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Bin Im Laden

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fc id:

Important note:
I'm member of quite a large number of different sites.
All this rather time consuming
I want satisfy and respond to all.
Sometimes this extends up to being stress and often I hardly get some sleep.
So even I don't find enough time to work out my pictures for proper upload.
I ask for your kind understanding that unfortunately it's impossible to satisfy all special wishes!
Remember: Ladies are served with priority ;-)
Thank you very much.

Zitat von famous American photographer Jock Sturges:

"Der Homo sapiens setzt gerne möglichst viele Hilfsmittel ein. Benutze ich zwei verschiedene Objektive oder unterschiedliche Filme, brauche ich Zeit, eine Wahl zu treffen. Beschränke ich mich aber auf ein Objektiv und einen Filmtyp, habe ich mechanische Erwägungen ausgeschaltet. Ich nehme einfach das Vorhandene. Es ist kein Zufall, daß Edward Weston die meisten seiner Bilder mit einem Sechs-Dollar-Objektiv aufnahm, das er in einem Trödelladen erworben hatte. Gute Fotografen haben normalerweise eine sehr einfache Technik. Doch die fotografische Ausbildungsindustrie lehrt den Studenten jede Menge Kunstgriffe, die die Mehrheit von ihnen davon abhalten, jemals etwas zuwege zu bringen, das Qualität besitzt. Das ist schon paradox."

Fotografieren ist wie Bogenschiessen:
Richtig zielen, schnell schiessen, abhauen.
Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Zuerst ignorieren sie dich, dann lachen sie über dich, dann bekämpfen sie dich und dann gewinnst du.

Sei du selbst die Veränderung, die du dir wünschst für diese Welt.

Wo Liebe wächst, gedeiht Leben - wo Haß aufkommt droht Untergang.
Mahatma Gandhi

"For me the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity, the master of the instant which, in visual terms, questions and decides simultaneously. In order to “give a meaning” to the world, one has to feel involved in what one frames through the viewfinder. This attitude requires concentration, discipline of mind, sensitivity, and a sense of geometry. It is by economy of means that one arrives at simplicity of expression.

To take a photograph is to hold one’s breath when all faculties converge in a face of fleeing reality. It is at that moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.

To take a photograph means to recognize – simultaneously and within a fraction of a second– both the fact itself and the rigorous organisation of visually perceived forms that give it meaning.

It is putting one’s head, one’s eye, and one’s heart on the same axis."

"Die Photographie ist eine wunderbare Entdeckung, eine Wissenschaft, welche die größten Geister angezogen, eine Kunst, welche die klügsten Denker angeregt – und doch von jedem Dummkopf betrieben werden kann."
(Nadar, 1856).

Letter from Osama
Hi guys. We've all been putting in long hours but we've really come together as a group and I love that. Big thanks to Omar for putting up the poster that says, "There is no 'I' in team" as well as the one that says "Hang In There, Baby." That cat is hilarious.

However, while we are fighting a jihad, we can't forget to take care of the cave. And frankly I have a few concerns. First of all, while it's good to be concerned about the cruise missiles, we should be even more concerned about the scorpions in our cave. Hey, you don't want to be stung and neither do I so we need to sweep the cave daily. I've posted a sign up sheet near the main cave opening.

Second, it's not often I make a video address but when I do, I'm trying to scare the most powerful country on earth, okay? That means that while we're taping, please do not ride your razor scooter in the background. Just while we're taping. Thanks.

Third: food. I bought a box of Cheez-Its recently, clearly wrote "Osama" on the front, and put it on the top shelf. Today, my Cheez-Its were gone. Consideration. Thats all I'm saying.

Finally, we've heard that there may be American soldiers disguised, trying to infiltrate our ranks. I want to set up patrols to look for them. First patrol will be Omar, Muhammed, Abdul, Akbar, Oliver and Richard.

Love you guys.


For my German visitors:
For Besucher deutsche:

"Bin Laden's special song":

A determined collection:

English humour:

Paintings that were made by my friend from photographs I took :

And here you can see how well and handsome she painted me too:

My friend Piroska Baetz also used one of my photographs to draw this wonderful picture and placed it in her former castle in Hungary:


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newest comments | all comments (370)

Klexy – Bewahrer des Augenblix¸ Hüter des Worz, 15.06.2016 at 3:30h

Deine Bilder und dein Humor fehlen hier.

Sabine Rogner, 1.01.2014 at 19:40h

Hallo, wo bist Du???

R and J Prod.©, 8.01.2013 at 19:10h

Hey Bin Thanks for your Comments.
Freud mich wenn es dir gefällt.Auch von mir viel Glück und Erfolg im neuen Jahr.
cheerz Ralf.
engrossed in thought by R and J Prod.©
engrossed in thoughtnav2/key_r.gif
by R and J Prod.©
13.12.12, 0:15

Piroska Baetz, 2.01.2013 at 12:52h

Hi dear Bin,
ich wünsche Dir hier auch ein Gutes Neues Jahr 2013.
glg. piri

Boldog Új Évet!

Andrej Nagode, 1.01.2013 at 22:26h

Happy New Year 2013 by Andrej Nagode
Happy New Year 2013
by Andrej Nagode
1.1.13, 22:13

Anca Silvia B., 30.12.2012 at 10:11h

Happy New Year by Anca Silvia B.
Happy New Year
by Anca Silvia B.
29.12.12, 21:43

Hugs Anca

And.rea, 28.08.2012 at 13:05h

Ein hallo da lass - es ist so ruhig hier....

Anja v. Knobelsdorff, 30.04.2012 at 18:27h

Victor Eigner, 25.04.2012 at 16:11h

thanks for your comment

Cobrak, 5.04.2012 at 18:37h


Nati E., 9.03.2012 at 19:25h

Is ja so ruhich hier? Biste untergetaucht??

bildermacher org, 12.01.2012 at 20:15h

ne menge text im profil…..

Hera K., 30.12.2011 at 12:46h

Hi Bin,

ch wünsche dir einen guten Rutsch ins Jahr 2012 - mit den besten Wünschen.

Ich wünsche Euch allen.... by Hera K.
Ich wünsche Euch allen....
by Hera K.
30.12.11, 11:56

Liebe Grüße

Double A, 8.08.2011 at 3:23h

Hi Bin,
Thanks for checking by and leaving a nice comment to this photograph. Glad you liked it. :)
Cheers, Alvin
NACKT - vor der Post by Double A
NACKT - vor der Postnav2/key_r.gif
by Double A
29.7.11, 18:49

RUFFINI SILVANO, 20.06.2011 at 17:35h

grazie Davvero...................


Double A, 20.06.2011 at 2:02h

Danke in ihre Augen gesehen zu haben. :)
Look into my Eyes! by Double A
Look into my Eyes!
by Double A
18.6.11, 5:34

RUFFINI SILVANO, 18.06.2011 at 12:28h

Grazie per la tua Visita.....................!!!

DE: ..... AMICI MIEI .....
15.6.11, 23:50


Maria Simona Monti, 17.06.2011 at 12:35h

RUFFINI SILVANO, 16.05.2011 at 22:33h

grazie di cuore per il tuo apprezzamento............

..... ATTRAVERSARE ..... 
10.5.11, 0:23


KooKoo, 13.05.2011 at 19:31h

ich freu' mich, daß du lebst!

lg conny

Maria Simona Monti, 9.05.2011 at 12:33h


Double A, 3.05.2011 at 6:12h

Hi Bin,
Thanks for looking out the same window with us and enjoying the view. Thanks for your kind words.
North Light by Double A
North Lightnav2/key_r.gif
by Double A
28.4.11, 5:31

Senja S., 29.04.2011 at 8:52h

Ich danke dir für deine Anmerkungen!

Herzliche Grüße

Double A, 12.02.2011 at 23:33h

Hi Bin,
Thanks for your compliments to this and other photographs of ours, as well as your permission (request) to have me attach a thumbnail to my comment. Glad you have no objections to the practice.
I will try and keep it in mind in future.
All the best,
Clear View in my Field of Fire by Double A
Clear View in my Field of Firenav2/key_r.gif
by Double A
10.10.09, 6:11

Double A, 11.02.2011 at 23:00h

I realize I am again writing here to thank you for your kind comments to various pictures. In the event you would prefer I did not acknowledge them this way, please let me know.
Nice to have you back more regularly now. I can tell that you are educated from the University of Life (travel) and literature and history as well as having a good sense of humor. :)
These are great foundations and help you appreciate life so much more.
Glad our pictures can be a part of that.
All the best from the West,

Double A, 8.02.2011 at 4:33h

Hi Bin,
Thanks for dropping by and checking out some of our newer pictures. Glad you liked this different look and composition. Always on the look-out for something new.
All the best and take care,

Fabrizio R., 7.02.2011 at 21:41h

Tank so much Bin!!

IT: # 2 by Fabrizio R.
IT: # 2
by Fabrizio R.
6.2.11, 15:46

Otmar H., 1.02.2011 at 12:50h

Hi Bin,
Thank you for your interest in my picture and for your comment.

Vielen Dank für Dein Interesse an meinem Bild und für Deinen Kommentar.

Greetings Otmar

Allda, 31.01.2011 at 3:20h

versteh garnicht was ick da meinte ... na ja ickebeenekiekama ... und wer steht draussen - icke,
LG Allet Da Allda?

Allda, 31.01.2011 at 3:16h

Haha jetze kriegste die Binsen voll - wegen abstentia abstentia von gusto !! 3 Punkte ... und defiance of bravura ! 4 Punkte und ademas 'Ignorance of the tide' Schreclisch ...
Legion Etrangee ... drei Jahre Dreck schaufeln und Russiasch lernen ... Dobre ... what afucking life you shovelled out of dein Schwabenland ...' Na ja wenns dich noch jibt, dann jibs ja noch Mr. Hoffnung ...
E Farristo. ( sicherlich falsch. I will see u one day dude, !

Alessandro Della Casa, 30.01.2011 at 19:49h

Thanks !

^ ^ ^ by Alessandro Della Casa
^ ^ ^nav2/key_r.gif
by Alessandro Della

30.1.11, 15:59

S. Torche, 27.01.2011 at 21:53h

Unwiderstehliche Humor, gute Photographie, noch bessere Lebensphilosophie, what else? Beaux voyages et heureuse vie à toi Mr Bin im Laden.

