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My Best Capture - story inside by Abdul Khaliq

My Best Capture - story inside


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9.12.2005 at 22:26h
, License: All pictures  by the senders.
Technically this pic is very bad for any comment.

I found this girl walking on a highway bare foot alone, no man in a radius of 200 meters. Holding a cooking pot and a torn piece of cloth, she is just about 3 years old. Then i found a small village after a Kilometer.
I was not dare to capture her from the front, thought she can get scared with a stranger. Today Man is the most scary creature.
Thanks for reading this.


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Jutta Washington, 9.12.2005 at 22:33h

When I look at this picture I would like to take the hand of this little girl and bring her home where she is save. A wonderful and heart touching picture. I hope this little girl will always be save and always a good angel will take care of her. I understand why this is your best capture Abdul. It touches the soul.

Christian Fürst, 9.12.2005 at 23:07h

well, she might have been scared, and, yes, man (not women) are the worst creatures

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 10.12.2005 at 2:14h

i do agree with you abdul this is not very professional photo, but it touched my heart as soon as i was reading what was underneath it.
I agree with Jutta, if i was there i would of also helped her home, poor little thing, no shoes all alone, walking to the next little villiage.
I think alot of people specially a little three year old would be scared of Man, but also woman, as man has ruined this world all on his own.


Richard Bach.

this is a very touching and moving image Abdul.
brilliant mate !

jaime :)

P E A C e !!!!!!!!! -------<-@

Patricia. F., 10.12.2005 at 5:06h

Nicht viel auf dem Bild, aber mit starker Wirkung.

Raul Luis, 10.12.2005 at 6:29h

Abdul,............impressive image!

technically it may not be of great quality to some...but the moment I set my eyes on it I could feel it talking to me..............

so in my book, did your job!

Kudos on this shot!

Celal Tayar, 10.12.2005 at 11:48h

impressive abdul
good u

Vladimir Danilov, 10.12.2005 at 13:38h

Ohohooooo... Abdul, Abdul... If you always promote your works like in your story: "technically bad, I know.." etc. - you'll never become a pro 8-))). It's been your intention - to blure and colorize the pic!!! By this way your visitor will concentrate not on details, but will percept the scene generally. Except, the blurred and colorized picture with a little girl looks like a snapshot of a dream.

Abdul Khaliq, 10.12.2005 at 21:29h

@ Vladimir, i am bit confuse with your comment.
Any way, i presented this pic. only for what i feel about the girl and not for the technicalities. I captured this in a motion from my bike. Only added some extra light to highlight the object, lucky she was in Maroon dress.
Wanted all viewers to focus on the subject not on my skills. Last i am still not a Pro, long way to go :)).

finally thanks all for your touching comments.


Robert L. Roux, 11.12.2005 at 1:39h

If only our cameras were never frightening ...
@Vladimir - beauty has no value and it exists without help from any artist (how do you say photographer in Russian?)
Season's greetings, Abdul, and always remember that lame comments are easily ignored ... :-))

Dragomir Vukovic, 11.12.2005 at 3:02h

wonderful Abdul,
touching, technically beautiful, the blur add more to the beauty and the story of the shot,

Abdul Khaliq, 11.12.2005 at 9:50h

Thanks Robert & Dragomir for very touching comments.
@ Robert, i liked your message, it's true beauty never depends on an artist. It's the one who see and visualize.
Vladimir is the oldest mate from FC, his critics helped me a lot to develop my skills. His comments are always bold :)). Hope you agreed with this Vladimir.

Anastasya Ivanova, 11.12.2005 at 10:55h

This sounds quite strange that man is the most scary creature. this should be said mostly, usually or sometimes?
It's amazing that such a little girl has to walk a pretty long way to her village, so much dangerous she might meets.
Regards Anastasia

Sergio Pessolano, 11.12.2005 at 12:42h

I think that your images have an excellent, strong character and make your style. They do the watcher thinking about.

Istvan Stefan, 11.12.2005 at 14:37h


Vladimir Danilov, 12.12.2005 at 7:28h

Come on, guys (Abdul and Robert), it was a joke 8-)). Just, if I had a technically bad picture - blurred, underexposed etc. - I, a bold and tricky guy, would say: it was my intension to blure and darken the picture to show you, my dear visitors, the atmosphere, bla bla bla... 8-))))))

Happily, this picture is not the case, although technicaly not the perfect. Here the motif is so strong that the technical fauls go to the background.

Jeremy Binns, 12.12.2005 at 23:47h

A photograph that touches the heart can be rare when you are constantly surrounded by photography. I think you have titled the shot well.
Sincere regards,

Julia Kretsch, 26.07.2006 at 13:43h

Very impressive and touching! I admire you for not daring to take a front photograph. I have that problem many times with people. I just cannot burst into their souls... You have my compliments, Abdul!

Adán Castillo, 17.04.2009 at 21:30h

Hi there!

I just visited part of your gallery, and when I saw the title of this pic I inmediatley stopped in here, and when I read the story there was I kind of feeling... I just don´t know, U know, sometimes I feel that insted technical perfection photos like this one is all what photography is about: stories.



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7.3.09, 7:58

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