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The last light by Robert van der Sanden

The last light 


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20.02.2006 at 12:24h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
Orlando, Florida
After a long day of photoshooting I fired my last shots as the light was soon to disappear. The birds gathered on these trees to spend the night. They had fed on a dead black bear just around the corner. I was hungry too. Time to call it the day and drive back.

Canon F1n, 210mm, tripod, Kodak Portra 160NC


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Katerina Zumrová, 20.02.2006 at 15:02h

beautiful colours...

Cees Kuijs, 20.02.2006 at 20:53h

Wonderful colors.What kind of birds are they, eating dead bears ??
Greetings, Cees

Karl Makkina, 20.02.2006 at 22:13h

congrat' for this great picture
warm colors, i like it very much

Robert van der Sanden, 20.02.2006 at 22:47h

Thanks for your nice comments :-)
@Cees: I guess the birds are vultures, or blackbirds. A hundred or so sat in a nearby tree in the afternoon, eating the remains of a dead bear that was lying there. Not a nice smell, I can tell you.

Anastasya Ivanova, 21.02.2006 at 14:39h

Excellent and exquisite one with brilliant colors and notable performance of the scenery! Unfortunately just used my proposal yesterday otherwise this will surely be the most ideal one for recommendation. :)

Robert van der Sanden, 21.02.2006 at 17:42h

@Anastasya: I'm glad you like the picture. Your suggestion to propose it is a real nice compliment :-))
I was quite excited when I took this picture. Running around in the wetland through high weeds to find the perfect spot to capture the last rays of light. Every time my tripod got stuck in the branches... nice memories...

Celal Tayar, 21.02.2006 at 19:48h

hi robert ...i hope u r fine.....
i luv that photo....realy well done and great title

PINDORIUS, 21.02.2006 at 22:39h

color and a really good composition

Robert van der Sanden, 22.02.2006 at 10:26h

Thanks guys! :-))

Anastasya Ivanova, 22.02.2006 at 14:39h

No problem...I will put this one into my favorite till next time when the proposal is available again. :)
I did the same too in the moors, wastelands, swamps of my countryside here in order to find any good site for catching unusual views. hmm...about the latest picture those are wind power generators, not mills. :)

Robert van der Sanden, 22.02.2006 at 15:04h

Thanks Ana, very sweet of you :-)
I recognized the power generators, we have them too. But we call everything with blades a windmill here in Holland...

Jutta Washington, 22.02.2006 at 20:38h

I like the colors and composition. This picture has a great mood.

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 27.02.2006 at 5:32h

wow what a beautiful photo !
the colours and the birds, brilliant atmpshere !
and bear eating birds ??? freaky !
jaime :)

Martin Herdicky, 29.03.2006 at 13:20h

Nice pic! Very nice colours and the birds ad up to the atmosphere... Well captured


Robert van der Sanden, 29.03.2006 at 13:36h

thanks for your nice words :-)

Voting Center, 22.04.2006 at 9:30h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 31 pro- and 20 contra-votes. Congratulations, Robert van der Sanden :-)

Anastasya Ivanova, 22.04.2006 at 9:30h

It looks great!

Celal Tayar, 22.04.2006 at 9:30h


Jutta Washington, 22.04.2006 at 9:30h


Dewey D, 22.04.2006 at 9:31h

That's great! Nice shot!

Josep A. Collado, 22.04.2006 at 9:31h

It is a lovely image. Besides, the explanation has introduced me into the story.

Valfoto, 22.04.2006 at 9:31h


Mircea Tiron-Tudor, 22.04.2006 at 9:31h

Pro !

Abdul Khaliq, 22.04.2006 at 9:31h

Nice choice Anastasya, PRO.

Roberto Grilli, 22.04.2006 at 9:31h


Patrick Parenteau, 22.04.2006 at 9:31h

Normally I would look for a little more detail in the dark areas, but this shot works beautifully as a silhouette.

Victor Servián, 22.04.2006 at 9:31h


Jacky Kobelt, 22.04.2006 at 9:31h


Cees Kuijs, 22.04.2006 at 9:31h


Peter Mertz, 22.04.2006 at 9:31h


Matthias Moritz, 22.04.2006 at 9:31h

This picture fascinates with its colors and silhouttte.

Massimo Carolla, 22.04.2006 at 9:31h


Claire Laira, 22.04.2006 at 9:31h


Rolf Wengenroth, 22.04.2006 at 9:31h


Sergio Pessolano, 22.04.2006 at 9:31h

Very refined composition and shilouettes. PRO


Robert van der Sanden, 22.04.2006 at 15:52h

I would like to thank you all for your vote and Anastasia in particular for her recommendation. I'm happy that one of my pictures has found it's way into the gallery. It encourages me to keep following the path I've chosen into fine art photography.
Best wishes,

Abdul Khaliq, 22.04.2006 at 16:45h

Congratz ! Robert.

Jutta Washington, 22.04.2006 at 17:42h

Congratulations Robert :-)

Glo Mason, 7.05.2006 at 9:59h

Congratulations Robert!
Stunning capture.

Robert van der Sanden, 8.05.2006 at 9:43h

Thanks :-)

Detlef Klahm, 19.05.2006 at 14:36h

several things work well in this image.
3 is always a number that works well in images
horizon kept low to give us little dead space
very good exposure to give us awesome colour and good silhouette details.
wonderful image Robert !

Wen P, 31.10.2006 at 13:49h

I wasn't here for this vote. Congrats Robert. Disapointed I didn't get to vote so chalk another pro up.

Robert van der Sanden, 31.10.2006 at 20:26h

Thanks Wen, I appreciate it.
(Dirk, can you add one vote please?)

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