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duel by s. sabine krause



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22.02.2012 at 14:07h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
she looks at me, mock-raises her leg, puts it back down. we eye each other. up comes the leg again, taking me by surprise this time: it’s 1, 2, 3, SCRATCH!!

; )

(august 2011 – not edited except for slight contrast adjustments)

be neanderthal! by s. sabine krause
be neanderthal!
10.8.11, 8:25

for the story of her born-free dad who on a rainy day even sat
under my umbrella by s. sabine krause
under my umbrella
27.9.10, 9:07
at the bunny bar (1) by s. sabine krause
at the bunny bar (1)
8.6.09, 8:23

and for more pictures, poems, little stories about her and her half-wild ancestors and how they conquered our garden see folder "rabbit saga" or my gallery!


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Odette LEFEBVRE, 22.02.2012 at 14:14h

j'aime beaucoup ta saga sur ce petit lapin....... on suit l'histoire de bout en bout et qui va gagner le duel?
belle photo

Claire Laira, 22.02.2012 at 14:31h

...the chronicles of a rabbit's life ... done with much love!
a beautiful portrait, and I'm happy, too, that it made it through the cold times!
kind regards, Claire

Sepideh Q., 22.02.2012 at 14:34h

ohhh! She looks serious to win the duel! Planning for a bunch of fresh carrots to have a party with Bunny the Rabbit, but seems you had the first shot, won the duel, and they can't hold a party anymore ;-)))
I like the rabbit saga very much :)
Best wishes from freezing snow-less Tehran,

Frederick Mann, 22.02.2012 at 15:00h

coming through such cold weather is an achievement

my cats simply loved the cold... went out every night...(in the minus tempratures) thrived
and looked like they gained weight.. but it's only a thicker fur coat.. I assume rabbits do the same...

Accabadora, 22.02.2012 at 16:54h

was sehen meine äuglein....sie?er? will doch noch gezeigt werden...schön, daß sie/er dich überzeugen konnte....his mockraising means : °hiergeblieben !.... nu hab ich die hundekälte überstanden, jetzt will ich bewundert werden!°

we urgently need signs of this one ...or our federal president -in-spe..........:-)

I mockraise my arm to wave a merry hallo to you ......wish you lots of relaxed moment with your very special companion:-))))

glg Acca:-)

Andrea Sagawe, 22.02.2012 at 17:52h

Good to hear that "your" rabbits are well. Must be hard for them in those Siberian temperatures.


Sally Dunn, 22.02.2012 at 17:52h

I can imagine the two of you locked in a tribal dance like rugby players do before the start of a game if you know what I mean! But she was just thinking about having a scratch and then carried it through! When Boston was around, he used to raise his leg to go in for a scratch, then forget what he was doing half way up, pause to have a think and then remember! Silly moggy!
Glad to see she has made it safely through that bitterly cold weather, lets hope nature rewards her with a good spell and a few fresh daisy treats soon!

iacob ion, 22.02.2012 at 18:45h

I grasp this great caution...protruding right eye and paw ready to flight...accommodation seems so long...and still:Spring arrived in your yard?
Best wishes,Iacob

BRYAN CRUTE, 22.02.2012 at 19:07h

How lucky to have such fun with your friend !
What a star


Mark Billiau., 22.02.2012 at 19:10h

Great to read the good news of your friend.
Nice portrait from a good low pov.


Franz Bernhardt, 22.02.2012 at 19:18h

Sie hat es dir nicht übelgenommen, dass du sie so lange der Fotocommunity vorenthalten hast, Sabine! Sie blickt dich heiter an und vermutlich hängt auch eine Möhre von deiner Kamera herunter, oder? Gut, sie hebt ein wenig ungeduldig die Pfote .... ;-)


Alfred Schultz, 22.02.2012 at 19:43h

Long time no seen.
- Welcome back again.
Your look hasn't changed since
approx. August, last year.
Gruesse - A.