LG Sylvaine

Stefan S. Mosley, 10.01.2011 at 15:29h

vielen dank alot, bin, freut mich sehr that you like it!

Maria Simona Monti, 6.01.2011 at 20:31h

ahahah....I know...I know, thanks!!!!!!!

Piroska Baetz, 1.01.2011 at 10:34h

Hallo lieber Bin,
Ich wünsche Dir was Schönes ins das Neues Jahr 2011.
Liebe Grüße. piri

Hi dear Bin, I wish you a very nice and Happy New Year 2011!

DE: Frohes Neues Jahr 2011 by Piroska Baetz
DE: Frohes Neues Jahr 2011
by Piroska Baetz
30.12.10, 20:05

Johannes Barthelmes, 31.12.2010 at 12:30h

Dir lieber Bin wünsche ich von Herzen ein
feliz año nuevo by Johannes Barthelmes
feliz año nuevo
by Johannes Barthelmes
31.12.10, 10:27

Viele Grüße, Johannes

Alberto Angelici, 31.12.2010 at 8:17h

AUGURONI A TUTTI ! by Alberto Angelici
by Alberto Angelici
22.12.10, 14:07
hallo Bin, Dear Friend, Ciao, Molti Sinceri Auguri per un sereno 2011 !!
Next february and for 3 weeks or four, we'll be in tour on Myanmar, so not too far from you :-)

Otmar H., 30.12.2010 at 10:54h

Das alte Jahr ist morgen futsch,
für Mitternacht nen guten Rutsch.
Das neue Jahr soll Glück dir bringen,
viel Gesundheit, und dein Herz soll singen.

Prosit Neujahr, das alte ist gar, das neue fängt an, und nun sind deine guten Vorsätze dran.
Grüße Otmar

Stefan S. Mosley, 27.12.2010 at 13:17h

Thank you so much, Bin, and a Happy New Year to you too.

Otmar H., 22.12.2010 at 6:28h

Danke für die zahlreichen Anmerkungen im vergangenen Jahr.

Ich wünsche dir von ganzem Herzen ein fröhliches und besinnliches Weihnachtsfest und für das neue Jahr viel Glück und Erfolg und für unser gemeinsames Hobby schöne Motive bei gutem Licht!

Frohe Weihnachten und liebe Grüße Otmar

Andrej Nagode, 20.12.2010 at 22:15h

Stefan S. Mosley, 20.12.2010 at 18:49h

Hera K., 12.12.2010 at 21:09h

Oh, neu Bin, in Öl und Schwarzweiß. Hmmm. Gut. Schädel und Knochen.
LG Jutta

Otmar H., 8.12.2010 at 7:27h

Wir wechseln von einer "Welt der Wörter" in eine Welt der Bilder. Deshalb müssen Fotografen ihre wachsende Rolle als Vermittler und Geschichtenerzähler erkennen. Diese Aufgabe ist nicht leicht zu erfüllen, aber sie muß erfüllt werden, wenn die "stille Fotografie" interessant und kraftvoll bleiben soll.
(Paul Hosefros)

Du erzählst hier wunderbare Geschichten. Ich wünsche eine schöne Adventszeit und gutes Licht für neue Geschichten.

Gabi Anna, 6.12.2010 at 21:26h

Nicht fertig werden

Die Herzschläge nicht zählen
Delphine tanzen lassen
Länder aufstöbern
aus Worten Welten rufen
horchen was Bach
zu sagen hat
Tolstoi bewundern
sich freuen
höher leben
tiefer leben
noch und noch
Nicht fertig werden

Rose Ausländer

danke für dich, Bin!!!
dein Herz schlägt für diese Welt...
darum ist sie reicher um dich!!!

alles Liebe
gabi anna

Margrit Kehl, 4.12.2010 at 16:16h

Danke herzlich BIN,toll,dass dir der Tiger gefällt,ich liebe diese Grosskatzen sehr ;-))
Eine besinnliche Adventszeit wünscht dir

scabini andrea, 29.10.2010 at 0:17h

Ciao......Grazie amico.......
" Ballare " by scabini andrea
" Ballare "not being discussed
by scabini andrea
24.10.10, 17:36

Margrit Kehl, 28.10.2010 at 20:02h

She`s a Lady by Margrit Kehl
She`s a Lady
by Margrit Kehl
27.10.10, 23:17

Thanks for de Commentar ;-))
Liebe Grüsse

Carlotta09, 28.10.2010 at 10:31h

Hi Bin,
thx for your friendly comments.
Here's the pic requested....
Under the Stairway to Heaven by Mount MCClure
Under the Stairway to Heavennav2/key_r.gifnot being discussed
by Mount MCClure
25.10.10, 17:24

I was on a sightseeing tour throughout your galery and was very impressed. You show a wonderful portrait collection .....

scabini andrea, 24.10.2010 at 14:30h

Ciao.....Bravo......complimenti per le tue foto......Clap Clap Clap....
" ritratto " by scabini andrea
" ritratto "not being discussed
by scabini andrea
21.10.10, 14:13

Quantxx, 19.10.2010 at 15:10h

Tanti Baci, Ben

Bottled Love by Quantxx
Bottled Lovenav2/key_r.gifnot being discussed
by Quantxx
14.9.10, 23:10

Double A, 13.10.2010 at 2:48h

Hi Bin,
I am flattered that you wrote such a humorous comment to this photograph. It is hard to say what King Ludwig II would have thought of this sight. We will never know. :)
Best wishes.

Thanks also for your kind words to this shot.

Natalina Iasenzaniro, 19.09.2010 at 10:20h

Thanks for the commentar! :-)

Double A, 29.06.2010 at 2:59h

What can I say but a big thank you for all of your nice comments to our photographs. Glad to have you back.(For a while at least).
Best wishes from both A&As
Tribute to Romy by Double A
Tribute to Romynav2/key_r.gif
by Double A
20.6.10, 6:30

One Chair Hallway (w/o chair) by Double A
One Chair Hallway (w/o chair)nav2/key_r.gif
by Double A
26.6.10, 6:15

Alberto Angelici, 20.06.2010 at 12:38h

IL SUONATORE DI FLAUTO 2 by Alberto Angelici
by Alberto Angelici
14.6.10, 14:22
Thank you, my Friend, for both comments! :-)

Tahar Jmyi, 16.06.2010 at 11:37h

Hllo Bin
Danke für die Anmerkung.
HG Tahar

MiBo°, 9.06.2010 at 11:23h

einzigartig, sonderbar lehrreich und erfrischend diese seite hier.

S.y.n., 9.06.2010 at 0:04h

Vielen Dank .....
für Deinen Besuch und Anmerkung bei mir.
lieben Gruß

Alberto Angelici, 5.06.2010 at 16:01h

Dear Bin I everytime appreciate when you came here and see my pictures.
Yes, Nepal is magic! :-)
Good luck, my friend.

Carmen Mc Lean, 4.06.2010 at 8:30h

Thank you Bin!

scabini andrea, 11.04.2010 at 0:57h

Ciao.....Grazie per l ' amicizia....e grazie per il commento....

scabini andrea, 7.04.2010 at 11:34h

Ciao.......Bravissimo .....complimenti......x per le tue foto.....

Carmen Mc Lean, 23.02.2010 at 0:37h

Ciao Bin
Du bist einfach der unglaublichste FC-user, den ich je getroffen habe!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs Carmen

redfox-dream-art-photography, 11.02.2010 at 1:08h

Thank you so much!
You gave me the greatest compliment by thinking it is a real baby! So I know I have done a good job in making this doll! I am very happy now!!!!

bw, redfox

Ernst Seifert, 5.02.2010 at 18:02h

Hochinteressante Bilder zeigst Du hier, die nicht nur durch den exotischen Reiz für Mitteleuropäer wirken, sondern auch einen Einblick in die Lebensweise dieser Menschen erlauben.
Ja und Deine Dialoge hier, sie sind köstlich und einmalig.
VG Ernst

Thomas Wyler, 31.01.2010 at 20:54h

greetings from guatemala;-)

redfox-dream-art-photography, 31.01.2010 at 4:05h

Thank you so much, my friend!
Nice to read from you after such a long time.

This is not my baby. It is a doll which I have made. I make real- life- babies now....
I hope you like it anyway?

Kisses, Redfox

American Spirit Woman, 30.01.2010 at 8:36h

Merci, Grazie, Thx Bin im Laden ;-)
and have you a nice Weekend too!!!
Greeding ASW

Giorgio Bisetti, 21.01.2010 at 13:59h

Thank a lot Bin!!!


Roberto Andreini, 7.01.2010 at 17:30h

Room 209 b by Roberto Andreini
Room 209 bnav2/key_r.gifnot being discussed
by Roberto Andreini
1.1.10, 16:47

Thank too much Bin.....and many wishes for a great 2010 again form me and Chris!!!
ciao Roberto and C.

Kleefee, 1.01.2010 at 18:14h

mein lieber bin,

ich freue mich ebenso dich hier zu haben... und wer weiß... irgendwann. ;-)

und ich wünsch dir, wo auch immer gerade, nur das beste 2010...

deine susi

Maria Simona Monti, 31.12.2009 at 11:53h

CAFE AYMAN by Maria Simona Monti
CAFE AYMANnot being discussed
by Maria Simona Monti
29.12.09, 19:40

grazie e..........
HAPPY 2010!!!!!

Kleefee, 25.12.2009 at 13:30h

hey, bin,

danke dir für deine lieben worte. es gibt nicht viele hier bei denen mir die grüße hier was bedeuten.

deine sind besonders. :-)

wir hatten einen schönes weihnachten. feierst du weihnachten?
ich hoffe irgendwann kreuzen sich unsere wege. :-)

deine susi

Piroska Baetz, 23.12.2009 at 7:11h

Hallo lieber Bin,

ich möchte Dir hier auch ein schöne Weihnachtszeit und ein guten Rutsch ins Neus 2010 wünschen.
mglg. piri

DE: Fröhliche Weihnachten by Piroska Baetz
DE: Fröhliche Weihnachten
by Piroska Baetz
20.12.09, 4:53

Stefan S. Mosley, 20.12.2009 at 15:13h

Season's Greetings by Stefan S. Mosley
Season's Greetings
by Stefan S. Mosley
13.12.09, 17:01

Kleefee, 12.12.2009 at 6:47h

Thank you, bin,

you know you are my oldest and very important friend here. but sometimes i think it´s better to delete my account here. one person makes me sad. :-(

have you an account on facebook or meinvz?

big hugh,


Alberto Angelici, 4.12.2009 at 12:57h

I'm sure he makes it too! ;-))
thanks a lot, dear Friend and have a nice day.

andrea canzi, 13.11.2009 at 13:21h

thank you very much!! bye!

