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The Lonely Little Ferry by Adele Oliver

The Lonely Little Ferry


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22.11.2010 at 21:13h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
These little ferries are a lifeline to Islanders in the Gulf Islands - it ferries people, cars, goods - in rain or shine, snow or high winds.

Taken from the shores of Saltspring Island on Nov. 14 ..... and I did a bit of colour editing.
Thank you for all your recent kind comments ... hope your week started out well.


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CsomorLászló, 22.11.2010 at 21:16h

Good morning Adele I must go to sleep..I work tomarrow-:))))

TFR, 22.11.2010 at 21:17h

Excellent moody work Adele, compliments.


Inge Becker, 22.11.2010 at 21:46h

Wieder so ein Traumfoto. Die Tonung gefällt mir sehr.

Liebe Grüße


Thom Arnold, 22.11.2010 at 21:51h

Es ist immer wieder faszinierend, welche Stimmung Du in Deine Bilder bringst. Ich bin begeistert. Wunderschön!!!
Einen lieben Gruß,

Vitória Castelo Santos, 22.11.2010 at 22:11h

Well composed,with beautiful light and colours.
best wishes

a.s. gierke, 22.11.2010 at 22:19h

Great, Adele....+

Véronique Soulier, 22.11.2010 at 22:31h

Good timing to have it at the end of the Tree.. fine editing, greetings VS

Birgit Presser, 22.11.2010 at 22:44h

WHAT a mood, Adele!!!

Leeb Monika, 22.11.2010 at 23:08h

Very well done, Adele! I like the colour, the light and the mood, the whole composition!
LG monika

Leo_nid, 22.11.2010 at 23:39h

Great toning and misty look
Beautiful mood again

Alfredo Yanez, 23.11.2010 at 0:34h

Bella imagen, felicitaciones Adele!!
Saludos buena luz!

Ana Iglesias, 23.11.2010 at 0:35h

Me gusta el tono de la imagen y su bonita composicion.Un saludo.

VolkerMZ, 23.11.2010 at 0:41h

Liebe Adele
dieses Bild ist einmal mehr ganz ausgesprochen aussergewöhnlich und für mich wirklich schon Kunst.
Die Tonung und besondere Schärfe geben ihm etwas asiatisch anmutendes.
Ganz hervorragend.

Segura Carmona, 23.11.2010 at 1:37h

Un bello primer plano de gran calidad, un abrazo Adela.

JValentina, 23.11.2010 at 2:40h

Muy bueno el virado de la foto..estupenda composición
un abrazo

Frederick Mann, 23.11.2010 at 5:19h

in the thick fog.. the motor of the Ferry seems so loud

Michael Freisen, 23.11.2010 at 6:54h

a wonderful mood and beautiful colors. i like these kind of pictures.

greetings michael

mike snead, 23.11.2010 at 6:59h

a work of art,adele.

great editing and great everything.



David H Thomas, 23.11.2010 at 7:47h

beautiful image

Mark Billiau., 23.11.2010 at 9:08h

Great view.
Wonderful mood thanks to the colour editing.
Good use of the twigs in the foreground to add more depth in the shot.


Canan Oner, 23.11.2010 at 9:25h

Loved the nostalgic mood...and the toning is great Adele...
Much hugs,

s. sabine krause, 23.11.2010 at 9:26h

"i have a thing for ferry boats!" ; ))) a very beautiful picture, adele! love the nostalgic look of it – it evokes an impression of timeless permanence: the sturdy little boat seems to have always been there, perpetually carrying passengers from one shore to the other, and will do so forevermore… hugs, sabine.

Inez Correia Marques, 23.11.2010 at 11:12h

Wonderful mood. the editing is spot on my dear Adele- kiss

Silvia Simonato., 23.11.2010 at 11:29h

Excelente imagen!! Buena fotografía!!
Bonita captura!!
Saludos Silvia

Claudio Micheli, 23.11.2010 at 13:28h


Werner R. Albert, 23.11.2010 at 14:14h

A very special foggy mood.
Fantastic !
A great one, Adele.
best wishes

Elisa M, 23.11.2010 at 16:07h

Y esta aún me gusta más Adele.Maravillosa la composición y la edición.

Susana Miguel, 23.11.2010 at 17:19h

The colour editing fits the mood perfectly well, transporting us back in time.
Love your look at things and the way we are allowed to get to know your country / region if only by sight - but WHAT A SIGHT!