Adele Oliver, 22.02.2012 at 20:07h

Here she is again looking plump and healthy .... so good to see she survived your cold nights .... ready to have a stand-off with you - or anybody I'm sure .... ready to start another saga of encounters at the bunny bar. Such a lovely shot, Sabine !!!
hugs, Adele

Vera M. Shulga, 22.02.2012 at 20:20h

There is no snow, no traces (the neighbors have not seen). Hooray! Rabbit has to Sabine will go to visit :-)
Greetings, Vera

Helga Noll, 22.02.2012 at 21:23h

setzt sie zum Sprung an ?
Übrigens - mit Verlaub - eine Pracht-Dame :-))
Liebe Grüße Helga

Leo_nid, 22.02.2012 at 21:39h

Cawwots is owange
Parsley is gween
Dem's my Valentine gifts
For Kiki my qween
P.S. how can you be sure about she or he?

Ernst Seifert, 23.02.2012 at 12:07h

Sie hat den harten Winter mit seiner Kälte offenbar gut überstanden. Nun fordert sie kalorienreiche Nahrung, um wieder "auf die Hasenfüße" zu kommen.
Ich glaube aber nicht, daß in HH nach diesem Winter das Gras schon wieder so frisch ist.
VG Ernst

Robert L. Roux, 23.02.2012 at 19:52h

your model looks great!
as always ...
vlg r

Inez Correia Marques, 23.02.2012 at 20:52h

my ittle darling!! serious duel !!

lovely portrait Sabine


fionnghall, 24.02.2012 at 0:34h

A lovely picture, compliments
Br, Fingal

TeresaM, 24.02.2012 at 17:28h

Comme il est agréable d'avoir, de temps en temps, des nouvelles de tes protégés.... même pour l'annonce d'un duel ;-D
Bonne fin de journée & gros bisous,

Boris Urmin, 25.02.2012 at 18:40h

Wonderful, small, grey lump. He (she?), is very similar to my cat. Very much it would be desirable it to stroke and take on hands.

Thanks Sabine for the remarkable comment. Thanks that have seen in my photo "spring is already in the air". The best regards, BU

JValentina, 26.02.2012 at 0:59h

Como un personaje posa para tu foto..una imagen llena de sensibilidad...
Muy bonita y bella..
te felicito amiga

fotopeter45, 26.02.2012 at 16:02h

she sure knows what she was doing
and I don't dare to tell you what my
anwser would be..........


Dragomir Vukovic, 28.02.2012 at 3:24h


Pascal Viyer, 28.02.2012 at 4:15h

1, 2, 3 ... no, she is a brave rabbit

Ruth U., 28.02.2012 at 19:32h

Ich finde, sie wirkt sehr selbstbewusst, als wenn sie mit Nachdruck ein Möhrchen ordert, jedesmal wenn sie das Beinchen hebt, bedeutet es "eine Möhre", also hat sie drei geordert, Sabine, Du hast ihr die doch nicht verweigert, das glaube ich nicht, bestimmt hast Du ihr die Möhren hingelegt und sie hat sie sich abends abgeholt, bei der Kälte, die wir hatten, muss so ein Häschen sehen, wie es über die Runden kommt und wer kann diesem bittenden Blick und dieser fordernden Geste schon widerstehen? :-)
LG Ruth

Pierre LAVILLE, 3.03.2012 at 22:22h

Amitiés Pierre

Uwe Schnittert, 5.03.2012 at 0:14h

Ist ja schnuckelig, die Kleine. So ein Kratzduell stelle ich mir nun auch technisch schwierig vor ;)
LG Uwe

Canan Oner, 12.03.2012 at 13:20h

So nice to see our dear old friend again :-))Loved the serious and concentrated look of hers...

Susana Miguel, 30.03.2012 at 8:50h

Your very own "Osterhase", she/he is lovely!
And very lucky, to have her/his very own portraitist...
Difficult to decide which photo I like best, but then I don't have to chose...I can like them all! Lucky me...
Thanks for your saga, Sabine!
Take care,

Johann Dittmann, 3.04.2012 at 1:04h

He must have nicked off from a home and some kid will dearly miss him?
Nice capture.

Jenipher Baker, 1.05.2012 at 9:43h

Good to read that she survived the cold .. she does indeed look healthy :-)
cheers Jeni

JCC-J, 26.02.2013 at 12:58h

lovely photo!
greetings, jimmy

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