Maria Simona Monti, 20.10.2009 at 15:50h

donne in maggioranza by Maria Simona Monti
donne in maggioranzanot being discussed
by Maria Simona Monti
19.10.09, 8:34


carlosb., 14.10.2009 at 23:34h

gracias a Tailandia..

carlos Montevideo

Kleefee, 7.10.2009 at 22:09h

i miss you... :-(

Roberto Andreini, 3.10.2009 at 12:10h

grazie per il commento!!!
Red dress 2 by Roberto Andreini
Red dress 2not being discussed
by Roberto Andreini
29.9.09, 22:10

ciao Roberto

JOKIST, 2.10.2009 at 12:55h

Vielen DANK !!!!!!
de dónde vengo - a dónde voy by JOKIST
de dónde vengo - a dónde voy
2.10.09, 11:15

LG Ingrid und Hans

Carina Ina Janine Greiner-Kaiser, 29.09.2009 at 8:31h

nimm mich mit auf deine reisen....ich möchte durch deine augen sehen

Maria Simona Monti, 20.09.2009 at 15:12h

ciao-____maria simona

Nicey the cookie, 14.07.2009 at 19:48h

thanks :]

jmauerer, 2.06.2009 at 14:36h

Hi Bin,
wann gibts mal wieder Nachschub?
Setz dich mal auf orange, damit ich nichts verpasse!!!
VG Hannes

JOKIST, 30.05.2009 at 17:48h

Vielen DANK !!!!
Qualitätssicherung by JOKIST
27.5.09, 20:19

LG Ingrid und Hans

Guglielmo Rispoli, 24.05.2009 at 23:43h

thanks BIN
Giornata del gioco - 20 by Guglielmo Rispoli
Giornata del gioco - 20not being discussed
by Guglielmo Rispoli
18.5.09, 16:46

John Willems, 21.05.2009 at 4:55h


Thanks Bin for all Your nice comments on my photographs.
I’am proud that my image CitySCENE (below) has been recommended for the Gallery by Bertold Klammer.
Maybe I can also obtain my FIRST star in the Gallery thanks You (or Your friends) and if You want.
Everyone can vote this image on this moment (within 24 hours) on

Presently being voted for:
CitySCENE. by John Willems
by John Willems
14.4.09, 5:24

Thanks again to everyone from John Willems.

kerstin snekker, 7.05.2009 at 11:06h

hi bin !
your words are important and tun so well under my pic!
many dank :-)
and viele regards

Maria Simona Monti, 20.04.2009 at 15:13h

how are you?

JOKIST, 20.04.2009 at 14:45h

Many thanks for your comment !!
....durch dick und dünn ! by JOKIST
....durch dick und dünn !
18.4.09, 21:45

LG Ingrid und Hans

BineGrimm, 11.04.2009 at 15:14h

Hi Bin!
I wish you and your family a beautiful and colourful easter!

Best regards!

Frohe Ostern! by BineGrimm
Frohe Ostern!
by BineGrimm
11.4.09, 13:31

Tobias V, 25.03.2009 at 15:47h

Ich mag deine Bilder, sie erzählen viel und sind zum Teil auch sehr lustig in der Situation selbst. Auch deine Kommentare finde ich klasse.

...mehr wollte ich gar nicht sagen.


Piroska Baetz, 6.03.2009 at 19:27h

Hallo mein liebe Bin,

ich bedanke mich ganz herzlich für dein nette Zeilen, was du zu mir geschrieben hast.
Ich habe die letzte Zeit wirklich sehr selten kann Euch Anmerkung schreiben. Es ist tut mir leid.
Aber mag dich und deinem Bilder immer noch!!
Ich wünsche Dir ein wunderschöne Wochenende und viele Freunde bei Fotografieren.

Mit ganz liebe Grüße und ein Bussi

von dein Piri
Letzte Sonate by Piroska Baetz
Letzte Sonate
by Piroska Baetz
26.11.08, 16:05

Heinrich v. Schimmer, 2.03.2009 at 1:30h

This is an almost unglaubliche outrage and must be stopped by agent orange. What a saftladen!
* kicheringly orange click *

BineGrimm, 19.02.2009 at 20:27h

Hallo, Bin!
Thank you very much for your comment about the strong lady on my picture; :))
I wish you a nice time!

Best regards, Bine

Radlerin; Garagenbild by BineGrimm
Radlerin; Garagenbild
by BineGrimm
11.2.09, 12:07

BineGrimm, 11.02.2009 at 23:07h

Hi, Bin,
thanks a lot for your comment about my picture; :))
I wish you a very nice time and

all the best!


Hallo, ich bin PARIS... by BineGrimm
Hallo, ich bin PARIS...
by BineGrimm
1.2.09, 20:10

Maria Simona Monti, 7.02.2009 at 11:40h


Alberto Angelici, 4.02.2009 at 15:03h

Hi Bin, gone to Amsterdam last April; during one week only I made 3500 pictures, so, looking into the bunch sometime I find something interesting ;-)
Ahve a nice day!

Mary Jane Kuhl, 3.02.2009 at 22:39h

Mabuhay Kuya Bin,

kamusta kana? Mabuti ba? Sana mabuting kalagayan ka.
Saan kabana ngyon? Nasa Plilipinas kaba?
Ok, happy trip and thank you so much.

Many Hugs for you

BineGrimm, 3.02.2009 at 19:12h

Hi, Bin! Many thanks for your nice comment on my picture; ;))
I wish you a very nice week!

Lots of greetings, Bine

Maria Meta by BineGrimm
Maria Meta
by BineGrimm
23.1.09, 22:35

C A L i s t o, 3.02.2009 at 11:04h

jaja, die carina mich denkt mal wieder niemand hier *rumpolter* carina und ich machen dann eben ein ganz emanzipiertes männer-harem auf *muahaha* :)))

Carina Ina Janine Greiner-Kaiser, 2.02.2009 at 17:30h

nachtrag: ich liebe deine bilder , deine art zu sehen, deine innere musik, deine form des humors

Carina Ina Janine Greiner-Kaiser, 2.02.2009 at 14:10h

mhhh wenn ich mir das recht überlege nehm ich eben euch beide :)))

liebste grüße an dich :)

Theo D´Or, 29.01.2009 at 0:40h

It is all gelogen, butt very gut!
Bin Draussen!

BineGrimm, 25.01.2009 at 12:34h

Hi, Bin!
Thanks a lot for your comment, Bin.
Thank you also for the true text from Mahatma Gandhi. He knew the truth lots of years ago. People must hope to learn this ... and to do it, like Gandhi has spoken.
I wish you a nice week end!

All the best!

Himmelsbotschaften by BineGrimm
Himmelsbotschaftennot being discussed
by BineGrimm
20.1.09, 0:48

Feldweg, 25.01.2009 at 10:47h

orange! :)

BineGrimm, 19.01.2009 at 23:58h

Hallo, Bin!
Thank you for your comment; I wish you a good time!

Best regards
from Bine

Jungfrau by BineGrimm
Jungfraunot being discussed
by BineGrimm
16.1.09, 0:12

Tommy Ferrante, 18.01.2009 at 23:14h

Many thanks, Bin!!!! ;))
... Black Virgin ... by Tommy Ferrante
... Black Virgin ...not being discussed
by Tommy Ferrante
15.1.09, 16:02

Lunasole, 18.01.2009 at 23:09h

Thank for your comment :-)
I will survive !!! by Lunasole
I will survive !!!
by Lunasole
18.1.09, 22:07

Hendrik Katzorke, 16.01.2009 at 21:37h

Thx for your comments.
You have very Great Pictures in your Portfolio.
I have a look.......

Have a nice day,
Greetings Hendrik

P.S.: Very Nice Nick ;)

Elmaive-photographie, 16.01.2009 at 16:53h

Hi dear Bin !
Your words are very precious for me !
The vote is not so much important
Thank you !
Greetings, Elmaive

Elmaive-photographie, 6.01.2009 at 8:20h

Hi Bin !
So happy you like this one picture too
Have a nice day.

Elmaive-photographie, 4.01.2009 at 14:13h

So touched you like this picture
Your attention is a present for me.
Thank you.
Your work is... so... G R E A T !!!

Arnaldo Pettazzoni, 4.01.2009 at 11:59h

Grazie Bin di cuore

Andrej Nagode, 31.12.2008 at 20:44h

Dear Bin,
I wish you all the best in the new Year 2009.
Your buddy Andrej

Miriway, 30.12.2008 at 16:52h

Hey Bin,
wünsche dir einen guten Rutsch & ein tolles Jahr.

Hoffe auch weiterhin auf deine tollen kommentierten Alltagsreportagen in allen Lebenslagen...! =)

glg Miriam

Johannes Barthelmes, 30.12.2008 at 12:45h

Lieber Bin Im Laden,
Dir ein gesundes und zufriedenes 2009
bereichere bitte weiterhin die Welt
mit Deiner Weisheit,
mit Deinem intelligenten Witz
und mit Deinen wunderbaren Bildern...
herzlichst, Johannes

Roberto Andreini, 24.12.2008 at 19:00h

Caro Bin,
io e Christine ti ringraziamo e ricambiamo con tutto il cuore!!!!!!
Tantissimi auguri di Buon Natale e che il 2009 sia pieno di soddisfazioni...per te!!!!!!!!!!
Roberto e Christine

Alicia Rodriguez 6, 17.12.2008 at 15:06h

Bin my sweet honeypie...thank you a lot..
kiss you

rwesiak , 14.12.2008 at 9:42h

I wish you also all the best, good enery for the next jear and gesundheit! und naturally viel gute photomoments. bist du schon wieder far away? ich bin in Jänner almost one month in Bob Marleys country, but I have internet acess , so we keep in touch , because I am always waiting auf deine fotos und texte, rosi

Bin Im Laden, 14.12.2008 at 1:20h

@Robert L. Roux:
Dear Robert, thanks for this secret message.
I will tell Osama that he can count on you for our next mission in Afghanistan.
For any answer please use again our geheim code tora bora.

