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Emerald Forest by Andy-Wood

Emerald Forest 


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1.12.2012 at 23:30h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
Thanks to ClaireLaira for proposing for the Gallery.
Thank you to all that took the time to vote ... both Pro & Contra.


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19king40, 1.12.2012 at 23:37h

Gefällt mir sehr gut
LG Manni

Tania Skaradek, 2.12.2012 at 0:05h

Hi Andy! A very beautiful picture!Gladly would hang it on the wall :-)

Regards and good Sunday

Harold Thompson, 2.12.2012 at 10:57h

Nicely controlled exposure catching the glancing sunlight on the greens :-)) Harold

Sue Thompson, 2.12.2012 at 17:34h

A magical feel to this scene in a bit of ancient woodland.


Vera M. Shulga, 2.12.2012 at 18:42h

Great & beautiful!

Maurice Robinson, 2.12.2012 at 20:51h

An absolutely wonderful image with a mystical aura. You've also come up with the perfect title Andy.

Regards, Maurice.

aniljesi, 2.12.2012 at 21:37h

I have numinous experience of supernatural, mystical occurrence of subjectively ineffable visions of hearing voices, feeling of inexplicable joy and a sense of oneness with Impersonal God in Emerald Forest!

adriano j faria, 2.12.2012 at 21:55h

Superb detail !!!!!!!


s. sabine krause, 4.12.2012 at 9:44h

the moody, mossy and morbid magic of a land of absinthe… beautiful indeed! greetings, sabine.

arief wardhana, 4.12.2012 at 10:50h

wow its look like a dream. great capture and perfect composition. luv this

Ben Collins, 6.12.2012 at 7:23h

Reminds me of forests in Ireland :) look at those greens !


Jörg Klüber, 8.12.2012 at 21:11h

Fine pic of forest!
rgds Jörg

odeveld219, 9.12.2012 at 19:47h

If there are emeralds i don't know, but the picture is captivating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With friendly greetings, Odeveld

colombe, 11.12.2012 at 19:33h

Wooow, c'est un endroit incroyable ! J'aime beaucoup !

Serafina797, 14.12.2012 at 10:14h

Magic Forest.
Einfach toll
Lg Sera Fina

Perry Blevins, 27.12.2012 at 20:56h

Beautiful green colors and well composed with great exposure.
Regards, Perry

Bryan Wolfe, 28.12.2012 at 13:15h

Hi Andy, great composition. I often find it very hard to make a well-composed shot in the middle of the woods, there are too many lines and details leading to a lack of clarity. But in this shot, you very nicely offset the tangled lines of branches etc. with the calm, flowing moss in the foreground. Also the two tree trunks framing the left and right ends of the stone wall structure the frame very nicely. Great use of shade and highlights, too.

rizano, 7.01.2013 at 12:43h


Del-Hor, 17.01.2013 at 23:13h

Amazing photo!

Valfoto, 19.01.2013 at 20:13h

Excellent work
Regards, Manuel

jnazem, 20.01.2013 at 19:58h

great job! thanks

Kine Akasi, 31.01.2013 at 7:38h


Ulf Stormwall, 10.02.2013 at 11:58h

This picture I really like. Gives the impression of a fairytale landscape. Your pictures are really "English". Very nice.

Ruslan Karpov, 14.02.2013 at 6:26h

very nice!

Osho Angel, 16.02.2013 at 22:24h


mmmmrvica, 19.02.2013 at 23:49h

Beautiful green!

Tasha.C, 2.04.2013 at 21:24h

Great shot, love the colour.


Aglaia Belisama, 6.04.2013 at 20:31h

Magic fairy forest. A very wonderful photo work. I like it. Regards Chrissie

Osho Angel, 23.04.2013 at 12:32h


Leonid Dombrovsky, 29.04.2013 at 6:09h

Great picture!

