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The cascades Victoria by Marco Lascialfari

The cascades Victoria 


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5.05.2007 at 23:26h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
- Nikon D200 -
- Vista dall'elicottero -

- Grazie a Stefan Mosley per averla messa sotto votazione -


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Gero Merella, 5.05.2007 at 23:30h

GRande...veramente una gran foto!

Antonella Scimone, 6.05.2007 at 0:12h

Accipicchia che bella!

Jopi , 6.05.2007 at 0:19h

Una foto prodigiosa!! Se riesce!! Super! Semplicemente bello!!!!!

Fulvio Pellegrini, 6.05.2007 at 1:01h

bellissimissima. Nitidezza super

Dirk Sachse, 6.05.2007 at 2:01h

Gute Arbeit.


Kurt Klem, 6.05.2007 at 7:56h

gruß kurt

Mirko Tikalsky, 6.05.2007 at 10:53h

very nice shot. I like the perspective a lot. next time I have to do that "flight of the angels" as well. seems to be in dry season, as there is not so much water in the river...

SimoneSinx Sechi, 6.05.2007 at 11:15h

Fantastico paesaggio...

Albino Perlina, 6.05.2007 at 11:34h

grandissimo scatto, paesaggio mozzafiato, complimenti

Vitória Castelo Santos, 6.05.2007 at 11:56h

My falls!!!!!!! Wonderful landscape!

Franco Folgori, 6.05.2007 at 14:17h

Bella la ripresa dall'alto, mi piacerebbe andarci...ciao

Fermino Carancini, 6.05.2007 at 15:00h

Questa foto non'ha bisogno di commenti...!!
Ma solo di complimenti
Bravissimo Marco

Massimo Mannucci, 6.05.2007 at 15:57h

Accidenti che dettaglio!
Sembra di essere sull'elicottero con te...

Giulio Ercolani, 6.05.2007 at 17:04h

Bellissima complimenti. Hai scelto la luce giusta per rendere al massimo questo magnifico luogo.

Silvana Gargioni , 6.05.2007 at 18:32h

Accidenti che bella foto.
Uno scatto che non ha bisogno di commenti.
Ciao Silvana

Simona Carli, 6.05.2007 at 22:32h

wow......foto grandiosa!!!bravissimo!!

Bruno Fontana, 7.05.2007 at 1:31h

Lo sai che ti invidio?
Nel senso buono :-)))
Meravigliosa e per me da galleria.
Complimenti, un caro saluto

Fabiola Di Giacomox, 7.05.2007 at 13:44h

Ma è bellissima..
bravissimo Marco..
che bella emozione guardarla..

belbe , 7.05.2007 at 15:47h

Marco,questa l'hai fregata ad una rivista specializzata:-))))

Antonello Venturelli, 8.05.2007 at 12:15h

complimenti x la panoramica aerea. è bellissima . ciao Antonello.

Stefan S. Mosley, 11.05.2007 at 12:21h

An amazing beauty! Great point of view, phenomenal details,colors and sharpness.

Francesco Margarita, 14.05.2007 at 11:17h

ciao Francesco

Anca Silvia B., 17.05.2007 at 11:58h

Sehr schoen!
Liebe Gruesse,Anca

Voting Center, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 62 pro- and 38 contra-votes. Congratulations, Marco Lascialfari :-)

Stefan S. Mosley, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h

This is a magnificent photo in every aspect! Great point of view, colors, sharpness, and contrast. All in all, in my view, a brilliantly-presented image. Happy voting!

Aniko Mocher, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Robyn Raggio, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h

Outstanding in it's majestic beauty. Aerial view lets us all fly over an incredible creation of nature and man. Stefan, you picked a beauty! PRO!

Leo_nid, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Véronique Soulier, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Robert Riley, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h

I do not see why this is Gallery. The exposure is wrong, washed out highlights, middle left and burn out on the river to the extent that the bridge on the right is non existent!

Celal Tayar, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Nina Papiorek, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Michael Henderson, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Ruud van der Lubben, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h

Well i dont know where there is supposed to be a bridge on the left ?? and certainly not a washed out one. I think there is no problem whatsoever with the exposure here, imho a very clear and sharp picture of a grand landscape.
However for me the total picture with all its grandeur somehow just does not convince.

Sarah D. Kiefer , 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Vesela Maleeva, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Robert Riley, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h

OK sorry, bridge on bottom right!

Maguire , 22.05.2007 at 12:18h

A very spectacular photograph from the point of view of perspective and scale and well photographed too ... PRO.