See you in Internet Al K'aida & Bush Ltd. in Kabul,
Bin Waiting For You

redfox-dream-art-photography, 13.12.2008 at 3:46h

Dear bin!

Thank you so very much....
You are a very sensitive and kind friend to me.
You need not be afrait: Never would I make such a mistake. I have to be here for my baby..........

bw, redfox

Robert L. Roux, 12.12.2008 at 17:01h

&#1091;&#1090;&#1085;&#1099;&#1081; &#1076;&#1074;
&#1077;&#1083;&#1100; -
&#1086;&#1095;&#1077;&#1085;&#1100; &#1082;&#1086;
&#1082;&#1072;&#1103; &#1087;&#1088;&#1086;
&#1075;&#1091;&#1083;&#1082;&#1072; &#1074;
&#1090;&#1072;&#1082;&#1086;&#1081; &#1082;&#1088;&#1072;&#1089;&#1080;&#1074;&#1099;
&#1081; &#1076;&#1077;&#1085;&#1100;
. . .

Bin Im Laden, 11.12.2008 at 19:44h

Dear Miriway, unfortunately you forgot to post warum ich soll sein ein schleimer ;-):

rumsinnlichen by Miriway
by Miriway
9.12.08, 23:31

Bussi, Bin

Miriway , 11.12.2008 at 15:14h

Danke dir auch du Schleimer! ;)
glg & schonmal nen schönes WE!

Stefan S. Mosley, 11.12.2008 at 12:04h

Alberto Cherubini Magni , 7.12.2008 at 23:07h

molta grazie bin. ciao.

Tommy Ferrante, 7.12.2008 at 12:08h

Grazie mille, Bin!!! ;))
... verso Est ... by Tommy Ferrante
... verso Est ...not being discussed
by Tommy Ferrante
1.12.08, 17:11

Lunasole, 6.12.2008 at 18:21h

Thanks for yours words ...
L' onda by Lunasole
L' ondanot being discussed
by Lunasole
4.12.08, 21:45


Lunasole, 6.12.2008 at 18:20h

Thanks for your comment ...
Sweet Maryte by Lunasole
Sweet Marytenot being discussed
by Lunasole
1.12.08, 15:55

redfox-dream-art-photography, 4.12.2008 at 0:08h

You are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you sooooooooooo very much for making me sooooooooooo very smile!! :-)

Best wishes and many kisses, redfox

Alberto Angelici , 3.12.2008 at 7:09h

Ciao Bin, thanks to be present into my portfolio!
Yes I'm fine and hope the same for you.
Have a nice day, my dear

Maria Simona Monti , 2.12.2008 at 12:41h


Bin Im Laden, 2.12.2008 at 9:11h

Dear MAR, Gandhi also told that you should be prepared to die on this very day......every day.
But you should learn in the way as if you would never die.
I learn Japanese now and have bodyguards...........for some reason !

Bin On Secret Mission

Bin Im Laden, 28.11.2008 at 14:08h

@Eli K:
Dear Eli, werd ich versuchen in future to try my very best kein confuse mit languages zu machen pas plus !:-)

Ciao, a presto
Besos y un abrazo
Oyasuminasai, mata ai mashoo.......mai pen rai krab.

Eli K , 24.11.2008 at 18:14h

danke für die viersprachige anmerkung...
hoffe du konfust die sprachen nicht immer so ;P


Michael Hörnig, 19.11.2008 at 21:40h

finde deinen Humor einfach klasse.
Aus einigen gegenanmerkungen deinerseits zu bestimmten Usern lese ich den sarkasmus mit einem lächeln auf meinen lippen.
Deine Bilder sprechen für sich....genauso wie deine Bildtiteln.
Love and peace all over world
greets Michael

Katja Hensel , 19.11.2008 at 15:35h

Ach Bin du bist ja ein richtiger Charmeur, vielen Dank!

have a nice week,
greetings katja

succinum , 18.11.2008 at 13:39h

vielen dank für deine anmerkung;))))
DE: victory*g* by succinum
DE: victory*g*nav2/key_r.gif
by succinum
18.11.08, 12:47

Roberto Andreini , 14.11.2008 at 11:02h

Very happy to agree with me!!!!!
Mysterious woman by Roberto Andreini
Mysterious womannav2/key_r.gifnot being discussed
by Roberto Andreini
26.10.08, 9:16

Thanks too much Bin!!!!!!
My best greetings Roberto

Katja Hensel , 13.11.2008 at 16:23h

Liebster Bin!
Vielen Dank für deine Anmerkung :)
Es scheint mir, als hätten wir den gleichen Geschmack, was kopflose Menschen angeht...zumindest scheint es eine weit verbreitete Sache zu sein, wenn man diese Menschen sowohl in Paris, als auch in Marokko sehen kann
I wish you a great restliche woche!

LG, katja

Michael Pascal Malaihollo MIKO , 13.11.2008 at 14:30h

Hello Bin Im Laden...
Thanks so much for comment my pictures...
I really appreciate it...
Nice to meet you here on FC...

Salam Hangat dari Indonesia.,

Roberto Andreini , 11.11.2008 at 17:19h

I have appreciated too much your comment....thanks!!!!!
Thanks and many greetings also by Christine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shade by Roberto Andreini
Shadenot being discussed
by Roberto Andreini
8.11.08, 21:24

Nice you like it!!!!!

Roberto Andreini , 30.10.2008 at 19:17h

Happy to meet your taste!!!!
Shoes & Feet 5 by Roberto Andreini
Shoes & Feet 5nav2/key_r.gifnot being discussed
by Roberto Andreini
28.10.08, 21:56

Buona serata Bin!!!!!
A presto con amicizia Roberto

Roberto Andreini , 28.10.2008 at 18:34h

The woman in red by Roberto Andreini
The woman in rednot being discussed
by Roberto Andreini
22.10.08, 22:33

Oh thanks too much Bin!!!!!!!!
I and Christine say you ciao and a presto!!!!!!
With friendship Roberto

Bin Im Laden, 27.10.2008 at 1:30h

Dear Katja, thanks so much.
In unser kampf for a better world der dank aller mütter er ist uns gewiss und sicher !

May peace and love prevail on earth.
Bin Im Laden

Katja Hensel , 26.10.2008 at 15:06h

im really thankful, that you are ready to fight with me thx for your comment and have a great rest-weekend!
greetings, katja

Roberto Andreini , 24.10.2008 at 15:13h

Ciao Bin, sorry for my long silence.....however i'm here now and i can thank you too much for your lovely comments to Christine's Photos......she also thank to you!!!!!
I wish the best things for you and i hope to hear you soon!!!!
With friendship Roberto

Katja Hensel , 23.10.2008 at 20:29h

Hey bin!
Thank your for your comment
I like your Photos too-they are great!

Arnaldo Pettazzoni, 15.10.2008 at 23:12h

Grazie Bin...

Arnaldo Pettazzoni, 14.10.2008 at 21:40h

Esiste la crisi in Italia ma non a questo punto Bin, è la demolizione di un grande stabilimento dove si produceva zucchero da barbabietola. Grazie per la visita e il commento

Kleefee, 13.10.2008 at 15:48h

dicken knutsch zurück....

Bin Im Laden, 11.10.2008 at 1:50h

Thanks to all from the bottom of my heart.

I love you all !

redfox-dream-art-photography, 11.10.2008 at 1:19h

Hi dear Bin!
I have always been here but I loaded up the pics in it, fr, es and com.

Thanks for all!!!

bw, redfox

Arnaldo Pettazzoni, 10.10.2008 at 8:27h

Lusingato dal tuo commento e di averti conosciuto

B.B. and The Blues Shacks Fan , 8.10.2008 at 23:27h

hi bin! i have klicked durch deine pics and i must sagen, you are the knaller (positiv i mean)!!! you need a eigen tv-show! very köstlich! bin manfred

Alberto Angelici , 8.10.2008 at 6:45h

Dear Bin, the image should really made by a ghost. On the contrary I think a dove cames so fast, leaving some surface parts of his downs on the armor-plated glass.
Thanks for visiting and have a nice day!

Kleefee, 5.10.2008 at 11:03h

bussi back to you,

i´m very glad to read you here again. greetings to you, wherever you are....

Alicia Rodriguez 6 , 30.09.2008 at 20:01h

love you..

Besos Alicia

Kleefee, 30.09.2008 at 6:55h

bussi zurück....

Alicia Rodriguez 6 , 26.09.2008 at 1:31h

I really love your art to see the world.. I am impressed and I hope we stay in touch...
Love and take care of you

Blimunda Bli , 23.09.2008 at 1:29h

Hallo Bin, Du sagst, Du seist "forte in Italiano"
posso scriverti allora in italiano
oder comprends-tu français aussi?
Gracias siempre para tuos carinos saludos :-)
hasta la vista - Chris

Kleefee, 20.09.2008 at 21:07h

lieben gruß lasse ich dir hier...

Die Zensur , 16.09.2008 at 12:43h

You are a handsome Man!

Alicia Rodriguez 6 , 10.09.2008 at 11:29h

1000 Besos para ti, y espero que tu estas bien..

Quantxx, 26.08.2008 at 16:52h

Vielen Dank,
James Bin

MajorA , 17.08.2008 at 14:33h

Hello Bin,
thank you for visiting and commenting of James Dean.
I wish you a lot of great motives and a nice week.
bg Anja
DE: James Dean by MajorA
DE: James Dean
by MajorA
1.5.08, 14:38

redfox-dream-art-photography, 10.08.2008 at 4:21h

Vielen Dank, lieber Bin!
Grade bei Kinderfotos freue ich mich besonders über Anmerkungen.
Dieses ist jetzt sogar im Voting. Falls es Dir noch immer gefällt, würde ich mich sehr über Deine Unterstützung freuen.

glg, redfox
"amor tormentoso" by redfox-dream-art-photography
"amor tormentoso" 
by redfox-dream-art-pho

6.8.08, 18:35

Achim L. , 8.08.2008 at 16:19h

Dear Bin,
thank you for your recent commenting of my pics! I'm looking forward to see your next ones!
Best regards, Achim

Alberto Angelici , 4.08.2008 at 11:06h

Dear Bin, good morning and thanks for visiting and commenting all the pictures I send to FC!
Now I sent a new one, an experiment, and I would appreciate to know what do you think about it.

