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The Poem... by Canan Oner

The Poem... 


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13.06.2009 at 22:28h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.

Lovers know they are roses
In the bloody veil of Love;
They live astounded
By Love’s matchless beauty.
The intellect says,
“The six directions are blocked !”
Love says. “ There’s a way!
I’ve taken it thousands of times.”
Intellect sees a market
And starts to haggle;
Love sees thousands of markets
Beyond that market.
How many mystic martyrs
Hidden in Love’s soul
Have abandoned the preacher’s chair
To climb onto the scaffold!
Lovers who drink the wine’s dregs
Reel from bliss to bliss;
Dark-hearted sceptics
Burn inwardly with denial.
Intellect says, “ Stay where you are !
Annihilation has only thorns !”
Love laughs, “ The thorns are in you !”
Keep silent, and tear Being’s thorn..


What a nice surprise Stefan...Thank you so much for the nomination.....


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Alessandro Russo, 13.06.2009 at 22:29h

ciao Alessandro

Angelika El., 13.06.2009 at 22:30h

What a wonderful colour - fine mood an a good DOF!!!!
Fine work...

So long....

J a e j i N™, 13.06.2009 at 22:39h

well done!


Ushie Farkas, 13.06.2009 at 22:42h

It´s like a poem, Canan, your wonderful rose ! Salut Ushie

Sally Dunn, 13.06.2009 at 22:57h

Very beautiful and a lovely shape.

Adele Oliver, 14.06.2009 at 1:23h

What a beautiful rose - what a beautiful poem!!! Your focus and the colours are excellent and so well presented!
hugs, Adele

Inez Correia Marques, 14.06.2009 at 1:43h

Beautiful Canan!!

Christa Regina, 14.06.2009 at 7:12h

Very beautiful and a lovely picture.
LG Christa

MICHAEL stüben, 14.06.2009 at 7:52h

I think it was the right moment......Great work Canan

Ayse Nalan Yasin, 14.06.2009 at 8:00h

Excellent photo and presentation kuzicigimmm
Cok optum

Maurice Mercier, 14.06.2009 at 8:51h

So beautiful !
I love it.
Cheers - Maurice

s. sabine krause, 14.06.2009 at 9:16h

stunning rose! and a beautiful poem! we have some roses in our garden, but only one of them oozes a lovely scent – sadly enough, this year it's been worm-eaten, and probably won't bloom at all… it used to look a lot like this one, though, so thank you, canan, for "resurrecting" with your wonderful picture! hugs, sabine.

dolores coll, 14.06.2009 at 9:43h

maravillosa rosa , maravilloso petalo.

Mark Billiau., 14.06.2009 at 9:51h

Beautifully done, Canan.


Deryck, 14.06.2009 at 9:54h

Beautiful work and qonderful words Canan. I love it. Your work always challenges my mind.

Waldi W., 14.06.2009 at 10:39h

a wonderful pic !

Gerwine S., 14.06.2009 at 13:56h

Uncomparably great. love from Gerwine

DRAGA PUC, 14.06.2009 at 18:22h

strong, emotional....

Fons van Swaal, 14.06.2009 at 19:47h

As always excellent work...............!!!

Leo_nid, 14.06.2009 at 20:23h

Keeping up the great work

Ilidio Fernandes, 14.06.2009 at 22:50h

This is a very beautiful poem.

Birgit Presser, 14.06.2009 at 22:55h

It's so beautiful!!!

Matthias Moritz, 15.06.2009 at 5:19h

a very delicate impression of love.

Pascal Viyer, 15.06.2009 at 11:37h

All of your shots are pure poetry

Michael Grotkamp, 15.06.2009 at 14:16h

great !! what a delicious sfumato colouring and the reflexes are pure silky. Fantastic eastern magna poesia where the rose love is born...
bw Michael

Gerald Schreiber, 15.06.2009 at 16:22h

Ein Bild das seinesgleichen suchen muß.
Eine wirklich selten schöne Bearbeitung. Ich bin
begeistert von diesem Bild.
Einen lieben Gruß an Dich

Kaith Kakavouli, 15.06.2009 at 18:58h

beautiful composition !!!!

Dr.Szirmai János, 16.06.2009 at 7:41h

Very fine pink colours! Cheers János

Perry Blevins, 16.06.2009 at 20:22h

Beautiful pink colors and excellent low light.
Regards, Perry

Tad Kanazaki, 18.06.2009 at 8:20h

Wonderful your world....

nasim, 18.06.2009 at 15:18h

What a beautiful poem for this lovely pink rose!!
Oh.. she has a pretty bud too!!


judi dunn, 1.07.2009 at 6:54h

Canan.. teach us all to reel from bliss to bliss... judi

Linda Herbert, 1.08.2009 at 2:30h

Beautiful image Canan...and the poetry fits the picture so well. You are so gifted. Thanks for sharing your vision of beauty for all to enjoy and marvel at. Hugs from a far~Linda Herbert

Voting Center, 2.08.2009 at 17:41h

[ This user has decided not to display voting comments. ]
This photo has been selected for the gallery with 123 pro- and 52 contra-votes. Congratulations, Canan Oner :-)


Fons van Swaal, 2.08.2009 at 20:00h

Congratulations ........!!!

Deryck, 5.08.2009 at 19:38h

This is so beautiful! Congrats Canan

Simona B., 10.01.2010 at 22:48h

Superb picture of your rose.

"But if there was a single truth, a single light
A single thought, a singular touch of grace
Then following this single point , this single flame,
The single haunted memory of your face,
I still love...."

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