Antje Görtler, 7.05.2013 at 0:23h

It's Great! I like the colours.
Regards Anje

fabienne.z, 7.05.2013 at 1:19h

vraiment superbe ce vert ! beau cadrage !
@ fab

Yasmine Rafii, 12.05.2013 at 8:03h

Gorgeous Andy. I do believe there is a bit of pixie dust in the air.

Shane Costello, 29.05.2013 at 8:04h

A great photo Andy - makes me homesick :-)
All the best

Tengerine, 13.06.2013 at 11:39h

There is a kind of magic in this picture!

Richard Allen, 30.06.2013 at 23:57h

Outstanding work.

I've only ever seen another forest like this and it was in the south west of Ireland. I wish we had a forest like this where I live as Epping Forest is so different, not so 'ancient' looking.

jim007, 21.09.2013 at 3:41h


Voting Center, 21.09.2013 at 23:28h

This photo has been successfully nominated for the gallery with 72 pro- and 53 contra-votes. Congratulations, Andy-Wood :-)

ClaireLaira, 21.09.2013 at 23:28h


Tania Skaradek, 21.09.2013 at 23:28h


Anita Jarzombek, 21.09.2013 at 23:28h


Luigi Scorsino, 21.09.2013 at 23:28h


Photographix by Moni, 21.09.2013 at 23:28h

I like it very much....of course +++

MissNeugier, 21.09.2013 at 23:28h

Nice work !!!

Holger Findling, 21.09.2013 at 23:28h


Adele Oliver, 21.09.2013 at 23:28h


Die Mohnblumen, 21.09.2013 at 23:28h


Gérald SCHMITT, 21.09.2013 at 23:28h


MAURICE CLEGG, 21.09.2013 at 23:28h


mike snead, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Walter - Schleswig Holstein, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Dolores M., 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Claudio Micheli, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Lawson McCulloch, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h

Lovely image-Pro

lolita cecilia, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Peter Kahle, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Cyber-Atelier Dolores, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


EdelS, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


JURAFR, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


BRYAN CRUTE, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Domenico Cosenza s., 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Beat Niederhauser, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Pietro de angelis, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Angelika El., 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Gasser Lisbeth, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Luca Di Muzio, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Emilio Sirletti, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h

p R o

BGW-photo, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Chaoscats, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h

Love all the Green moss

Ralph Bache, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


N. Krug, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


aline64, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Cécile Fischer, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


- Edith Vogel, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Carlo.Pollaci, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Luc A., 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


John Kirsch, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


uhunachdemwaldbrand, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Thomas Leib, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


JValentina, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Fritz Eichmann, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


HYZARA, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Sylvia Schulz, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Waldrabe, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Leo_nid, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h

p r o

Manolo Torres, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h

Pro ++++

Robert Riley, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


gerald reiner, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h


Ladislaus Hoffner, 21.09.2013 at 23:29h



ClaireLaira, 22.09.2013 at 12:26h


susiesque, 13.10.2013 at 3:37h

Is it real? haha. amazing image!

Terje Nicolaysen, 21.11.2013 at 21:03h

Very nice work !

Elsa Felisha Myers, 9.12.2013 at 11:23h

beautiful picture!! :) all the best to you ^_^

Ronald Sittinger, 7.01.2014 at 14:52h

Great image. Strong colors. Regards, Ro
Glen Nevis by Ronald Sittinger
Glen Nevis
15.10.12, 8:21

Tiefdunkelblau, 26.01.2014 at 22:13h

Phantastic pic!

Chaoscats, 27.01.2014 at 7:48h


Gaby H., 27.01.2014 at 8:29h

Wonderful and mystic atmosphere, i love it.
Thanks for your comment.
Greets, Gaby

Laura BlackWings, 31.03.2014 at 0:20h

I like it!

Laura BW

Jan Neu, 22.09.2014 at 13:03h

Jepp, thats it! Great!

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Information about the photo

  • Canon EOS 600D
  • Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II
  • 55.0 mm
  • f8
  • 1/25
  • ISO 1600
  • 0EV

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