Best regards and CIAO!

in.side.out , 3.08.2008 at 10:40h

Dear Bin!
I like your fantastic work!

bg tom

Alicia Rodriguez 6 , 1.08.2008 at 20:47h

Gracias y un beso fuerte


redfox-dream-art-photography, 28.07.2008 at 4:19h

Thanks a lot, my dear friend!!!

bw, redfox

Alberto Angelici , 23.07.2008 at 10:13h

Caro Bin, prima di tutto buongiorno! Poi grazie per aver visitato e commentato la mia ultima foto .
Con molta simpatia...Alberto

Maria Simona Monti , 20.07.2008 at 6:24h

ciao____________________ms ;-)

Stefano Muzzarelli , 15.07.2008 at 1:34h

Ciao Bin, grazie di cuore.....
La panchina turca by Stefano Muzzarelli
La panchina turcanot being discussed
by Stefano Muzzarelli
13.7.08, 14:39

Stefano Muzzarelli , 14.07.2008 at 13:20h

Grazie mille Bin....un abbraccio dall'Italia....

Maria Simona Monti , 9.07.2008 at 11:41h


Francesco Margarita, 8.07.2008 at 21:34h

Grazie del gentile commento.
ciao francesco

Stefano Muzzarelli , 8.07.2008 at 12:56h

Grazie di vero cuore, amico mio.....
Se telefonando...... by Stefano Muzzarelli
Se telefonando......not being discussed
by Stefano Muzzarelli
8.7.08, 1:38

Ciorstain , 1.07.2008 at 19:26h

You are showing great work here!! Both photographically and with words! Outstanding!!

Stefano Muzzarelli , 29.06.2008 at 18:00h

Grazie di vero cuore, un saluto dall'italia.....

Maria Simona Monti , 27.06.2008 at 15:58h


Roberto Andreini , 19.06.2008 at 18:40h

Ciao Bin, come stai, tutto bene?!?
Grazie, sei sempre gentilissimo nei tuoi commenti
The Castle 2 by Roberto Andreini
The Castle 2nav2/key_r.gifnot being discussed
by Roberto Andreini
9.6.08, 20:38

The Castle by Roberto Andreini
The Castlenav2/key_r.gifnot being discussed
by Roberto Andreini
23.3.08, 19:07

Insieme a me ringrazia e saluta anche Christine

Alicia Rodriguez 6 , 19.06.2008 at 17:10h

gracias bin, besos alicia

Miriway , 13.06.2008 at 20:50h

Hey Bin. Danke für deine lieben Kommentare- sie retten mir den Tag und verschaffen mir gute Laune! ;)
glg dein Fan Miriam :)

Maria Simona Monti , 10.06.2008 at 9:09h


FULVIO BIAGINI , 29.05.2008 at 17:12h

Very thanks Bin

mario gabbarin , 27.05.2008 at 18:38h

Grazie Bin.
Angelo Branduardi-5 by mario gabbarin
Angelo Branduardi-5not being discussed
by mario gabbarin
20.5.08, 1:59

Roberto Andreini , 27.05.2008 at 17:39h

Ancora grazie e di cuore
Railway by Roberto Andreini
Railwaynav2/key_r.gifnot being discussed
by Roberto Andreini
26.2.08, 0:22

Un abbraccio Roberto e Christine

Roberto Andreini , 26.05.2008 at 19:04h

Sempre gentilissimo.....grazie Bin!!!!
Oriental girl by Roberto Andreini
Oriental girlnav2/key_r.gifnot being discussed
by Roberto Andreini
25.5.08, 20:52

Un carissimo saluto Roberto

Roberto Andreini , 25.05.2008 at 23:47h

Oltre a ringraziarti per il gradito commento
Loneliness 2 by Roberto Andreini
Loneliness 2nav2/key_r.gifnot being discussed
by Roberto Andreini
22.5.08, 14:09
desidero farti sapere che la tua visita è sempre piacevole!!!!!
Tantissimi saluti Roberto

Kleefee, 19.05.2008 at 20:20h

hallo bin, wo bist du nur abgeblieben? melde dich mal wieder.

Achim L. , 2.05.2008 at 21:53h

Hi Bin,
thank you for being so freundlich and leaving kind Anmerkung under my Bild :))
Nachmittagssonne by Achim L.
by Achim L.
21.4.08, 16:50

Cheers, Achim

mario gabbarin , 27.04.2008 at 9:06h

Pazienza per il voto l'importante che tu l'abbia apprezzata.
Buona giornata.
Daudabougou-8 by mario gabbarin
Daudabougou-8not being discussed
by mario gabbarin
24.4.08, 9:31

redfox-dream-art-photography, 25.04.2008 at 3:27h

Thank you so much, Bin!!!

Best wishes, Redfox

Quantxx, 23.04.2008 at 23:44h

With pleasure…

Alberto Angelici , 23.04.2008 at 14:11h

Bin, my friend, have a wonderful day you too and thanks for commenting, being so present into my portfolio!! :-)

Alberto Angelici , 17.04.2008 at 19:45h

Non ti preoccupare, caro Bin, ci sono cose piu' importanti :-); credo tu sia una brava persone e ti ringrazio di queste parole.
Grazie davvero e buona serata a te.

Maria Simona Monti , 16.04.2008 at 11:05h

Cara Maria,( Simona)
surely not only me but also my famous infamous brother in name molto felice con la tua nueva profile ;))).

very funny!!! :-)))

thank you very much!!!
ciao___maria simona

redfox-dream-art-photography, 15.04.2008 at 1:53h

Oh Bin, I am speechless........
You are gorgeous!!! Fantastic!!! Marvellous!!!
You are the best!!!!!!!!!
One MUST love you!!!
Thank you so much!!!

BEST WISHES, your friend redfox

Alberto Angelici , 14.04.2008 at 6:59h

Ciao Bin, come va? Qui finalmente e' arrivata la primavera e con essa le margherite...
Have a nice day!

Roberto Andreini , 13.04.2008 at 13:42h

Ciao Bin,
i'm honored to receive your satisfaction.....thanks, too much thanks also from Christine!!!!
La Luce 2 by Roberto Andreini
La Luce 2nav2/key_r.gifnot being discussed
by Roberto Andreini
12.4.08, 9:53

I and Christine are happy because you like "la luce" series!!!!!!!
Bathroom 2 by Roberto Andreini
Bathroom 2nav2/key_r.gifnot being discussed
by Roberto Andreini
8.3.08, 15:48

A presto Roberto
p.s. if you prefer English i can understand, but if you want write in Italin i will be much more happy!!!!

redfox-dream-art-photography, 13.04.2008 at 1:22h

Hello Bin!

Thank you so much for your comment.
It is a great pleasure for me.
You have become a very good friend of mine!

bw, redfox

Roberto Andreini , 8.04.2008 at 20:26h

Grazie Bin....sei molto gentile!!!!!
Vietato L'ingresso by Roberto Andreini
Vietato L'ingressonav2/key_r.gifnot being discussed
by Roberto Andreini
1.4.08, 21:18

ciao Roberto

Stefano Muzzarelli , 8.04.2008 at 16:41h

Ciao grande Bin, grazie mille del commento, sei davvero un amico......un abbraccio dall'italia.......ciao ciao.

Tom Hecht , 8.04.2008 at 13:35h

All my respect for your work
and thanks for your comments!

redfox-dream-art-photography, 8.04.2008 at 1:37h

Hi Bin!

Thank you very much!
It makes me very prout that you like it!

bw, redfox

redfox-dream-art-photography, 7.04.2008 at 8:02h

You are UNIQUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you soooooooo much!!!

gggggggglg, redfox

Quantxx, 5.04.2008 at 13:49h

Many thanks to you, genteel rider
Malstrom by Quantxx
Malstromnot being discussed
by Quantxx
5.4.08, 2:24

Kleefee, 28.03.2008 at 13:39h

da du dich ja auch schon 2x in meinem profil (schau doch mal) verewigt hast, will ich dieses auch tun. ich habe bald einen vorschlag für die galerie frei und weiß auch schon für welches foto ich ihn nutzen werde. dieses hat mich persönlich sehr gerührt... .

wie fügt ihr denn immer die bildchen ein???

mario gabbarin , 26.03.2008 at 23:21h

Inesistente-2 by mario gabbarin
Inesistente-2not being discussed
by mario gabbarin
15.3.08, 1:47

Alberto Angelici , 26.03.2008 at 7:30h

Hallo Bin, thanks for visiting my photo!
have a nice day

mario gabbarin , 26.03.2008 at 1:21h

Many thanks for your comment.
Ciao! by mario gabbarin
Ciao!not being discussed
by mario gabbarin
15.3.08, 1:50

Stefan S. Mosley, 25.03.2008 at 12:38h

After Hours by Stefan S. Mosley
After Hoursnot being discussed
by Stefan S. Mosley
24.3.08, 13:25

Hey Bin, thanks for your friendly comments and yes, I hope Al-Zawahiri will not use my photo, hard to nail him down for royalty payments!
Rgds Stefan

Arno M, 22.03.2008 at 12:34h

*** happy easter greetings***

redfox-dream-art-photography, 21.03.2008 at 20:30h

Hi Bin!

I am speechless..........
It is soooooo very nice that you have suggested my picture for the voting.
It doesn't mind me if it has a chance or not but it's a great honour and pleasure to me!
Thank you soooo very much!!!

Best wishes from your friend redfox

Stefano Muzzarelli , 21.03.2008 at 13:28h

Grazie ancora Bin, un saluto dall'altra parte del mondo. Ciao amico.
Magnolia in fiore.... by Stefano Muzzarelli
Magnolia in fiore....not being discussed
by Stefano Muzzarelli
18.3.08, 14:04

Stefano Muzzarelli , 21.03.2008 at 13:16h

Grazie Bin, sei sempre gentilissima, a presto.....ciao ciao.
Cucù...... by Stefano Muzzarelli
Cucù......not being discussed
by Stefano Muzzarelli
19.3.08, 20:02

Bin Im Laden, 21.03.2008 at 13:13h

Anmerkung von Kommissar Lohmann sie beziehen sich auf dies picture:

Kommissar Lohmann , 21.03.2008 at 9:24h

this schwäbisch Greetings is by Gott one of the wondervollste Bilder ei have sseen in the last
(sagen wir mal) two months ..

