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The backwaters of Kerala....................Fishermen at work by Bin Im Laden

The backwaters of Kerala....................Fishermen at work


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8.04.2007 at 16:01h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.

The highlight of a visit to Kerala is a trip through the backwaters, a network of waterways of 900km length that fringes the coast and winds far inland along palm-tree dotted lakes and narrow , shady canals. There you also come across tiny villages where you can watch people at their daily work. Often living on reclaimed pieces of land only some metres wide.
The waters are rich with all kind of fish and you can frequently see fishermen at their activities in small boats, die wo sometimes nearly capsize when activities are at high level.............................

In order to get no hassles with the administration I put this picture in section outdoor erotic.
But while looking at this photograph you always should keep in mind the Budddhist teaching: "Purify your mind " :-))).

The administration has kindly allowed to put this picture in normal section and brought it to the Indian Ocean.



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Die Waldvenus, 8.04.2007 at 16:15h

oh ja Bin,der richtige Channel thats great,i like the nackig Fischermanns.
LG Bärbel

Eva Lea B., 8.04.2007 at 16:52h

a great photo of the Kerala backwaters and the nude men... (I only noticed it when I read in which channel you had put it..... which resulted in such a laughter that my family got worried about me.... ).
Anyway, laughing is the key to long life, isn't it?
Cheerioh! Eva
PS.My figures are not in the erotic they wear something.

Bin Im Laden, 8.04.2007 at 16:56h

Eva, you are right !
Thanks und frohes ostern.

DER T-OMEX, 8.04.2007 at 16:57h

FIC*** die beiden da links??? Ist ja ekelig...muß sowas hier gezeigt werden??? :-)


Bin Im Laden, 8.04.2007 at 17:13h


Stehet da oben: "PURIFY YOUR MIND !"

Om mani padme hum.

Sa Binsen, 8.04.2007 at 18:40h

"Purify your mind "
fällt ja schwer bei diesem großartigen Akt! :-o
ich ergänze: Akt mit Vögeln! ;-o

Olaf Rocksien, 8.04.2007 at 19:23h

Frau Binsen, Sie beginnen mich zu erstaunen... ;-)
Herr Bin, bin ja sowas von angetan von Ihrer Sichtweise!!

Happy Eastern - und so....


Carina Ina Janine Greiner-Kaiser, 8.04.2007 at 20:28h

love it !!!
just thank you for that pic

Andreas Fischer, 8.04.2007 at 20:48h

hi bin,

i love your bildle very sehr !!!!!!!!!!

and the comments too ! lach !!!!!!!

grüssle andi

Marta W., 8.04.2007 at 21:07h

was für ein wunderschönes bild....

liebe grüße an dich

Bin Im Laden, 8.04.2007 at 21:42h

@Sa Binsen,
what about the title: "Akt mit stecken und vögeln" ?

Petra Sommerlad, 8.04.2007 at 23:33h

I wonder where the naked Fisch ist?? LG PEtra

Bin Im Laden, 9.04.2007 at 1:34h

If something goes wrong the naked fish will come after nine months :-).

Manfred Jochum, 9.04.2007 at 11:38h

No naked girls?? How boaring....
Lovely Kerala! I can smell my favourite South Indian food, mustard seeds, curry leaves, that stuff.... ;-))

Rolf Pessel, 9.04.2007 at 16:38h

Your picture shows, the world ist round ;-)

To be serious, it is an fantastic picture.
LG Rolf

Bin Im Laden, 9.04.2007 at 17:32h

Naked girls coming later. The models noch refuse to be shown in Internet, but my uncle will issue all necessary papers. Sorry for the delay :-(.

But the waiting lohnt sich, sind das pfunds weiber. Sogar more sexy als d'Anna Scheufele aus Kaltental !

Klexy , 11.04.2007 at 17:07h

Bin wieder mal begeistert vom Weltbild, das jenseits des Tellerrandes nicht mehr scheibenförmig ist.
And for those who need naggiche Fisch:

Christian Fürst, 13.04.2007 at 1:22h

how I used to love that part of the world. the picture looks as if it was taken with a Lomo?


Bin Im Laden, 13.04.2007 at 12:39h

I can join in your love for this part of the world. Therefore I made a special file in my fotohome
The picture wasn't taken neither with a Lomo nor a Limbo but with a self made pinhole camera brand "Bin Im Laden" with a special turn the earth around lens brand "George & Osama Erotica" ;-))).

Best regards,

Piroska Baetz, 14.04.2007 at 15:53h

ein schönes szene, gute foto
lg. piri

Ilona M., 15.04.2007 at 18:00h

eine wohltat für die seele zwischen den andern bildern. thnx
lg ilona

Inez Soares, 16.04.2007 at 19:54h

love it.

Johannes Barthelmes, 17.04.2007 at 11:12h

just poesy !

Laila Pregizer, 17.04.2007 at 14:49h

Schön minimalistisch!
LG, Laila

Martin B...., 18.04.2007 at 10:15h

dear bin!
really great and sexy szene - it's interesseting to know that some users here bastel there cameras themself...

ciao martin

DRAGA PUC, 18.04.2007 at 16:40h

very very good

michael se.........., 27.04.2007 at 11:38h



Martin Meese, 10.05.2007 at 11:36h

perfect statement.....
best regards

Thomas Wyler, 5.06.2007 at 23:41h

wirkt gut..

Heidi Roloff, 26.01.2008 at 23:53h

I love it and your pictures :-))) Would be great, to meet you persönlich irgendwann... :-)))
Herzlichst, Heidi

redfox-dream-art-photography, 5.02.2008 at 4:06h

Very nice picture!

bw, redfox

Dragomir Vukovic, 8.03.2008 at 23:46h


Maria Simona Monti , 8.04.2008 at 9:57h

è davvero meravigliosa l'India ! ! ! _____

Sergio Pessolano, 13.04.2008 at 11:49h

A class work.

Agnes R., 21.08.2009 at 23:13h

Dear Bin,
me, again.
This would have been an amazing, almost poetic picture, if it were not for those two who misbehaved right there in front of your lens. I am really sorry for you. They messed it up. I wonder why the administration put it in the normal section. I think there is some young, innocent people around fotocommunity...
It is a crazy world. Stay safe;-)

Bin Im Laden, 16.09.2009 at 10:21h

Dear Agnes,
me too have not more much trust in the behaviour of fc administration.
One more reason that me here still only rarely.
I pray for their enlightenment.

Bin Still Around:-)

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