Ruth Hutsteiner, 23.11.2010 at 18:57h

Looking through the branches on the water and the little ferry.It´s a wonderful view.
I like your colour editing.

Jens Hansen, 23.11.2010 at 18:59h

nice shot and creative editing!! Would be curious how it would look like with a blue-ish tone...?!



Franzi48, 23.11.2010 at 19:27h

Wieder ein ganz fantastisches Bild von Dir, super++
Lg Franzi

Ilidio Fernandes, 23.11.2010 at 20:56h

Fantastic mood, very good capture.

Pierre LAVILLE, 23.11.2010 at 21:31h

Magnifique.j'aime les couleurs ++++
Amitiés Pierre.

willy ombret, 23.11.2010 at 22:16h

très belle photo
très bon traitement

Peter Pape, 24.11.2010 at 0:23h

Eine sehr schöne Komposition. Tönung +++
Gruß Peter

Kaith Kakavouli, 24.11.2010 at 7:33h

fantastic mood !!!!!!!!

apanachii, 24.11.2010 at 7:37h

I just request the same; it`s fantastic mood.

regards di.

Majid mehraban, 24.11.2010 at 12:04h


hrishikesh thakur, 24.11.2010 at 15:31h

excellentttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt shot !

Eduardo Castillo - EDUARDO 5, 24.11.2010 at 17:23h

Magnifica composición entre las ramas, contemplando el barco con la sedosa niebla cubriendo el fondo. Saludos

Michael Grotkamp, 24.11.2010 at 18:08h

well spotted with this silhouette foreground.
composition and mood are great.
saluti, michael

Sally Dunn, 24.11.2010 at 19:35h

What a hard working little ferry taking all those travellers to and fro across the water. I like the colour editing, it gives it a melancholy feel.

dirk van Appeldorn, 25.11.2010 at 7:21h

nicely the darkish atmosphere

Jörg-Bierwirth, 25.11.2010 at 9:49h

Auch wieder sehr stimmungsvoll. Durch die Tonung und Körnung wirkt es sehr melancholisch. Der Schnitt passt.
Gruß Jörg

José Ramón Miguel, 28.11.2010 at 22:08h

Fenomenal trabajo Adele, impresiona la tonalidad de la imagen con unos motivos muy complementarios en la imagen, tiene un gran encanto.
Un abrazo. Ramón

Voting Center, 20.12.2010 at 18:14h

This photo has been nominated for the gallery, but has been turned down with 37 pro and 44 contra votes.

MAURICE CLEGG, 20.12.2010 at 18:14h


Inez Correia Marques, 20.12.2010 at 18:14h


r o l f WENGENroth, 20.12.2010 at 18:14h


mike snead, 20.12.2010 at 18:14h



Kaith Kakavouli, 20.12.2010 at 18:14h


Jürgen Cron, 20.12.2010 at 18:14h


Franzi48, 20.12.2010 at 18:14h


BRYAN CRUTE, 20.12.2010 at 18:14h


Thomas Leib, 20.12.2010 at 18:14h


lolita cecilia, 20.12.2010 at 18:14h


Gérald SCHMITT, 20.12.2010 at 18:14h


JURAFR, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h


Claire Laira, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h


Peter Kahle, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h


adriana lissandrini, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h


vittorio L, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h


--Opal--, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h


Mark Billiau., 20.12.2010 at 18:15h


Sabine Suess, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h


Michael Grotkamp, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h

fantastic mood, pro

Bernd Schmidt2, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h


guvo4, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h


Falko Sieker, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h


Claudio Micheli, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h


Andrea Sagawe, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h


ninon68, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h


Canan Oner, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h


Thoralf, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h


Adele Oliver, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h

Thank you so much, Claudio - a great surprise!!!

Alexandru Valentin Iedu, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h


Matthias Besant, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h


Pozer Katalin, 20.12.2010 at 18:15h



phonya, 14.01.2011 at 20:16h

absolutely great - definitely foto-art. should be in gallery ...
has something close to east-asian paintings - thanks a lot!
I put it in my favorites-list -
best wishes phonya

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Information about the photo

  • Canon PowerShot S3 IS
  • Unknown 6-72mm
  • 20.7 mm
  • f4
  • 1/320
  • ISO 200
  • 0EV

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