Yildiz Köremezli, 19.03.2008 at 12:16h

Hallo, ich danke Dir herzlich für deine Anmerkungen zu meinen Fotos. Deine Fotos haben mir auch sehr gut gefallen. Real...

Alicia Rodriguez 6 , 14.03.2008 at 21:57h

Hey Man,
I am proud to now you, that I can see for few seconds what you see thrue your eyes, thats a big gift!
Mi amor cuieda te y hasta pronto
Besos Alicia Rodriguez

CsomorLászló , 14.03.2008 at 21:24h

LOST by CsomorLászló
LOSTnot being discussed
by CsomorLászló
10.3.08, 14:30

Szeretem a humorodat!

GABY F , 14.03.2008 at 19:25h

Hi Osama (or whatever your name is...ich blick' da nicht ganz durch)---:

I love your China series and the captions---extremely funny!! You are one weird dude! But good!


Bin Im Laden, 13.03.2008 at 13:41h

@Model SJ,
Salam Srim,
terima kasih banyak untuk tulisan anda . Saya pikir Srim sudah lama pulang ke Jerman lagi. Tetapi masih terus tinggal di Jakarta. Pasti lebih baik disana karena di Jerman masih musim dingin. Kapan mau pulang ke Jerman lagi ? Saya nanti juga akan pergi ke Thailand lagi, tetapi belum pasti kapan. Sudah lama saya tidak lagi ke Indonesia tetapi masih mau. Mengharap akan bertemu sama Srim disana waktu saya akan pergi ke Indonesia.

Salam hangat,

@Alberto Angelici,
Ciao Alberto, mille grazie per i tuoi gentili paroli.

Saluti cordialmente,

Alberto Angelici , 12.03.2008 at 17:59h

Ciao Bin, grazie per la visita, merci pur avoir visité ma photo, thanks for visiting my pic.... :-)

Bin Im Laden, 11.03.2008 at 11:10h

Merçi beaucoup mon ami, je suis très hereux à pouvoir corresponder en français acec toi aussi.............
aber, because of this shit change of keyboard always it takes zu viel zeit and as you know time is money .......especially when working for several secret societies. Quite ganz zu schweig von CIA und Al Ka'ida ! Und dann this lot of praying gen Mekka, sogar 5 times a day you should.........aber nicht mit mir !!! Because of all this travelling sowieso hard to find wo ist direction of Mecca.......brauch ich kompass und GPS for the prayers. Better I switched to Buddhism in search of enlightenment and vergessen my frozen accounts ;-)

Om mani padme hum,
Bin Im Internet "Al Ka'ida & Bush Ltd. " in Kandahar

Bin Im Laden, 11.03.2008 at 9:47h

I better take a live one..........von mir aus au a schwoba mä dr not frisst dr deifel fliega -))).

Ciao e mille grazie,

Alberto Angelici , 8.03.2008 at 23:22h

hallo Ibn, thanks so much for your comment; I really appreciate that your visiting my portfolio.
Have a nice, bright sunday, my friend :-)

Maria Simona Monti , 5.03.2008 at 8:05h

grazie mille per i tuoi commenti in italiano!!!

Xaya XX, 5.03.2008 at 1:05h

hi Bin
adore your pics, just spend a couple of hours I was supposed to spend in my hammock joining your ways through our beautiful world. it made me happy.

Kleefee, 28.02.2008 at 11:03h

Hallo Bin,

wann gibt´s neue Fotos?

Blimunda Bli , 25.02.2008 at 19:50h

Hallo dear Bin...
habe einen Link in der Videocommunity gefunden, welcher Dich vielleicht interessiert... in english..

"9/11 Revisited"

vielleicht kennst Du es ja schon?

liebe Gruesse - Chris

Kleefee, 22.02.2008 at 14:35h

Hallo Bin,

nach wie vor finde ich deinen Namen daneben. Aber mich haben selten Fotos so beeindruckt. Ich habe 10 Minuten zwischen heulen und grinsen verbracht. Manches ist so grenzwertig aber eben real, und ich finde es richtig diese Fotos hier neben all den schönen Gesichtern und blanken Busen gezeigt werden. Auch dein speziellen Humor, den du noch hast, nachdem du die Welten bereist und auch Eindrücke gesammelt hast die ich hätte kaum verarbeiten können. Allerdings will ich kein Einzigstes Foto mehr verpassen. Ich muss dich auf orange stellen.

sheigha , 19.02.2008 at 23:44h

leider gerade keine zeit deine bilder zu betrachten. ich werde das nachholen. aber ich habe mich gerade vor lachen weggeschmissen, ob einiger amüsanter votinganmerkungen. nur weiter so :)
you made my day!

B. Barbara Elerick , 17.02.2008 at 19:34h

Hallo Bin im Laden,
hab vielen Dank fuer deine nette Anmerkung zu meinem Foto and in my profile. I enjoy your documetations tremdously. You have great talent to capture people and scenes at their best moments. I think anyone who has travelled in Asia will fully apprecate that. Keep them coming!
Many greetings,

redfox-dream-art-photography, 16.02.2008 at 17:22h

Hi Bin im Laden!

Allerallerliebsten Dank für Deinen überaus netten, aufmunternden Profileintrag. Freut mich wirklich sehr!

Ja, manchmal tut es schon weh, aber ich kämpfe weiter. Je gemeiner die zu mir sind, umso mehr will und werde ich Bilder in die Galerie bekommen. :-)

gglg redfox

Piroska Baetz, 14.02.2008 at 17:31h

Hallo lieber Sortirfach,

ich will für Dich Mal auch eine schöne
schöne Tag wünschen!
Ich weiß ohne Schnick-Schnack...nur ganz einfach mit viele Freunde...-:))
m.glg. piri

lydia otten , 9.02.2008 at 15:30h

Thank you for the time you have taken for my Fotos...( Ok, my english is a real mess!!!!) have a nice time here, I´m watching you :-)) and a nice Weekend...

Carina Ina Janine Greiner-Kaiser, 4.02.2008 at 22:55h

nur ein hallo und ein großes danke das es mir vor einiger zeit möglich war dich hier zu enddecken für mich :)
immer eine freude ..bild+text und deine art zu finden :)

Ziv , 4.02.2008 at 17:38h

hey Typ,
klasse Sachen machst du da,
bin begeistert von deiner Art
und von deinem Humor,
sehr gut und weiter so.

Stefan S. Mosley, 4.02.2008 at 10:22h

Hey Bin, thanks for your comments, I appreciate them very much. I guess you and I and the rest of the nation are waiting for the Super Tuesday, wonder what will the cat drag in this time!
Rgds Stefan

Alicia Rodriguez 6 , 30.01.2008 at 22:38h

Hola Bin,

si claro se puede hablar de amor...


Alicia Rodriguez 6 , 21.01.2008 at 19:40h

thank you

Mr Bin im Laden


Marco Schaub , 20.01.2008 at 23:47h

Newrozfest - Friedensfest by Marco Schaub
Newrozfest - Friedensfest
by Marco Schaub
14.9.07, 14:48

Deine Fotos gefallen mir. Deine Fotos, so menschlisch, so einfach, so lebendig. Deine Fotos, als würde ich daneben stehen.
LG Marco.

Magdalena Sauerwald, 19.01.2008 at 22:27h

For you:

Viet-Duc Nguyen , 19.01.2008 at 13:49h

hey...thx 4 ur comment! ;]

und du hast verdammt gute bilder!

danke nochmal!...

Bin dann weg...


Francesco Margarita, 17.01.2008 at 12:32h

Thanks for your excellent commentary - in those words is the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, I did not speak English and I do not write, I have to translate google.
Greetings Francesco.

Stefan S. Mosley, 17.01.2008 at 8:21h

Hi Bin,
thank you for your message and the well wishes. I'm sorry I didn't get to respond to it promptly. I wish you too all the best in this new year and plenty of great photos as you have always done.

By the way, are you following our oh-so-passionate presidential campaigns? Isn't it ever so refreshing that every four year we're coverted into sheep? I wonder what comes at the end of this whole saga!

Piroska Baetz, 5.01.2008 at 15:37h

Hallo lieber Bin,

ich möchte Dir und deinem Familie alles Gute, Gesundheit ins neues Jahr 2008 wünschen!
mit vielen lieben Grüßen
dein Freundin...
die.. piri

Siegfried Vogel, 23.12.2007 at 15:36h

Ein Fröhliches Weihnachtsgedicht 4u, dear Bin!

When the snow falls wunderbar
And the children happy are,
When the Glatteis on the street,
And we all a Glühwein need,
Then you know, es ist soweit:
She is here, the Weihnachtszeit

Every Parkhaus ist besetzt,
Weil die people fahren jetzt
All to Kaufhof, Mediamarkt,
Kriegen nearly Herzinfarkt.
Shopping hirnverbrannte things
And the Christmasglocke rings.

Martin B...., 23.12.2007 at 10:40h

dear bin,
stay as you are ;-)!!
and a very happy and healthy year 2008..........!!!#


Johannes Barthelmes, 22.12.2007 at 23:16h

Hallo Bin Im,

ganz wunderbare Feiertage
und für 2008
Gesundheit und Zufriedenheit
wünsche ich Dir!
Herzlichst, Johannes

Miriam MR, 22.12.2007 at 11:28h

....:-)))) y Felices Fiestas - Un cordial saludo, Miriam

Klexy , 22.12.2007 at 0:07h

Wish you also a frolic and a whiskas and meinetwegen for the first fireday a sheeba.

Petra Gee , 21.12.2007 at 22:49h

Hallo Bin im Laden,

erstmal cooler Name ;-) , aber vorallem und was absolut fasziniert sind Deine Fotos!! Werd auf jeden Fall bestimmt Stunden bei Dir verbringen um Fotos zu schauen.

