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B.B. King by Horst Voigt

B.B. King 


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17.12.2006 at 21:08h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
B.B. King at his Final Farewell Tour 2006 in Europe 9.9.2006 in Essen (Grugahalle) 1/50s f/4 255mm (on 35mm film) ISO 800

Alternative without text:
B.B. King #2 by Horst Voigt
B.B. King #2
23.12.06, 12:15


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Leo_nid, 17.12.2006 at 21:11h


Tom Van Elst, 18.12.2006 at 0:15h

Great shot of a superb artist

Voting Center, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 57 pro- and 43 contra-votes. Congratulations, Horst Voigt :-)

Horst Voigt, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h

As x-mas present for this great musician.

Robert Riley, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h

Not Gallery.

Jm. Disko., 2.01.2007 at 13:20h


Pat Ackerson, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h

Great shot of BB

Ruud van der Lubben, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h

The picture itself is great, but the presentation i think is terrible.

Anastasya Ivanova, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h

8)) +

Patrick Parenteau, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h

I've just gone to the Official BB King web site to make sure I've got my facts straight. As a recent recipient of the Presidential Medal Of Freedom, this 76 year old Delta blues man was the first original "black" artist to show me what the blues were all about. This shot catches BB in a passionate pose that does both him and Lucille proud and would be a welcome additon to the B.B King archives. However, there is nothing "down home" about the choice of font. Pro for the shot, contra for the text, pro for the cut away - 2-1 Pro.

P.e.ter Gau, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h

like Ruud, skip

Klaus Buhles, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h


Frank Cecconi, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h

I think the presentation is fine but the pose is a little unflattering......

Claire Laira, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h


Oliver Suhr, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h


Abdul Khaliq, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h

like Bernhard, too. sorry...

Liz Collet, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h

well done
the presentation might be subjctive
so what ........ don't be so puristic

Christian Knospe, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h


Ivano Cheli, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h


Eddie Maguire, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h

pro for the pic.. hate the scribbling on the side

Rob Mitchell, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h

gallery is for what is presented here as the finished image. The presentation totally ruins a perfectly good image that if presented on it's own, I'd have no doubt about voting pro. As it stands. I can't possibly give it my vote.

Dave Donaldson, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h

sorry presentation has put me off although it could be a good photo by itself contra

Arno M, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h

gallery for sure...

Darinka Mladenovic, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h


Jacqueline Chay, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h


Jean Paul Yska, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h

The photo is great, but I absolutely think the guitar neck crossing the border and the typographical choises you made do not contribute to the power of the image. It doesn't need it. Just the picture alone would have done. The picture alone is a absolute top +++, but because all the tinkering and typo's its for me an big no no! So therefore I am conta!

Claude Coeudevez, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h


Geoff in Germany, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h

i like the foto
love the way the guitar goes out of the foto
don´t like the sort of text you have

Vesela Maleeva, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h


Cees Kuijs, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h

It`s all been said. A pity of such a great shot.

Der Fremde, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h


Juergen M., 2.01.2007 at 13:20h


Dominique Duriot, 2.01.2007 at 13:20h


Andreas. H., 2.01.2007 at 13:21h

+ pro +

Olivier Vanbiervliet, 2.01.2007 at 13:21h

On first sight, very nice photo and very ugly lettering. One thing they should forbid in every gfx-program: vertical letters! There is only one place where you can use it: on the front of a store with neon. All the rest is ugly and should never be done.
Some notes on the photo: the light on the right shoulder (left in picture) is brighter than the light in the face. Not your fault of course, but it troubles me a bit...especially since that shoulder is super sharp and so draws attention.
I'll skip

Renato T., 2.01.2007 at 13:21h


D. W., 2.01.2007 at 13:21h

+++the thril is not gone+++

Uwe Hennings, 2.01.2007 at 13:21h

Das Bild finde ich richtig gut, ja erstklassig.
Leider habe ich Probleme mit der Präsentation ( die Gitarre über den Rahmen??und dem Text).
LG Uwe

Dirk Hondelmann, 2.01.2007 at 13:21h

Very good picture, that captures this great musician in a typical pose. Too bad, that the presentation ruins it for me. The version without text would have gotten my pro.


Federico F. Fariña, 2.01.2007 at 16:20h

he is a king!, i couldn´t be a bad picture!



Jo Gallagher, 2.01.2007 at 16:53h

Really good, prefer it with the text, like it,


Klaus Buhles, 2.01.2007 at 18:17h

LG - Klaus

Horst Voigt, 2.01.2007 at 20:01h

Thanks to all for your voting and a happy new year!

Maria Porter, 3.01.2007 at 3:27h

I like EVERYTHING about it!

Monica G.., 3.01.2007 at 3:45h

His expression...stunning!
And I love his music as well =)

Eamon Lynch, 7.01.2007 at 20:01h

Excellent shot I hear ex Thin Lizzy Drummer Brian Downey is Drumming for him on this tour

Footprints , 21.12.2007 at 15:12h


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