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Der wird doch nicht etwa !? by circlelight

Der wird doch nicht etwa !? 


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5.11.2006 at 13:29h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.


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Kaan Atila, 5.11.2006 at 13:38h


Sonja D., 5.11.2006 at 14:22h

Richtig nett!!!
Es grüßt Dich Sonja

Alexandra Baltog, 5.11.2006 at 14:54h

very funny...

Rolf Pessel, 5.11.2006 at 17:44h

Erstklassige Fortsetzung!!!
LG Rolf

Dennis Maloney, 5.11.2006 at 19:01h

Thats funny...:-)))...he is just doing what the sign says...greetings, den

Liberty Photography, 5.11.2006 at 21:57h

Klasse das :-))))))))))
lg Suzette

Ralph Budke, 6.11.2006 at 11:21h

"grins"...Große klasse.
Gruss Ralph

Jan Krützfeldt, 9.11.2006 at 19:24h

so sind se, die kleinen! ;)

Rita Riddermann, 9.11.2006 at 23:14h

einfach stark
da past wirklich alles *ggg*

GLG Rita & Günter

Thinka Bell, 11.11.2006 at 16:23h


Voting Center, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 73 pro- and 27 contra-votes. Congratulations, Carl Wille :-)

Der Woici, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h


Christian Knospe, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h


Eddie Maguire, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h

You are definately not out of your tiny mind. This is in the best tradition of photographers like Trent Parke (Magnum), Paul Strand, Diane Arbus, Andre Kertesz, Elliott Erwitt and Tony Ray-Jones and others who work in the 'street photography' genre. PRO

Matthias Moritz, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h

Well, its not a "must", more a "could be".
We will see....

Ruud van der Lubben, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h

Great pic, maybe i would have cropped it just a little to get the text in the upper part of. PRO

Radim Spitzer, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h



Theo Weijmer, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h

Agree with Robert, but only the first part, skip on this one.

Josh Deuchars, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h

Excellent candid capture, great shot.
Pro for me.

Wen P, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h

Waaaa haaa,, no..ohhh..haaa......oh...snicker snicker snort. Damn you shouldn't do that to people. I peed myself. That's the best laugh I've had all week. Just too cute. YES.

Eddie said it, CLASSIC street photographer with great humor.

Just can't help but be reminded of a scene from an Adam Sander movie, Big Daddy.

Abdul Khaliq, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h


Claire Laira, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h

Agree with Eddie....a big PRO

Oliver Suhr, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h

A very good b/w shot and a funny scene. But gallery? I don't think so.

Rolf Wengenroth, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h


Massimo Carolla, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h


Frank Cecconi, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h

I think Gallery has to be more than a "cute" pic;-)

Mircea Tiron-Tudor, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h

Pro !

Zsolt Kiss, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h

PRO! :o)

Jacqueline Chay, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h

Perspective seems to be a bit off.
Well seen though +

Arno M, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h

it seems to me you´re very frustrated... :-)


Mimoto, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h

LG Michael

Cees Kuijs, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h

I`ve too go.... skip

Karl Makkina, 11.11.2006 at 18:52h

Waaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!
more ! more ! more !
Proooo !!

Klaus Buhles, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h


Peter Mertz, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h

pro of course

Jutta Washington, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h

:-))))))))) big pro for the little man

Andy Pomplun, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h


don ricchilino, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h


Claude Coeudevez, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h


Jacky Kobelt, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h


Kai Sehlke, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h


Valfoto, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h


P.e.ter Gau, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h


Liz Collet, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h


Dirk Hofmann, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h

i had to delete a comment from the voting for the reason of personal offence ...


Ivano Cheli, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h


Alexander Dacos, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h


Klaus der Sandmann, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h


Detlef Lampe, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h


Steffen Schanz, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h


Kathryn Dixon, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h

Thanks for the wonderful humour - just great!
I have to agree about the crop. A couple of simple things and this would be in my gallery. So skip I'm afraid.
If you crop and upload again I reckon PRO PRO PRO.

Georg Dorff, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h


Angéla Vicedomini, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h


Linienflüsterer, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h


Dragomir Vukovic, 11.11.2006 at 18:53h



Wen P, 12.11.2006 at 8:49h

Happy to see it made it to the gallery.

Klaus Buhles, 12.11.2006 at 10:03h

Yes, congrats!!!
LG - Klaus

Rieva Azrul A, 12.11.2006 at 15:54h

very witzig....
great captured, schoen foto in right time..


Marek Suvák, 12.11.2006 at 18:18h

very funny shot:))

Dani Zobaida, 12.11.2006 at 20:12h


+ + + +

Georg Dorff, 13.11.2006 at 18:21h

Klasse Arbeit.

Eddie Maguire, 16.11.2006 at 16:32h

Yeah heah! (Gets up dances a jig and sits back down). Congratulations to you well deserved and a big win for 'street photography' (bonus).

Well done Carl.

Fernando Codoceo, 27.11.2006 at 17:14h

wunderbares Bild...
klasse gesehen...fotografiert....

Liz Collet, 28.11.2006 at 7:17h

congratulations ! :-)
chG Liz

Doro E., 3.12.2006 at 14:23h

PRO !!!

Ivy Ó Donóghúe, 6.12.2006 at 11:43h

*grinst und freut sich über den Stern*

Blue Ice, 23.12.2006 at 8:41h

carl, ich gratuliere dir zu einem weiteren stern!

liebe grüsse

Maria Luís Castela, 27.12.2006 at 23:48h

Very nice pic, in the right moment at a right time. A clear and a fantastic black and white
congratulations :)

Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux, 21.01.2007 at 11:57h

Perfect timing!

jugglenaut , 9.10.2007 at 13:47h

sehr lustiges und gutes Bild

Anja Katharina, 17.01.2009 at 13:45h

Cooles Bild !!!

John Willems, 9.05.2009 at 5:25h

Outstanding mood and compo!!
Great creative image!!


CitySCENE. by John Willems
14.4.09, 5:24

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