Alles Liebe und eine schöne Zeit

Doro E., 20.12.2007 at 20:23h

FROHE WEIHNACHTEN... by André Finken
by André Finken
11.12.05, 13:52


Francesco Margarita, 16.12.2007 at 9:16h

Marry Christmas and a good New Year 2008 ********
Buon Natale & Felice Anno Nuovo 2008

ciao Francesco Margarita

Miriam MR, 11.12.2007 at 8:02h

Hi Bin im Laden: Just for reading ...:, wenn du mal Zeit hast ...
*Regards, Miriam

Piroska Baetz, 2.12.2007 at 17:25h

Hallo lieber Sortifa,

ich möchte Dir und deinem Familie ein schöne, besinnliche Adventszeit wünschen.
Mit ganz lieben Grüßen,
die Piri

Matthias von Schramm, 26.11.2007 at 20:56h

you are a orange man - man!!!

aw masry , 21.11.2007 at 20:22h

Assalam Alaikum wwb.
Thanks for your visit and kind comment on this image. I was really appreciated.
You can see more in .COM
I love your greeting in Indonesian language :-))
Salam hangat – aw masry

Quantxx, 23.10.2007 at 0:15h

Thank you

Stefan S. Mosley, 14.10.2007 at 13:06h

Pushing The Envelope.. by Stefan S. Mosley
Pushing The Envelope..not being discussed
by Stefan S. Mosley
12.10.07, 15:28

Hi Bin
Vielen Dank for deine sehr friendly Anmerkung, about unserem super intelligent Praesidenten ich can not agree mit dir more.

Stefan S. Mosley, 5.10.2007 at 17:15h

I'm delighted to have come up on your page! Love the absolutely great humor about our revered, astonishingly intelligent president and your very refreshing "Germenglish" under some of your photos.But most of all, I'm fascinated by your beautiful photography and the immaculate presentation. Keep up the good work, and watch out for them dangy scorpios in the caves!

Marco Schaub , 14.09.2007 at 21:18h

Newrozfest - Friedensfest by Marco Schaub
Newrozfest - Friedensfest
by Marco Schaub
14.9.07, 14:48

Hi Osama!
Find Deine Fotos sehr gelungen. Sie zeigen sehr viel menschliche Wärme. Find auch Deine Art des Humors gut. Kämpfen wir gemeinsam für eine bessere Welt.
LG Marco.

davinca , 20.08.2007 at 5:38h

hi Bin oder im oder Laden :)
das gleiche gilt bei mir ...
viel tun müssen
viel tun wollen
need 1000 lifes and more
its always a joy when
y surprise me :)
I'm sometimes here
and sometimes there
many hugs

Bin Im Laden, 19.08.2007 at 21:55h

Dear Vishaka, even if only a part of that was Du hast geschrieben in Deine Blogspot sein von Dir, ich muss verbeugen in grosse respekt !

Surely you know what is CIA. Wenn nicht, musst Du fragen Osama Bin Laden, indem dass dies CIA ihn jagen. Although for sure it would be much more important to look for George W...............for some reason. !!!;-)

Have a nice week,

Bin Im Laden, 9.08.2007 at 1:35h

Dear Vishaka, bin ich aber sehr froh, dass Du hast nun such a positive meinung about me.
Hoffe ich, dass auch die CIA glauben, dass bin ich nicht so gefährlich, um muss send nach Guantanamo Bay for memorable holidays with special treatment and massage free of charge ;-)).

Liebes gruß,

Bin Im Laden, 9.08.2007 at 0:37h

Dear Elisa,
thank you so much for all your kind words and the wonderful Prater poem...........I am very pleased.
Please excuse that sometimes I can't answer just straight away...........due to some reason, including CIA and my name :-)).
So far I haven't yet been to Vienna. But once I will come there I will call on you to show me around .........including ein praterbummel :-)).

Hugs from Upper Dharamsala (exile of His Holiness the Dalai Lama) to Lower Vienna.

davinca , 8.08.2007 at 20:56h

have you been in the Prater? :D

Im Prater blühn wieder die Bäume

Kinder schaut zum Fenster raus
Mutter da guck hin
Lacht die Sonn' uns alle aus
Ist denn das mein Wien
Mal schien in dein weißes Kleid
Mit dem blauen Band
Kinder es ist höchste Zeit
Fahr'n wir heut aufs Land
Heut greif ich ins Portemonnaie
Das mein Wien ich wiederseh

Im Prater blühn wieder die Bäume
In Severing grünt schon der Wein
Da kommen die seligen Träume
Es muss wieder Frühlingszeit sein
Im Prater blühn wieder die Bäume
Es leuchtet ihr duftendes Grün
Drum küss, nur küss nicht seine
Denn Frühling ist wieder in Wien

Im Prater blühn wieder die Bäume
Es leuchtet ihr duftendes Grün
Drum küss, nur küss nicht seine
Denn Frühling ist wieder in Wien

(Robert Stolz / K. Robitschek)

:D ... it got famous by Nana Mouskouri ( ... as I found out now :)))

hugs from lower Vienna

Hartung-Art, 4.08.2007 at 3:42h

Hi Bin,

gestern war auch auch im Laden! Genauer gesagt im 7eleven!

Scherz beiseite :-)
Ich hinterlasse mal einen netten Gruß an den Laden...

LG aus Ket-Saimai,

davinca , 31.07.2007 at 2:31h

once again my friend ... the previous letter was sent back to me ... hmmm ... u want it public :D - OK ... you get it - here you are:

oh Bin im Laden,

in welchem eigentlich :D?

I just saw your reply now ... I just registered on fotocommunity to give you an answer :D ... just to leave my trace there too LOL ... to work with people who have humor, intelligence and a feeling of solidarity is the most pleasure - I think we have to bring the whole case to another level - to the level of joy - maybe more people will join then :D ...

thank you for your great support ... I left a reply on flickr too [I leave my trace, just being a little grain of sand inviting other little grains to join in the party - together we will become a big stone :)]

Elisa, sitting in Vienna in the early mornig night listening to "Immortal Technique" Street Hustle >
preparing the revolution :D

davinca , 31.07.2007 at 2:25h

hi Bin,

bin schon wieder da :)
these places are so dark,
I prefer the light ...
so u know where u will find me :D

... I know we love our habits more then ours wives LOL
and wars begin because of clinging to our habits

hope to hear from you
bin am computer :)

Pete Rakete , 30.07.2007 at 17:32h

Bin im Laden, I'm surprised and neugierig. Wenn time, I will have a Blick hier öfter (steckt an ;o) ).

Best regards


Björn Bouvier, 30.07.2007 at 2:03h

Hello, Bin im Laden!
Sorry for having taken away your illusion, but sooner or later, our illusions will fade, and if they all do at the same time, it will be too hard for us to take.

Bin Im Laden, 30.07.2007 at 0:03h

Dear Vishaka, thanks for dein bestätigung that India in many aspects is more als 100 years ahead.
Also hoffe ich schwer, that my name doesn't more scare you, indem dass ich bin ein fan von Dalai Lama and very rarely start ein jihad ...........and against beautiful ladies sowieso nicht ;-))).!!

Peace and Love always,

davinca , 27.07.2007 at 19:21h

Thank you Bin,

1. you look great !!! :D
2. I love men who have a good humor :)
3. I love men who travel :)
4. I love men with an open smile :)
5. I love men with an open ear :)
6. I love men who are themselves ...

see you and your beautiful work here and there
(flickr, ...)

warmest regards from sunny Vienna
(Austria, not Australia, we don't have Kangeroooooos :)


CsomorLászló , 23.07.2007 at 16:27h

A tourist by CsomorLászló
A touristnot being discussed
by CsomorLászló
19.7.07, 7:31

Thank you Bin!

CsomorLászló , 21.07.2007 at 8:51h

Butterfly's eye by CsomorLászló
Butterfly's eyenot being discussed
by CsomorLászló
20.7.07, 9:54

Thank you Bin!

Susie Q, 20.07.2007 at 13:56h

Appreciate you taking the time to view and comment, thank you ...

MAN.MAN by Susie Q
by Susie Q
8.7.07, 10:28

Susie :o)

Jacqueline Esen, 6.07.2007 at 15:41h

Ich mag deine Fotos, den Dalai Lama, Michael Moore... und manchmal, ganz manchmal, bete ich auch für George Dabbljuh, für Putin und ... den Rest der Welt.

Wirklich tolle Bilder!

Susie Q, 3.07.2007 at 9:07h

Thank you ...

* * * by Susie Q
* * * 
by Susie Q
18.2.07, 8:27

Susie :o)

aw masry , 1.07.2007 at 19:03h

As Ak WW
Thanks for sparing your wonderful time in appreciated on my picture.
I'm happy you're like my pic. Also, you have pictures in great taken!!! Hope to seen more whenever.
Wassalam - aw masry

Owen Noah, 14.06.2007 at 23:15h

vielen dank für deine sensible anmerkung!


Erik Schwarz, 13.06.2007 at 23:39h


T. Buma, 7.06.2007 at 13:46h

you crazy bird machen good fotos

Canan Canan, 7.06.2007 at 13:03h

schön, dich gefunden zu haben:-)

Corinna Adam, 1.06.2007 at 21:00h


Danke für deine vielen Anmerkungen. Deine Portraits haben ja alle eine unwahrscheinliche Aussagekraft. Entweder sehr fröhlich, ängstlich oder traurig. Ich mag schwarz weiß Fotos, deine sind alle schön. Gruß Corinna

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ , 1.06.2007 at 10:11h

Danke für Deine Anmerkung!
Liebe Grüße

Fernando O.M., 28.05.2007 at 13:34h

Danke dir, Bin :)

Zahangir Kabir, 28.05.2007 at 5:17h

thank you very much for your wonderful and heart warming comments. you have a very impressive portfolio. I absolutely love your work.

...happy girl by Zahangir Kabir
...happy girl
by Zahangir Kabir
24.5.07, 8:20

CsomorLászló , 27.05.2007 at 21:33h

Good morning! by CsomorLászló
Good morning!not being discussed
by CsomorLászló
26.5.07, 9:00

Leo_nid, 27.05.2007 at 16:35h

Many thanks for your comment!

CsomorLászló , 16.05.2007 at 19:27h

Mediterranean Night by CsomorLászló
Mediterranean Nightnot being discussed
by CsomorLászló
9.5.07, 9:29

Thank you Bin!

ruhrpottknipser , 14.05.2007 at 20:37h

Respekt; ein cooles Porträt!

