.11.2008 at 17:15h

......perfekt und sauber


l.g josef

Der Frosch, 8.02.2009 at 20:58h

nice Blossom with all these drops on it :-)

Greetings Frosch

Sibylle C., 21.03.2010 at 9:32h

a beautiful flower, and the colors are just wonderful...


Karolína Svobodová, 24.10.2011 at 21:15h

lovely flower

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