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no words by Dirk Hofmann

no words


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2.10.2006 at 16:15h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
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Critique - straight and tough

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Critism - straight and toughCritism - straight and tough


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Pascal Viyer, 2.10.2006 at 16:29h

Really PERFECT !

Anastasya Ivanova, 2.10.2006 at 16:57h

The content does really special and...sorrowful.

Ruud van der Lubben, 2.10.2006 at 17:41h

I dont see any sorrow here ? I see a woman who is yawning because she's apparently tired.
I also see some very burned out places where there is no detail left, may i assume this was somewhat overexposed ?

Alexandra Baltog, 2.10.2006 at 17:42h

no words...this is reality.Regards, Alexandra.

Paul Grimshaw, 2.10.2006 at 18:18h

Sorry, for me the image conveys no sorrow but indeed a yawn. There are a few burnt areas but this can sometimes be overlooked in images of this genre. The car bonnet just coming into view is very damaging to the feel of the image and the roofline just popping into view is annoying/distracting. I wonder if this image has been supplied with obvious points just to get us started ;0)

Robert Riley, 2.10.2006 at 18:44h

Brave man Dirk! I see the sorrow, because she has just realised that she is wearing different shoes. It is a bit overexposed, but acceptable in the circumstances.

S. Berg, 2.10.2006 at 19:00h


Ruud van der Lubben, 2.10.2006 at 19:36h

How can overexposed be acceptable ??
It breaks down the overall result quite badly !!

Robert Riley, 2.10.2006 at 20:35h

I understood this was a discussion section to discuss the photo, not the Critic.

Martin Unger, 2.10.2006 at 21:50h

Hmm, this one doesn't really work for me. Sorry, Dirk...
I don't see the story in it, too many elements without clear connection that we can't really see what the situation is. It might work as a part of a serie, but not as "standalone"...

Ruud van der Lubben, 2.10.2006 at 22:13h

Discussing the critic is inherent to discussing the photo, replying to something what is stated is an important part of that.

Dennis Veldman, 2.10.2006 at 22:17h

yawning sneezing, overexposed.
A normal day to day snapshot of a moment in time

Ruud van der Lubben, 2.10.2006 at 22:40h

A moment in time yes, but i think there is a story, and it has something to do with what the man has under the cloth ??
Might be the woman is somehow upsett because of it ?

Dennis Veldman, 3.10.2006 at 2:12h

Who knows? only dirk can tell i guess.. he's been there

Konstantinos Papazoglou, 3.10.2006 at 9:29h

Very special and talented shot. Congratulations Dirk.

Anastasya Ivanova, 3.10.2006 at 9:53h

I thought that she's crying...which appears (seems) to be...

Abdul Khaliq, 3.10.2006 at 11:08h

As said by Paul, roof line is really disracting.

Dennis Veldman, 3.10.2006 at 12:46h

I think that the roof adds depth because its a darker area, and it makes the whole look less flat because there is so much white.
just my thoughts

Das Tinchen, 3.10.2006 at 15:25h

Ich finde hier nix weiter zum Kritisieren. Es ist ein little bit schief, aber das passt hier dazu...ansonsten passen die Kontraste und auch die Bildaufteilung sehr gut.

Model Valerija, 3.10.2006 at 19:24h

schäre und grauverlauf klasse!!
LG Lera

Dirk Hofmann, 3.10.2006 at 19:53h

thank you all for the interesting views ... :-))

Dragomir Vukovic, 4.10.2006 at 8:06h

great silence Dirk ^^^

Frank Cecconi, 4.10.2006 at 14:56h

Dirk, that car is a bloody niusance! I would have changed the perspective, got closer to the woman and shorten the DoF on the man in the background... that's all this pic needs but, as it stands, it's a wasted opportunity;-)

Patrick Parenteau, 4.10.2006 at 16:58h

To get the true feeling of this shot, we would need another clue; like the paw of an animal coming out from under the cover for instance. I don't mind all the other elements in the shot as they describe the social status of the couple. The overexposure hurts my eyes. Close, but no silver dollar for this one.

Dianna Tilley, 7.10.2006 at 19:34h

I agree the roof line needs to go...It also needs something to give it a little more depth. Seems a little flat. Not sure about the lady and the does look like sadness to me and the gentleman in the background seems to be looking at her with her concern...or is he looking at Dirk and his camera with concern. Not one of your best shots after looking at your others..but does make one think of stories that could go with it.

