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Larry the Velociraptor Approves of Facebook by flibbit

Larry the Velociraptor Approves of Facebook


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30.04.2012 at 1:10h
, License: All pictures  by the senders.


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Dragomir Vukovic, 30.04.2012 at 18:03h

great 1

Anna Kowalski, 30.04.2012 at 23:45h

Judging by the color of his eye, he spends countless hours there :)))

But seriously... did velociraptors have red eyes? Just curious.

I like the photo, it's got a nice depth of field.

Anna Kowalski, 30.04.2012 at 23:51h

Aha! "males had small, red eyes, whereas females had yellow eyes". Looking at the source of my information (Jurassic Park wikia) it must be a joke. :)))

flibbit, 1.05.2012 at 1:06h

No idea about the color of their eyes (although if it's anything like their reptilian and avian relatives, I'm guessing yellow isn't a bad guess), but I do know that this guy should be sporting feathers. Scientists now realize (post-Jurassic Park) that velociraptor had feathers, due to fossils they've found since the '90s that happen to fossilize their feathers along with the specimen.

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