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The Drinker by Sergio Pessolano

The Drinker 


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28.02.2006 at 13:25h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
Orissa tribes area, India - A man drinking the alcoholic juice just extracted from a palm-tree in a small village of the Gadhaba people
Nikon F100, Nikkor 80-200mm, Ektachrome E100 VS


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Jan Van Der Hooft, 28.02.2006 at 13:30h

Nice shot of this drinking man

Stefanos Lampridis, 28.02.2006 at 13:42h

...but a fantastic one!

Bari Love, 28.02.2006 at 13:48h

must be thursty....Impressed again and again

Vladimir Danilov, 28.02.2006 at 14:12h


Anastasya Ivanova, 28.02.2006 at 14:24h

His life must be the same carefree as the scenery shows he's pouring his drink, so envy of that and on the other hand I'm tired of my endless research assignments.... they are actually with such a harsh and keen comparison...
Of course it goes without saying that this one got to be great!

Valfoto, 28.02.2006 at 14:49h

Very good image

Ron Couwenberg, 28.02.2006 at 14:51h

Documentary perfection. +++

Blende 2, 28.02.2006 at 14:52h

good docu pic

lg andy

D. Ynoche, 28.02.2006 at 15:09h

and again: an excellet photo which you present. gratulazione, pieno de vita. mi piace veramente molto! saluti D.

Günter F., 28.02.2006 at 15:26h there any way to buy a book from you also in austria, maybe you know ist ?



Richard Overtoom, 28.02.2006 at 17:01h

absolutly stunning!!!

Othmar R., 28.02.2006 at 17:02h

i hope, i see this in the gallery :)


Falko Seegel, 28.02.2006 at 18:14h

mastering the decisive moment again. Great to learn from You !

Daniel Avasilichioaei, 28.02.2006 at 18:42h


Cees Kuijs, 28.02.2006 at 19:04h

Very good composition. Excellent, living colors. It`s great !
Greetings, Cees

Celal Tayar, 28.02.2006 at 20:43h

excellent moment and very good crop....
how u use to say...clever, sergi...

Karl Makkina, 28.02.2006 at 21:19h

good moment, very good picture,

Gino Santa Maria, 28.02.2006 at 21:56h

Fantastic clarity. Once again, perfect timing.

Christian Knospe, 28.02.2006 at 22:02h

wonderful.... the expression of the face. the situation, the backgound.

saluti chris

Massimo Carolla, 28.02.2006 at 23:14h

perfect shot, lights and colors are fantastic as composition and contrast, rgds massimo

Dennis Maloney, 28.02.2006 at 23:55h

Great are a master of capture...everything is so pro...thanks for sharing it...greetings, den

Dragomir Vukovic, 28.02.2006 at 23:56h

beautiful raw window ^^^

Luca Smail, 1.03.2006 at 0:10h

molto reale la foto sergio
scatto buonissimo, colori perfetti
e bello anche lo sfondo che
non disturba
ciao luca

Dominic Falcone, 1.03.2006 at 0:39h

wonderful detail, tones and colours!!!

Nicole Zuber, 1.03.2006 at 7:03h

Superbe foto, eccellente qualità e composizione!

Saluti amichevoli - Nicole

Carmen Y Frank, 1.03.2006 at 7:22h

Great picture yet again.

Peter Kis kalóz, 1.03.2006 at 11:11h

Greetings, Peter

Alexey Aistov, 1.03.2006 at 22:09h


Jacky Kobelt, 1.03.2006 at 22:20h

good luck in the voting - an excellent foto



Detlef Klahm, 2.03.2006 at 5:24h

amazing capture ! all techs are on and the fascinating moment of what the man is doing shows perfect timing.

Alexandra -Miriam, 2.03.2006 at 8:23h

the dynamics and the sharpness progress of that especially is feelled me at this picture
greets alexandra

wovo, 2.03.2006 at 18:03h

"prost" as we say in German.
you captured this situation very well

Voting Center, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 46 pro- and 9 contra-votes. Congratulations, Sergio Pessolano :-)

Stuart Borland, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h

I am just a great admirer of Sergio's work and this one is just another superb example of his documentary style. Should have a gallery of his own. (Soon will have at this rate : ) )

Luke Johnson, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h

I agree a real pro shot once again!

Wen P, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h

I don't even bother going into Sergio's pages any more because I know they will end up being nominated to the gallery eventually. Of course.

