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Life is not easy sometimes by Vaclav Pizl

Life is not easy sometimes 


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24.02.2006 at 8:05h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.


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Frank Cecconi, 24.02.2006 at 8:15h

Absolutely stunning pic! Great macro. Welcome to FC;-)

Celal Tayar, 24.02.2006 at 9:31h


Katerina Zumrová, 24.02.2006 at 9:51h

brilliant photo...macro, great...

Cees Kuijs, 24.02.2006 at 10:01h

Excellent macro. Brilliant sharpness and colors.
Greetings, Cees

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 24.02.2006 at 10:18h

wow this is amazing macro !
may i ask what equiptment do you use, the colours are stunning and the clarity
you are now a buddie i cant wait to see what you come up with next !
jaime :)

Ana Abram, 24.02.2006 at 11:04h

Very nice! Like it...

Iveth Claros, 24.02.2006 at 11:19h

WOWW! Excellent!
Great picture!

Juan W, 24.02.2006 at 15:04h

Excellent picture:-))

Veronique Soulier, 24.02.2006 at 15:52h

a drop of water is such a happiness... alittle second of happiness ! you were there or you create this magic instant. thanks for emotion

Luc Grollie, 24.02.2006 at 19:35h

this is indeed an amazing pic !!!!!
like Jaime, I'd like to know what you used....

Gino Santa Maria, 25.02.2006 at 6:00h

WOW! Very good detail. Great composition.

Mark Johnston, 27.02.2006 at 4:53h

Just a wonderful shot! And so well presented.
Great stuff!

Vladimir Danilov, 27.02.2006 at 15:35h

top work from you so far. Goes to my favorites.

Bari Love, 7.03.2006 at 2:04h

I saw many macro works but this let me felt from my chair...Fantastic

Vanessa Sofia, 5.04.2006 at 15:30h

It's so...wonderful! The detail of the drop is so...amazing! Nice work!;)

Magda Wasiczek, 16.04.2006 at 11:14h

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara Farrona, 27.04.2006 at 22:08h

beautiful pic! I have found it in this sea of photos and now it is one of my favourite ones

Khaled Jarrar, 30.04.2006 at 14:10h

somthing unbelivable.... so perfect....i like it so much...

Mia Prazska, 24.05.2006 at 10:06h


Lovisa Lagerquist, 24.10.2006 at 17:08h

way to go..................

Radim Spitzer, 26.10.2006 at 4:08h

R E S P E C T !

Sanya Kovacheva, 26.10.2006 at 8:18h

hehe... how often this happens
a ladybird in dew :))

regards, sanya

Voting Center, 2.11.2006 at 10:55h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 76 pro- and 24 contra-votes. Congratulations, Vaclav Pizl :-)

Radim Spitzer, 2.11.2006 at 10:55h

I don't know what else I can say on this one. Best macro I have seen in last couple of weeks!
Compositon, technical quality and water dripplet really cought my attention here!
And there is also a nice story behind this pic due to well choosen title.
Have fun with voting guys!
Good luck to you, Vaclav. :)

Greetings, R.

P.e.ter Gau, 2.11.2006 at 10:55h


Aniko Mocher, 2.11.2006 at 10:55h


Daniel Avasilichioaei, 2.11.2006 at 10:55h


Celal Tayar, 2.11.2006 at 10:55h


Robert Riley, 2.11.2006 at 10:55h

Two down, Twenty Five to go! Pro!

Theo Weijmer, 2.11.2006 at 10:55h

Agree with Radim, very nice, very pro.

NCC 1701, 2.11.2006 at 10:55h

oh wow I can´t believe this!

Peter Mertz, 2.11.2006 at 10:55h


Georg Dorff, 2.11.2006 at 10:55h


Ruud van der Lubben, 2.11.2006 at 10:55h

Definitely PRO !!

Catia Malagoli, 2.11.2006 at 10:55h


Angéla Vicedomini, 2.11.2006 at 10:55h


Frank Cecconi, 2.11.2006 at 10:55h


Klaus Buhles, 2.11.2006 at 10:55h


Karl Makkina, 2.11.2006 at 10:55h

Great +++
Pro !!

Michael Henderson, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h

This is a work of Art. PRO all the way.

Luc Grollie, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h

this pic has been one of my favorites for already a long time. See General Forum : 'Something from your favorites' by P. Parenteau (24-06-2006) !!!!
big PRO for me......
reminds me I musn't forget something....

Massimo Carolla, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h


Véronique Soulier, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h


Eddie Maguire, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h


Cees Kuijs, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h

A big PRO. This is great !!!

Dominique Duriot, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h

A very big pro Radim !!!
wonderful one !

Gap a p, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h


Mircea Tiron-Tudor, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h

Great photo ! Pro !

Zsolt Kiss, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h

PRO! :o)

Darinka Mladenovic, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h

Absolutely PRO

Jacqueline Chay, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h

Yes P R O

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h

yes i Big Pro from me also :)
a wonderful macro +++

Claire Laira, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h

A stunning macro !

Geoff in Germany, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h

super macro

Hasan Önal, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h


Jacky Kobelt, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h


Patrick Parenteau, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h

I have to drop a pro vote on this one.. perfect.

Bruno`s Pixelwork..., 2.11.2006 at 10:56h


Valfoto, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h


Stefan S. Mosley, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h

P R O + +
Oh what a mind-boggling, beautiful shot! The detail, the setting, and the luminance of this magnificient photo is worthy of all praises and accolades. My compliments!

Ivano Cheli, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h


Abdul Khaliq, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h

Outstanding ++++++++++

Ron Couwenberg, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h

Wow!!! Pro

Sachin Pangaonkar, 2.11.2006 at 10:56h

A Pro .. fantastic shot.


Radim Spitzer, 2.11.2006 at 13:50h

Congrats Vaclav, well deserved with this one!!!
24 contra votes... IMHO I would really like to know what was the reason for those??? :)
Take care, R.

Hubert Polacek, 3.11.2006 at 15:31h

Impressive shot :)

Olivier Joubert, 5.11.2006 at 18:18h

magique !

Ingrid Rid, 9.11.2006 at 15:03h

very great macro

Susie Q, 16.11.2006 at 7:32h

Congratulations - an outstanding macro study which is an absolute pleasure to view ...
Susie :o)

Dave Donaldson, 1.12.2006 at 22:03h

Beautiful, and i don't use that word much ;)

Anna Attlid, 9.12.2006 at 11:31h

Took it to my favourites. Excellent - beautiful - stunning - gorgeous, what more to say?

Anna Attlid

Digitaler Lumpensammler, 31.12.2006 at 13:59h

Congratulations! You are digged:

Lawson McCulloch, 4.01.2007 at 20:24h

A fabulous macro shot.
best wishes from Lawson McCulloch.

Andi Santoso , 3.04.2007 at 3:16h

nice macro............very sharp.........

Stefan Andronache , 19.11.2007 at 16:15h

Perfect macro.

Danielle Munnik , 3.01.2008 at 19:29h

Is it possible to use this photo for Canvas?

Danielle Munnik , 3.01.2008 at 19:30h

Because i want this picture on my wall...but i need the full pixels for sending....can you help me?


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