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Poor butterfly... by John Mc D

Poor butterfly... 


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1.09.2011 at 9:09h
, License: All pictures  by the senders.


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BRYAN CRUTE, 1.09.2011 at 9:16h

Thats torn it !
Great details to this poor butterfly


s. sabine krause, 1.09.2011 at 9:21h

your wish is granted! i just talked to the clouds and they promised to soar over to your place as soon as they will be "done" with us! ; )) september is here and the butterflies are getting slower, it seems. this veteran here is maimed by life but still looks beautiful on his lovely pink flower and enjoying the last rays of sun on his wings! greetings, sabine.

Mark Billiau., 1.09.2011 at 10:23h

One of those perfect butterfly shots !!!
Very good work, John.


ARTURO MEDINA, 1.09.2011 at 11:15h

Fantástica foto ++
Un saludo

Joëlle Millet, 1.09.2011 at 13:45h

En fin de vie , il est encore superbe . Amitiés . Joëlle

Perry Blevins, 1.09.2011 at 14:12h

Superb capture nof textures on the butterfly and perfect layout for the composition.
Regards, Perry

Fons van Swaal, 1.09.2011 at 14:21h

Nice work again John.....!!!

Vitória Castelo Santos, 1.09.2011 at 16:13h

Oh yes if possible i`ll send you voluntary all rain of last night in Portugal :-))
WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!

Vera M. Shulga, 1.09.2011 at 21:18h

Klasse Detailaufnahme!

Adele Oliver, 1.09.2011 at 22:40h

A perfect butterfly macro - what details ... sad to see that his wing is damaged !!
cheers, Adele

Die Mohnblumen, 2.09.2011 at 6:33h

Sehr schön vom Bildaufbau, klasse vom Licht und den Farben. +++

Thomas Leib, 2.09.2011 at 10:21h

eine ganz fantastische
Makroaufnahme, die mir
sehr, sehr gut gefällt.
Einfach spitze!!

Pierre LAVILLE, 3.09.2011 at 15:38h

Splendide macro.
Amitiés Pierre

Lawson McCulloch, 3.09.2011 at 15:51h

Superb shot, with excllent use of DoF, great work.
best wishes from Lawson.

Peter Kahle, 4.09.2011 at 11:57h

Das Makro ist ausgezeichnet,
mit perfektem Schärfeverlauf und Bildaufbau.
Liebe Grüße Peter

asdom, 6.09.2011 at 15:04h

Prauvre "flambé "victime d'un prédateur et qui y a laissé le bout de ses ailes .Jolie photo .Simone

MoniC CHAILLIER, 7.09.2011 at 22:19h

fatigué d'avoir trop volé !
belle image

JURAFR, 8.09.2011 at 11:36h

Magnifique ce flambé , une macro de toute beauté , bravo

TeresaM, 9.09.2011 at 12:10h

Les plus belles choses ont cependant une fin.
Un très beau regard sur ce papillon, John.
Excellente photo.

Hans-Günther Schöner, 15.09.2011 at 20:23h

Einfach wunderschön !!!!!


Ludwig F. Ellner, 18.09.2011 at 12:41h

gute perspektiv,
schönes makro.....

lg ludwig

ACAKO, 19.09.2011 at 12:02h

Malgré ses malheurs, il reste très beau !

Cyber-Atelier Dolores, 25.11.2011 at 22:02h

That's one of the most wonderful pictures that John has
taken ... it's so touching to see this helpless little butterfly.
Wish you both a nice weekend Fingal,
Best regards and hugs, Dolores

Didier MARZIN, 29.11.2011 at 11:27h

Superbe macro de ce magnifique flambé,certe fatigué mais encore très beau !

Ludwig F. Ellner, 8.12.2011 at 17:52h

mariposa seems very Spanish,
your mother is a Spanish ;-)))


Niccolo Dossarca ( oder auch u.a. JürgenStrötgen oder js ode, 9.12.2011 at 17:16h

like this work very much!
thanks. ciao jürgen

Centro de votación, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h

Esta foto ha sido seleccionada para la galería con 57 votos Pro y 43 votos Contra. ¡Felicidades! John Mc D :-)

fionnghall, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h

Good luck Johny! :-)))
Gracias a todos por vuestros votos!

Montse T.S., 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


Françoise P, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


willy ombret, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


Silvia Simonato., 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


xxx xxx xxxx, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


Chaito Bahamonde, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


Claudio Micheli, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


Cyber-Atelier Dolores, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


Iveth Claros, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


Bernd Ullrich, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h

+++ P R O +++

Canan Oner, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


Vitória Castelo Santos, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


Thomas Leib, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h

Super pro + + +

Fritz Eichmann, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


Luigi Scorsino, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


mike snead, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


Die Mohnblumen, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


Marce de las Muelas, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


Peter Kahle, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


aline64, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


lolita cecilia, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


Sigrid E, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


Gasser Lisbeth, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


John Mc D, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h

Thank you so much for the proposal :))

adriana lissandrini, 13.12.2011 at 11:35h


Alfredo Yanez, 13.12.2011 at 11:36h


Gérald SCHMITT, 13.12.2011 at 11:36h


Hans Georg Gemünden, 13.12.2011 at 11:36h


Segura Carmona, 13.12.2011 at 11:36h

Excelente ++++ PRO ++++

EdelS, 13.12.2011 at 11:36h


JURAFR, 13.12.2011 at 11:36h


Franzi48, 13.12.2011 at 11:36h


Iñaki Maturana, 13.12.2011 at 11:36h


Hartmut Stahl, 13.12.2011 at 11:36h


cHrist.., 13.12.2011 at 11:36h


Inez Correia Marques, 13.12.2011 at 11:36h


Ilse Rehn, 13.12.2011 at 11:36h


Natur RB, 13.12.2011 at 11:36h


Ruth U., 13.12.2011 at 11:36h


Nena, 13.12.2011 at 11:36h


Ushie Farkas, 13.12.2011 at 11:36h


- Edith Vogel, 13.12.2011 at 11:36h


Sylvia Schulz, 13.12.2011 at 11:36h



fionnghall, 13.12.2011 at 20:58h

Congratulations Johnny :-))

Linda Herbert, 19.02.2012 at 17:29h

Beautiful capture of this delicate butterfly. Great DOF!! My compliments to your son. BW ~ Linda

Paloma ARPA, 19.07.2012 at 15:27h

Preciosa, atractiva edición. Aún deteriorada es bellísima.
Un abrazo John.

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