Frank Cecconi, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h

Sergio, did you taste some of that "juice"?? PRO;-)

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h

lol" wen you are so right !
mee either ! as i know they will be in here soon enough !
PRO great colours and capture
jaime :)

Dennis Veldman, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h

I hope that he had a lot of fun after he drank this..and i hope that he drank some water too..he looks very "dry"

Must be great to have at least one of your photographs appear in the gallery almost everyday/week :)


Celal Tayar, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h


Der Oybe, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h


Steve N.S., 3.03.2006 at 1:25h

...hope it`s "healthful"... ;-)
as always: best moment
great work - wonderful captured

Vladimir Danilov, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h


Ruud van der Lubben, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h

PRO +++

Peter Kis kalóz, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h


Abdul Khaliq, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h

This juice is called Tadi or Sendhi, It has sweet taste if your drink before Dawn, after sun rays falls it become Liquire. Later they add 1:10 ratio of water and also add chlorofom to make it an alchoholic drink.
@Sergio, am i rt ? :)

Roberto Grilli, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h


Sergio Pessolano, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h

@Abdul. Excellent explanation.
@Frank. I am abstemious (I do not take any alcoholic drink), but in that occasion I was forced to taste that drink. So I was unwell for the remainder of the day.

Peter Mertz, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h


Valfoto, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h


Stu Good, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h


Dragomir Vukovic, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h

yes, pro

Kinga Duchnowska, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h


Kai Sehlke, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h


don ricchilino, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h


Laki K., 3.03.2006 at 1:25h


Kay Wölfle, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h

well, pro!

Darinka Mladenovic, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h


Jacky Kobelt, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h


Robert L. Roux, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h

another superb real-life portrait ...

Robert Riley, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h

Has to be Pro

Raul Luis, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h


love your approach to your work!

Victor Servián, 3.03.2006 at 1:25h

Todas las de pesolano son PRO. Felicidades.

Dagmar E., 3.03.2006 at 1:26h

grandios +++ pro

Luca Smail, 3.03.2006 at 1:26h

proooooo!! +++sergio!!!!

Christian Knospe, 3.03.2006 at 1:26h



Sarndra Wilson, 3.03.2006 at 8:36h


Sergio Pessolano, 3.03.2006 at 8:55h

Thank you so much.

Manuel Teles, 3.03.2006 at 10:29h

This is one of the most beautiful photos from this subject!
Realy, realy fine work!
Congrats, Sergio!

Rarindra Prakarsa, 3.03.2006 at 16:47h


rarindra from jakarta

Carlos Santa Maria, 3.03.2006 at 22:33h

I'm running out of words when comes to your photos. Stunning!

Carlos Ordas, 3.03.2006 at 23:02h



Senem G, 3.03.2006 at 23:35h

Excellent !

Jorge Malveiro, 5.03.2006 at 22:57h

Very good !!!

Mariposa Con Los Ojos Verdes, 5.03.2006 at 23:36h

what a great shot !!! + + +

Esther Scheelings, 7.03.2006 at 22:44h


Christian Fürst, 11.03.2006 at 9:10h

that's a great one. like the flow of the water

Jiri Urban, 13.03.2006 at 12:34h



Vaclav Ehrlich, 14.03.2006 at 16:55h

Great moment.


Shimon Uziel, 15.03.2006 at 0:13h

Hey Sergio,

How do you do that? You can start with the early morning, when you just open your eyes and think of the shot of today. What do you eat/drink for breakfast, what's the pray you're saying? Please share :)

Yalla! have a great day,

Henrique Augusto, 15.03.2006 at 16:34h

great shot.

Konstantinos Papazoglou, 21.03.2006 at 10:44h

Great moment Sergio, as most of your photos. My only question is related to the intense blue of the person' s forehead and the liquid. Is it highlighted due to the Ektachrome or was it produced after scanning? In the first case I should reconsider my thoughts about Kodak films and saturation...
Buonissima! Grazie!

Filip Trajkovski, 21.03.2006 at 16:21h

excellent shot. great details.

Viki Hae, 30.04.2006 at 2:54h

wow, the right moment.
just great!

Federico Fariña, 28.05.2006 at 3:09h

Sergio! i took a look about all your work! It gave me a great moment.



Daniele Rapino, 18.06.2006 at 14:41h

After this photo i think all we have to be happy when we drink a glass of water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephen Leary, 2.11.2006 at 15:07h

Well captured moment. This photo shows a lot of character.
Very interesting facial features.
Great colours and look on the water container.


Wilhelm H., 7.03.2007 at 11:51h

great documentary shot

Zahangir Kabir, 6.05.2007 at 9:34h

really a GREAT shot. nice color and composition

Claudio Allia, 8.02.2008 at 9:19h

Che meraviglia...bravissimo !!

Saska S. , 30.08.2008 at 13:19h

Amazing picture!
Well done.

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