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 11.10.2006 at 15:33h

how can you really tell she is yawning 100%? you cant tell........
in my opinion this photo tells me that she is either yawning yes maybee.....but also crying or worried or thinking? how can i say really whats she is feeling.
i can see a man tieing something down, maybee a storm is coming? maybee life is just hard, looking at the old concrete house and the run down car in the foreground, i like the overexposed bits, it gives it rawness.
great texture and reality
well done

Ink ., 12.10.2006 at 14:31h




Theater Of CrueltyNOH Assakra, 15.10.2006 at 10:25h

"Oh Mantis!"
Not ruin the butterfly-
the dew will ruin her

Lukas Stern, 17.10.2006 at 9:52h

i see the sorrow but it can be also a cough or a sneeze ... :) indeed the surroundings makes you think she s complaining or crying..
it s an interesting picture otherwise, makes you think what was happening to that woman at the time the picture was made...
regards, lukas

Bin Im Laden, 19.10.2006 at 23:51h

hello dirk,
technically seen this a near to perfect picture, all clearly to be seen and in focus. what i asking me whether it's interesting or attractive enough in an aspect that i feel it's worth to show it here. i am not so sure about this. somehow i miss a connection between the two people to make a story out of it. quite attractive looks the man in front of the window. if he would stand more to the left and still more distant to the window i would see a possible interesting picture just of him with the window out of focus and naturally without all this disturbing unattractive garbage to the right.
in my opinion the best in this situation to get an impressive picture would be a strong portrait of the interesting looking face of the man including all or a good part of his sombrero, background just the out of focus simple wall. another good portrait also could be possible of the woman after she finished yawning :-).
To get an acceptable picture including both persons i support the suggestions of frank cecconi and waiting for the right moment.

best regards,

Daniel Fonseca, 20.10.2006 at 20:35h

no words from me too!!!

Nice photo!

CrazyMexican Gil, 22.10.2006 at 6:14h

their is something more going on..I think thats why I love this picture, the mans' expression is like a 'what she gonna do?' expression or something like that...i like it alot, great..10 ++

Müslüm Yasargun, 29.10.2006 at 1:33h

Hii, nice portrait..

Vesela Maleeva, 1.11.2006 at 0:05h

Very controversial because it's not standard... I think that one who is in shock to the point of wearing different shoes is no way yawning. The emotion is unquestionable, and makes the shot unique.

Xènia Gasull Sellés, 3.11.2006 at 19:13h

Waaw! Really good!!

Isabel2 Cruz, 16.11.2006 at 22:58h

I like very much this photo:)
A man is so close a baby dead, and a old woman is criyng:)

Milan Bystron, 19.11.2006 at 18:45h

perfect ... very good picture ...

Julia Kretsch, 29.11.2006 at 19:20h

Very, very impressive!

Jess Pasco, 29.11.2006 at 23:47h

Nice situation, I just dislike the line not straight of the roof, but in general it is a great pic.


Pawel Majewski, 1.04.2007 at 9:58h

Interesting shot

Der Brownz - Peter Braunschmid, 16.04.2007 at 9:54h

strong emotional, great!

Andrej Nagode, 3.06.2007 at 6:16h

Interesting shot!

Antonia L, 15.07.2007 at 0:42h

You have so many beautiful and constructive comments to this shot... I have to agree with most of thea and to tell you that I love the composition,the moment and the espression on that woman's face... very sugestive. Great b/w.
Best regards, Antonia

Dragos Ion, 29.08.2007 at 8:13h

Yes! Like it!

La Khan , 25.03.2008 at 19:51h


K.arla, 4.04.2008 at 15:07h

amazing, I don't know if this woman is crying or yawning but it doesn't care, I like it so much!

Milan Bystron, 4.05.2008 at 20:03h

perfect moment! good, very good

Terje Nicolaysen , 13.09.2008 at 13:14h

Very good !

Alexandru Valentin Iedu, 7.01.2009 at 11:55h


Greetings from Romania,

Ugur Akdeniz Akdeniz, 10.05.2009 at 22:41h

strong composition, I like it, I'm realy anxious about what happened in there

Milan Bystron, 1.06.2009 at 3:43h

:-) Good photo

deep-x, 29.06.2009 at 16:46h

Very impressive ...

hrishikesh thakur, 19.10.2009 at 5:01h


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