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blue horizon by Jutta.M.

blue horizon 


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24.09.2007 at 20:55h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.

sit down and listen
thinking of the famous Sidney Bechet title

- that´s the only version I could find on youtube - listen to the music....

and as blue is my favourite colour I like these words written by Kandinsky:
"The deeper the blue becomes, the more strongly it calls man towards the infinite, awakening in him a desire for the pure and, finally, for the supernatural… "

taken at Barceloneta - early in the morning
morning walk along the beach

Thank you Angéla Vicedomini for proposal, this was a great surprise for me


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b-bas , 24.09.2007 at 21:11h

fantastische stimmung!

Gruß Sebastian

Kai Sehlke, 24.09.2007 at 21:13h

Ein feiner Bildschnitt. Das sieht herrlich einsam aus. Mir gefällt es sehr,

Gruß, Kai

Dieter Geßler, 24.09.2007 at 21:49h

Top, wäre einen Versuch in s/w wert gewesen
VG Dieter

Marguerite L., 24.09.2007 at 21:50h

Danke für den Sidney Bechet Link, ich liebe seine Musik!
Dein apartes Bild natürlich auch!!
Grüessli Marguerite

Jutta Washington , 24.09.2007 at 22:20h

I'm longing for a vacation when I look at this picture. What a beautiful place to take a rest. Very good composition.

aw masry , 24.09.2007 at 22:39h

Very nice composition.
Best regards - aw masry

Leonid Khodyrev, 24.09.2007 at 23:04h

Great composition!

Alexandra Baltog, 24.09.2007 at 23:09h

excellent light , shadows & composition !

Hobu R., 24.09.2007 at 23:32h

wow was für Licht !
lg hobu

Pascal Viyer, 24.09.2007 at 23:45h

About solitude, great work

Ilidio Fernandes , 25.09.2007 at 1:14h

Beautiful shot ,good work ,

Matthias Moritz, 25.09.2007 at 5:06h


DSK , 25.09.2007 at 6:07h

Gefällt mir sehr gut!!!

LG Micha

KPK , 25.09.2007 at 7:45h

Gut. Klasse Foto.

My Way, 25.09.2007 at 8:23h

ein sehr feines Motiv, sehr schön auch vom Schnitt !
LG my Way

Klaus Gierden, 25.09.2007 at 8:28h

deine stimmungsvollen aufnahmen wecken fernweh

gruß klaus

Angéla Vicedomini, 25.09.2007 at 9:42h

Was für eine Stimmung !
Da möhte ich jetzt sitzen !
LG Angela

Bri Se, 25.09.2007 at 11:59h

Ein Sitzplatz für Genießer und Frischluftfanatiker :-)
Gefällt mir.
LG Brigitte

Roland Klecker, 25.09.2007 at 13:50h

Wirkt absolut beruhigend...

Liebe Grüße,

Vesela Maleeva, 25.09.2007 at 16:25h

Great composition and mood!

Stephan Masché , 26.09.2007 at 13:26h

minimalistisch gut

Han H. , 26.09.2007 at 15:44h

I like these kind of minimalistic images. Great composition and a nice colouring..

Dragos Ion, 27.09.2007 at 4:13h


Véronique Soulier, 27.09.2007 at 16:32h

LIKE YOU, MY FAVOURITE HOUR beautiful minimalist but full of feeling pic, 12 th floor is excellent too !! title ;-) bye VS

William Price , 28.09.2007 at 9:21h

excellent photo...i like it a lot

kind regards

Andrej Nagode, 30.09.2007 at 8:03h

Best wishes,

Annette Ralla, 8.10.2007 at 6:55h

Fantastisch liebe Jutta! Eine Aufnahme die angenehm aus dem Rahmen fällt.
LG aus dem Münsterland

Ernst Hobscheidt, 12.10.2007 at 11:10h

super schön das Foto.

Voting Center, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 57 pro- and 43 contra-votes. Congratulations, Jutta Melchers :-)

Angéla Vicedomini, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h

A great atmosphere !

Vesela Maleeva, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Vera Böhm, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


DSK , 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Alexandra Baltog, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h

PRO !!!

Claire Laira, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h

Fantastic mood...PRO!

Monic CHAILLIER, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h

p r o

A r e k , 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


good luck jutta :)

Jutta Washington , 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Inez Soares, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


felidae., 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Maguire , 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Massimo Carolla, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Comy , 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Claude Coeudevez, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Michael Henderson, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Rolf Wengenroth, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Dieter Dietrich, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Maria João Arcanjo, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


III sto III, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Geoff Ashton , 12.10.2007 at 17:08h

not sure about this
might be me so skip

Pawel Majewski, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Theo Weijmer, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h

It's nice but I'm not so sure about the crop and the shadows, skip for now.

Klaus der Sandmann , 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Abdul Khaliq, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Alessandro Ballerini , 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Peter Mertz, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Robert Riley, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Anja Kosubek, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Terje Nicolaysen , 12.10.2007 at 17:08h

Pro ! I like it !

Kerstin Rösler, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Véronique Soulier, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h

great mood, Pro

Andrej Nagode, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Sergio Pessolano, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h

Very effective atmosphere. PRO

Leonid Khodyrev, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


ivano cheli (2) , 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Giorgos Fidanas, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Roland Klecker, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Hobu R., 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


CsomorLászló , 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Dominique Duriot, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


N i N a ² , 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


aw masry , 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Claudio Capobianchi, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Waldi W., 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Onkel Achim, 12.10.2007 at 17:08h


Lisa Hollstegge, 12.10.2007 at 17:09h


Pascal Viyer, 12.10.2007 at 17:09h


Wendy de With, 12.10.2007 at 17:09h


Dmitry Zhamkoff , 12.10.2007 at 17:09h


Jürgen Cron, 12.10.2007 at 17:09h



Lisa Hollstegge, 12.10.2007 at 18:42h

Congrats, Jutta !
freu mich sehr für dich !

Véronique Soulier, 12.10.2007 at 22:12h

just sit, listen to Sydney and look to your star !! bravo ! bye VS

Vera Böhm, 12.10.2007 at 23:00h

I am very enjoyed to see,
the top pic in the gallery. ;-))
Congratulations, dear Jutta!
Regards, Vera

Inez Soares, 13.10.2007 at 11:25h


Jutta.M., 13.10.2007 at 11:45h

Thank you all for voting and spending time on it - perhaps listening to the music, too.
I´m very glad and wish a sunny weekend!

Jutta Washington , 13.10.2007 at 17:25h

Congratulations from Jutta to Jutta :-)

Michael Henderson, 14.10.2007 at 1:03h

Congratulations !!!!!

N i N a ² , 14.10.2007 at 14:00h

congratulations jutta :))))

aw masry , 16.10.2007 at 19:23h

Nice to seen the little star.
Congratulation !!!
Best regards – aw masry

Der Alex... , 17.10.2007 at 19:14h

excellent !
Ich sollte echt öfter voten gehen
lg Alex

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