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The Fungi world (95) : Penny Bun by Mark Billiau.

The Fungi world (95) : Penny Bun 


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3.11.2010 at 8:00h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
The Penny Bun is a fungus whose habitat consists of forests dominated by pine and spruce.

Sometimes on occasion, its cap can reach 30cm in diameter, a stem height up to 25cm and a total weight of 3kg !

This edible fungus is considered as one of the safest wild mushrooms to pick for the kitchen table, as there are no poisonous species that closely resemble it. But it is also an important food source for animals such as the Red Squirrel. So I would strongly advice to leave it where it belongs and that’s the forest !

Dutch name : Eekhoorntjesbrood
German name : Fichtensteinpilz
Latin name : Boletus edulis

A big thanks to aline64 for the kindly nomination of this picture.


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Sylvia Schulz, 3.11.2010 at 8:10h

Steinpilze liebe ich, dazu auch dann noch so eine perfekte Aufnahme, absolut top Mark
es grüßt Sylvia

Canan Oner, 3.11.2010 at 8:35h

Absolutely beautiful Mark...

s. sabine krause, 3.11.2010 at 8:36h

great shot! i can almost smell the rich fungus aroma of penny bun – what an interesting english name! it sounds like a cartoon character to me ; )! and you captured a very impressive specimen here – what a bizarre-looking stem! it's a little as though it's wearing marlene dietrich pants… lg, sabine.

TeresaM, 3.11.2010 at 8:49h

Le pied !!! Encore un excellent regard, Mark :-)
Comme toujours une prise de vue adéquate.

Daniela Cognigni, 3.11.2010 at 9:34h

Ha un nome simpatico questo fungo e se piace molto agli animali specie agli scoiattoli si vede che è anche buonissimo,però ogni tanto qualcuno per un bel risotto lo possiamo prendere!!!
Ciao Mark,buona giornata.

Jan Rillich, 3.11.2010 at 10:00h

a big guy :))

Gruber Fred, 3.11.2010 at 10:13h

Aber Hallo,dass nenne ich eine gelungene Pilzaufnahme.Ich finde das ist eine deiner schönsten Pilzbilder Mark.Licht,Farbe und Positionierung sind vom Feinsten.Ich bin begeistert.
LG Fred

Angelika El., 3.11.2010 at 10:44h

Ein ganz feines Plätzchen hat er sich ausgesucht! Sehr schön sieht er aus und Du hattest feines LIcht! Das ganz kleines Zweiglein links zeigt, wo dieser Pilz seinen Standort hat!!!! Find auch den Bildschnitt super!!!!


Astrid Buschmann, 3.11.2010 at 10:44h

Ein genz besonders respektabler Geselle ist das. Und die Aufnahme ist klasse, schön auch den Schnitt gewählt mit einem wirklich schönen Hintergrund.
LG Astrid

fotopeter45, 3.11.2010 at 10:58h

hey mark, lekker groot en dichtbij in beeld
mooie paddestoel trouwens.


Josef Kainz, 3.11.2010 at 12:00h

Gut festgehalten schönes Foto
VG Josef

Gisèle W., 3.11.2010 at 12:28h

Een prachtexemplaar !! Ook de belichting weer perfect !!!
Groetjes, Gisèle

ELEIRBAG, 3.11.2010 at 12:35h

Vergängliche Schönheit -
super präsentiert.
LG Gabriele

Massimo Gherardi, 3.11.2010 at 13:05h

Great shot, once again, perfect lightning and composition. This pic, all along with your explanations, makes it more valuable than the illustrations in my taxonomy books on mushrooms that I own :-)
Always a pleasure, kind regards, Massimo

Jojo., 3.11.2010 at 13:14h

...Une prise de vue "aux petits oignons"
pour ce sublime cliché...!

Anca Silvia B., 3.11.2010 at 14:12h

Das ist ein PILZ!!!
LG Anca

Ursula F., 3.11.2010 at 14:26h

Wow !! Was für ein Riesenexemplar hast Du da gefunden !!! Essbar ? Das würde ja für eine Grossfamilie reichen !
LG Ursi

Werner R. Albert, 3.11.2010 at 15:18h

Oh, what a giant !
Perfect presented again, Mark.
best wishes

Bergjäger, 3.11.2010 at 17:07h

Ein Riesenexemplar hast du da erwischt und natürlich wieder im schönsten Licht und in den besten Farben festgehalten!!
LG Bergjäger

Mohr Wilfried, 3.11.2010 at 17:18h

Ein Prachtexemplar, gut fotografiert.
Gruß Wilfried

carinart, 3.11.2010 at 17:26h

Wie machst du es nur, dass jedes Bild auf geheimnisvolle Weise jeweils anders aussieht - nicht nur, weil du andere Pilzsorten fotografierst!
L.G. Karin

Angelika Ritter, 3.11.2010 at 18:11h

looks like a stock of a tree from the bottom.
perfect shot.
lg angie

Vera Shulga, 3.11.2010 at 18:18h

I like this Fungi!
Beautiful presentation!
Wonderful photo!