It would score points naming places by their original names rather than by the name some wandering European who arrogantly pointed a finger and declared it named after a fat wee queen who never even left the British Isles to visit any part of the empire her armies were out stealing for her.

These are the Mosi-oa-Tunya (The Smoke that Thunders)

Claude Coeudevez, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Pawel Majewski, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Massimo Carolla, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Peter Mertz, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Kai Sehlke, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Dave Donaldson, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h

Sorry seen better shots of Victoria so contra

Liz Collet, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h

great scene

Vera Böhm, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Abdul Khaliq, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Michel Lamarche, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Jaime Crystal Attenborough , 22.05.2007 at 12:18h

this is just marvellous !Pro

Dominique Duriot, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Cees Kuijs, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Nicole Zuber, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Claire Laira, 22.05.2007 at 12:18h


Catia Malagoli, 22.05.2007 at 12:19h


Valfoto, 22.05.2007 at 12:19h


Steffen Schanz, 22.05.2007 at 12:19h


Rolf Wengenroth, 22.05.2007 at 12:19h


Darinka Mladenovic, 22.05.2007 at 12:19h

PRO +++++++++++

CsomorLászló , 22.05.2007 at 12:19h


Ivano Cheli (1) , 22.05.2007 at 12:19h


Jürgen Cron, 22.05.2007 at 12:19h


L. Tonin, 22.05.2007 at 12:19h


n o r B Ä R t, 22.05.2007 at 12:19h


Patrick Parenteau, 22.05.2007 at 12:19h

I like the unique perspective of a much photographed landscape. Pro

BRIEM-PHOTOGRAPHY, 22.05.2007 at 12:19h


Wolf und Petra, 22.05.2007 at 12:19h


Dieter Dietrich, 22.05.2007 at 12:19h


Mike Player, 22.05.2007 at 12:19h


MichaH., 22.05.2007 at 12:19h


G.Stefano Spedicato , 22.05.2007 at 12:19h



Stefan S. Mosley, 22.05.2007 at 12:59h

Congratulations to Marco for this well-deserved induction into the Gallery and my sincere thanks to all of you for taking the time to cast your votes for this beautiful photo.

Bruno Fontana, 22.05.2007 at 23:21h

Congratulazioni Marco, sono felice che la tua ripresa sia stata apprezzata e riconosciuta per ciò che meritava.
Un caro saluto,

Vincenzo Galluccio, 23.05.2007 at 19:06h

Una foto molto, molto, bella che in galleria ora dona un po' di luce anche a quelle foto che ne sono prive.
Complimenti all'autore.

Barbora Radova, 24.05.2007 at 13:05h

WOW - so excellent photo ! Congrats

aw masry , 2.06.2007 at 18:16h

Excellent. It is an adorable picture.

PROXIMO , 3.06.2007 at 10:51h

Complimenti Marco,davvero maestosa questa ripresa

Jenny Theobald, 4.06.2007 at 0:06h

amazing view!

Swenja Böttcher, 5.06.2007 at 12:27h

Fantastic! A very good foto.

Diego Salom Pedemonti, 5.06.2007 at 12:43h


Vesela Maleeva, 5.06.2007 at 23:16h

Amazing work!
Greetings, Ves

yanius , 21.06.2007 at 20:58h


Karsten Zepner, 13.07.2007 at 14:06h

Wow, great perspective! Congratulation!
gr. Karsten

Anna Kowalski, 20.10.2007 at 4:48h

Wow! What a view!

Mirko Nobili , 29.11.2007 at 10:07h

Grande, bella, bellissima, ecc. E' ma una foto da paura... non ci sono termini per definirla.
Diciamo che è l'essenza di tutto.

ewaldmario , 9.01.2008 at 12:00h

un lavoro molto interessante

Siria B. , 6.02.2008 at 21:09h

Uno spettacolo della natura splendidamente immortalata in questa foto! Una stellina più che meritata!

Claudio Allia, 7.02.2008 at 10:35h

Questa me la ero persa ma recupero aggiungendola immediatamente alle mie preferite...complimenti Marco !

Francesco Torrisi , 12.02.2008 at 13:31h


Gianfranco Laquintana, 5.09.2008 at 22:44h

Ciao Gianfranco

Manuel Proietti Prudenzi , 15.10.2008 at 15:29h


marco carreras, 21.12.2009 at 11:31h

Che robe mozzafiato è da paura

fabrizio bertini, 8.03.2011 at 21:17h

complimenti stupenda immagine+++++++++++
ciao fabrizio

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