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untitled by Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir



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8.05.2006 at 22:12h
, License: All pictures  by the senders.
selfportrait. focal length 10mm. Flash with sunlight.


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Thomasina M Leigh, 8.05.2006 at 22:29h

Absolutely Magical capture!

Daniel Avasilichioaei, 8.05.2006 at 22:47h

Very, very beautiful...

Alin Neamtu, 8.05.2006 at 23:25h

I find this image very interesting, congratulations.


Laki K., 8.05.2006 at 23:43h

very sensual, great one!


Eddie Maguire, 9.05.2006 at 11:09h

thought provoking image.. well done, particularly like the use of b&w

Alexandra Hlukhan, 9.05.2006 at 17:24h


Önder Abas, 9.05.2006 at 20:21h

beautiful and impressive!

Ray Steinberg, 10.05.2006 at 4:42h

Beautiful self portrait.
The long hair covering your face, leaves the viewer to imagine the mysterious. :)


Marco Fiorentini, 10.05.2006 at 9:12h

Great Picture...
I love your country.

Luca Senatore, 10.05.2006 at 18:58h

Beauitul photograph.. I like everything about it!

Zsuzsanna Gácsi, 10.05.2006 at 22:50h

Worth for the gallery! Congratulations!

Senem G, 11.05.2006 at 18:13h

nice composition...

Voting Center, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 26 pro- and 24 contra-votes. Congratulations, Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir :-)

Thomasina M Leigh, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h

I am forced to put this just in 'people', because there is no other suitable category. 'Fine Art' would be better. Why? because if this had been taken by an established photographer, it would be acclaimed as a masterpiece. Presentation could be a lot better, but that can be taught. In spiration like this cannot be taught.

Comments please!

Daniel Avasilichioaei, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h


Ruud van der Lubben, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h

Fresh, renewing yes.
A masterpiece ? Not imho.
Promising ? definitely

Valfoto, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h

The lighting on model is too much high, under my point of view
Sorry, contra

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h

i also think a bit to much lighting on her legs and arm, but beautiful backround very pleasing and simple
sorry contra for this one, great work on a self portrait though

A N D R E A S Hoffmann, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h


Celal Tayar, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h

+ great impact
no disturbing lightwork in my point of v iew

Jan Van Der Hooft, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h


Eddie Maguire, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h

This is a stunningly imaginative piece of work and I'm less bothered by this much light or that much light on the models knee, than I am about the quality of the image, interpretation of the subject and whether the image actually connects at an emotional level. This scores high in all respects. Definately gallery-worthy

Abdul Khaliq, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h

Great picture, it will better in landscape by placing model on one corner. Light not at all disturb to me.

Peter Mertz, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h


Dennis Veldman, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h

for a selfportrait. wauw.
But i would have tries to have some clouds visible just to make yourself stand out more from the bright white background (the white sky)

SOrry i will skip

Jacky Kobelt, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h


H E aus E, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h


Cees Kuijs, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h


Ivano Cheli, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h


Massimo Carolla, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h


Ray Steinberg, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h

I like it.

Melan chol ie, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h


Luca Rea, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h


Robert Riley, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h


Pete Burkhard, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h


III sto III, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h


Armin Volkmann, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h

pro das wichtig?, 12.05.2006 at 0:31h



Pascal Viyer, 12.05.2006 at 6:01h

Where is snake ?
simple mais beau

Eddie Maguire, 12.05.2006 at 10:34h

well done.. congarulations

Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir, 13.05.2006 at 11:45h

how funny.. i go off on a two day vacation and all this goes on without my knowledge:)

i'm honored, thanks.
I must say i find the comment about "making some clouds visible" rather funny...... i may be able to compose pictures but i certainly can't call forth clouds in a cloudless sky;)

Boris B. Voglar, 13.05.2006 at 22:51h


Frank Terlien, 14.05.2006 at 22:11h

splendid photo Rebekka...

Konstantinos Papazoglou, 15.05.2006 at 13:58h


Piso Piso, 16.05.2006 at 21:19h

perfect =)

Rieva Azrul A, 17.05.2006 at 7:39h

wonderful pic

rieva from jogjakarta

Dragos Matei, 18.05.2006 at 19:13h

nice , +

Orkun Kumkale, 26.05.2006 at 13:54h

really good capture!

Mina Ciosnar, 4.06.2006 at 0:25h

really nice picture :)

Ribeck Hauser, 4.06.2006 at 17:37h

"you sit in your own hair"

Rod Costa, 25.06.2006 at 11:03h

Hei :) ! Magnificent photo! Love the pose, lighting and composition.

Boran Izkut, 28.06.2006 at 12:31h

Great Capture,

Mario Faenza, 30.09.2006 at 23:06h

so lovely..well done!!!!

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