Leo_nid, 3.11.2010 at 18:23h

Yes, a species well known and hunted for in areas around Moscow, with the reservation that all wild mushrooms are on the list of procsribed foods these days because oif their ability to acumulate noxious substances
A robust specimen here

CsomorLászló, 3.11.2010 at 18:49h

Du bist ein grosse specialist!!

Vitória Castelo Santos, 3.11.2010 at 18:59h

Tolle Aufnahme!
LG VItoria

vjdj, 3.11.2010 at 20:17h

An excellent picture of this mushroom, well done!!! Greetings, vj

Adele Oliver, 3.11.2010 at 22:03h

This is about the only mushroom I would pick and eat without thinking twice..... except now after reading your advice. This one is a beauty, Mark ..... nicely lit, great sharp details, esp. the yellow veined side of the trunk!!
greetings, Adele

nokk, 4.11.2010 at 9:07h

great "portrait" !:)

aline64, 4.11.2010 at 17:07h

il crève l'écran, excellente netteté !!!!!!!!!!!! bravo

Thoralf, 4.11.2010 at 21:29h

absolut fantastisch, ein Superbild
LG Thoralf

Mauro Stradotto, 4.11.2010 at 22:32h

Un mondo incantato e affascinante,
bellissima la tua foresta!!!
Un caro saluto, Mauro

Voting Center, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h

This photo has been successfully nominated for the gallery with 39 pro- and 36 contra-votes. Congratulations, Mark Billiau. :-)

Charly Roggow, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


Wmr Wolfgang Müller, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


JoY MadiSon, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


BRYAN CRUTE, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


Anne-Marie Frei, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


Claire Laira, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


CsomorLászló, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


Adele Oliver, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


Canan Oner, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


lolita cecilia, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


Peter Kahle, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


Pozer Katalin, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


Thoralf, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h

pro +++

Luigi Scorsino, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


Jörg Klüber, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


E. T., 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


Susana Miguel, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h

Hello Mark:
For me, fungi seem to have a strong connection to fairy tales, to gnomes and elves...
...and your photo somehow manages to introduce the viewer into this fairy tale word, the yellow colouring of this fungus underlines this impression.
I am waiting for the mythological creature to appear between the dark green plants of the background...
A Pro for details of the photo and for the imagination you conjured up.

Alfredo Mazzoni, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


Michael Grotkamp, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


Falko Sieker, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


Leo_nid, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


Gasser Lisbeth, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


Stefano Todde, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


Deryck, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


Die Mohnblumen, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


Véronique Soulier, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


M.W. Schiller, 7.11.2010 at 13:45h


brithiebird, 7.11.2010 at 13:46h


- Edith Vogel, 7.11.2010 at 13:46h



Mark Billiau., 7.11.2010 at 17:34h

@ Everybody who voted pro : thank you very much.
And of course a special thanks to aline64 for the nomination of this picture.


Ushie Farkas, 9.11.2010 at 8:36h

100 % PRO!!!! Grüße Ushie

Majid mehraban, 9.11.2010 at 8:57h


sailor466, 10.11.2010 at 21:09h

hallo - ein ganz wunderbares bild mit tollem licht!!
und danke.... !
m.l.g. dieter

Jacques BURY, 14.11.2010 at 23:05h

Une superbe série de photos qui pourrait sans conteste
être utilisée pour l'illustration d'un ouvrage de mycologie.

Rikki und Winni, 31.12.2010 at 11:45h

What a wonderful picture!
I LOVE "Steinpilze"!!!!
We wish you also a WONDERFUL 2011 !!!!

Cobrak, 3.11.2011 at 11:39h


fane H, 2.12.2011 at 18:02h

Smurf house ^^

Janet Morgan, 29.10.2012 at 10:16h

What a fantastic photo of this unusual and large fungi.

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