I like your sense of sarcastic humor. It's very interesting to hear about the news in bin Ladens Organisation. ;-)
And your fotos are great, too.

bye Jonas

Der Wolle, 10.05.2007 at 20:21h

Hallo Bin,
Danke für Deine Anmerkung bei mir zu der kleinen Lea. Fühle mich geehrt. Freut mich sehr das Du da warst. Deine Bilddokumente beeindrucken mich sehr.
Lieben Gruß ins FC-Universum

Thomas Amm, 10.05.2007 at 15:07h

Hello Osama,
very powerful pictures here! I really enjoy it - good work!
...and I like your style!
Bangkok - State Tower by Thomas Amm
Bangkok - State Towernot being discussed
by Thomas Amm
8.5.07, 1:44

Wilhelm H., 26.04.2007 at 14:19h

Dear Bin Im Laden,
when I first saw your name over one comment you made, I Thought it is german humour (as many befor, I think), because it means - and I guess, you already know this - as it could be german in the retranslation into english: ( I ) am in the store. It remembered me on a joke on our defense minister in 2001, Rudolf Scharping, who at the outbreak of the american-irak war had an affair with an aristocrat and was instead at home, on a beach of mallorca. He for this was called "Bin Baden" = I am bathing.
I am still not sure. If it´s a joke, I like it, if not: some of your best friends you meet by accident
Greetings Wilhelm

Andreas Fischer, 25.04.2007 at 22:20h

lieber bin,

thanks for your really friendly words !

and please come soon back again - fc und ich needs your pics and your thinking . . .

grüssle andi

Carina Ina Janine Greiner-Kaiser, 22.04.2007 at 15:52h

just come back after your wile :)))

take care


CsomorLászló , 21.04.2007 at 19:35h

I began to understand !

CsomorLászló , 21.04.2007 at 19:18h

CsomorLászló , 21.04.2007 at 19:16h

Four in Hand by CsomorLászló
Four in Handnot being discussed
by CsomorLászló
21.4.07, 13:50

CsomorLászló , 21.04.2007 at 18:48h

Thank You Bin!

Dietmar R. W., 15.04.2007 at 21:52h

Thank you very much!
Many greetings

Maguire , 13.04.2007 at 11:25h

Just had a browse through your portfolio... I'm going to have to come back for a longer more considered look. Stunning work.


VIP , 8.04.2007 at 10:50h

Thanks for your comment regarding my picture. As to the picture in my profile: I hate to disapoint you, but the lady shown on the picture is not me but Brigitte Bardot. Of course I look a lot like her, only my nose is much bigger, my eyes quite a bit smaller, my chin broader and my dark hair is not as thick, but aside from that...
You get the picture? ;-))

Claudia Scotellaro, 31.03.2007 at 22:26h

Grazie, for the friendly Anmerkung bei meinem Trauerrandbild..
Pragser Wildsee by Claudia Scotellaro
Pragser Wildseenot being discussed
by Claudia Scotellaro
31.3.07, 11:47

Dietmar R. W., 21.03.2007 at 21:10h

Vielen Dank für Deine Anmerkung!
Dietmar , 20.03.2007 at 13:54h

Great peoplephotograffe-in your Akkaunt!
Dankscheeen für de scheena Buiddln!!!!!!

Anne das Fräulein, 19.03.2007 at 15:01h

DE: Le strade di Venezia by Mango Mandarin
DE: Le strade di Venezia
by Mango Mandarin
14.3.07, 22:38

Thanks for your comment, also for the other one. And sure, I had a nice day ...


Gerd Hansmann, 6.03.2007 at 16:56h

very good photos

grüße ...gerd

Shirley Yang, 24.02.2007 at 16:20h

hey bin, thanks a lot for your comments to my pictures!

Best wishes!


Bin Im Laden, 17.02.2007 at 15:55h

depending how you look like.
Falls du eine sie und beautiful, dann auch freiwillig.
If not, nur über mein leiche :-)

Ruth Tautges, 9.02.2007 at 19:20h

Hey there! You took beautiful, meaningful pictures and your profile is very ,very funny (and also a meaningful)!
Best wishes

Bin Im Laden, 3.02.2007 at 0:57h

@Sven Schleyer,
actually I can't understand your comment completely, but it sounds rather rough and unfriendly. I prefer to communicate with friendly and kind hearted people. Fortunately there a lot here, very easy to miss the others.:-)

Andreas Fischer, 14.01.2007 at 22:42h

hi bin,

ich brech ab !!!! geiles profi !!!!!!!!!!

und ganz starke fotos !! du bist in meiner liste !

grüssle andi
aus stuttgart

Der Killerhippie, 6.01.2007 at 13:05h


happy new year (a bit late admittently) - i like your sense of humour - and your travel fotografy.


Doro E., 31.12.2006 at 17:30h

hi bin, ich wünsch dir ein gutes neues jahr , komm gut rein !

Ilona M., 29.12.2006 at 17:11h

dear bin...i wish you a very creative and happy new year. don't loose your humor :-)
greetz ilona

Susie - Lein, 29.12.2006 at 6:50h

Mönsch Bin, du Armer! Hast ja keine Weihnachten gehabt! Aber ich wünsch dir nen guten Rutsch innen Laden!
Liebe Grüße nach WDS/Kandahar!
Susie :-)))

Fraumanns Beate, 26.12.2006 at 0:00h

witzig !!!

Stefan Neuner, 24.12.2006 at 15:25h

Dear Bin

Thanks for your interesting and i wish you everytime only the best - i like your pics and i hope i see a lot of new stuff again...
Merry christmas and peace best regards Stefan

Herbert Rulf, 24.12.2006 at 14:39h

Dear Bin,
have a nice christmas time and a happy new year.

Helmut Schadt, 24.12.2006 at 13:23h

Dear brother, I wish you happiness always.
Thanks for all :-).

Christmastime............. by Helmut Schadt
Christmastime......... ....not being discussed
by Helmut Schadt
24.12.06, 1:29

Sa Binsen, 23.12.2006 at 16:01h

Thanks a lot for your Weihnachtsgrüße, Bin.
I wish you also a very prima Fest and new year.
Sa_Binsen :-)

Piroska Baetz, 22.12.2006 at 17:32h

Hi dear Bin,

ich wünsche Dir ein wunderschöne, besinnliche Weihnachtstage und ein Guten Rutsch ins Neues Jahr
glg. piri

Alessandro Della Casa, 10.12.2006 at 14:08h

Thanks for your comments :-)
Salaam alechum
Blond Ambition Shooting by Alessandro Della Casa
Blond Ambition Shooting
by Alessandro Della

10.12.06, 11:52

Piroska Baetz, 4.12.2006 at 10:37h

Hi dear Bin,

many dear owing to for your nice word
which you wrote to me.

I wish you a very nice Days.
die piri

FRANCESCO SABETTI, 4.12.2006 at 8:50h


Agnes R., 30.11.2006 at 9:51h

Dear Bin! Love your photographs & the stories that surround them. So do you have room for a saint? Will she marry the neighbours son?

Will be watching you!
Warm regards

Marlies W., 27.11.2006 at 19:28h

Thank you ! ;-)))
POP-AKT III by Fleur de Sel
POP-AKT IIInav2/key_r.gifnot being discussed
by Fleur de Sel
26.11.06, 22:53

LG Marlies

Gabi Anna, 15.11.2006 at 22:40h

Hi Ben,

I'm glad to see your pictures
and to read your thoughts...

I like both!!!!

kindly regards

goedefotos, 14.11.2006 at 13:41h

Thanks for your comment!

And compliments for your pictures!
Greetings from cold Germany to Salt Lake City!

Michele Luce, 13.11.2006 at 20:35h

Grazie Bin....anche i tuoi ritratti sono super....ciao Miky
IT: Tirem Innenz..... by Michele Luce
IT: Tirem Innenz.....
by Michele Luce
11.11.06, 19:11

Ilona M., 10.11.2006 at 20:25h

dear osama, thank you for your writing and the comments on my pictures. i am already supporting a family for years and am well aware that there is a great need of help. therefore i appreciate your pictures. people really need to wake up and reach out.

Küllike P, 7.11.2006 at 19:08h

Hey Bin! :-)))

Thanks a lot for your nice comment to my picture...
60 Seconds Before The Storm by Küllike P
60 Seconds Before The Storm
by Küllike P
1.11.06, 12:07

Btw, all this information in your profile is hilarious! Thanks for that, I got to laugh pretty much! :-)))

PS! I feel really fine now, I mean healthy! :)

Greetings from Estonia,

Lukas Elmiger, 26.10.2006 at 21:52h


starke bilder


Alessandro Della Casa, 26.10.2006 at 19:16h

Der geilste Nickname in der ganzen FC!!!

Sa Binsen, 25.10.2006 at 18:57h

bin im pressed ;-o

Rainier Cavalier, 22.10.2006 at 14:24h

Hallo Bin,

vielen Dank für Deine überschwenglichen Anmerkungen.
Es freut mich sehr, wenn Du so eine hohe Meinung von meinen Zeichnungen hast.

Bodo Wit., 22.10.2006 at 12:21h

Hi Bin, nice to receive some comments from Singapore, Have a good time over there - and since you seem to be a far travelled person I'm curious to see some more of your visual impressions ;-)
Regards, Bodo

Ein Lächeln in Kabul by Bodo Wit.
Ein Lächeln in Kabul
by Bodo Wit.
15.7.06, 10:28

Bin Im Laden, 22.10.2006 at 11:13h

no problem at all.
ich schauen auch immer wieder gerne in deinen foto-laden :-)).

Bin im Laden

Jazz Thing, 20.10.2006 at 13:13h

I want to thank you for your very nice comment on my childhood-pictures :-) pleasure to meet you!

Leon R., 19.10.2006 at 23:11h

thanks for ur comment on my picture..

regards, leon

Bin Im Laden, 19.10.2006 at 15:39h

dein wunsch ischt mir befähl :-)


Bin Im Laden, 10.10.2006 at 0:04h

dear Carsten, brother in God,
1.I very much appreciate that you in open public unforced and by your own will outed as an anti-fascist. Although still many people in India and Pakistan very fond of Adolf Hitler because he fought the colonialists, I don't like him.. Therefore dear..........
2.You should know that there not only Osama Bin Laden, but many Osamas around here. In fact my profile picture was taken by my friend Osama. Just purify your mind :-)
That Osama and Bin Laden are not necessarily the same person, you can read here, even in German:

3.Up to this date I never practised sex in public, so I wonder how you can know and dare to insult me to be pervers. Just consideration, that's all I say !
4.Osama and me not very fond of reading that you attacking here kind warm hearted hospitable people with a good sense for humour taking pleasure when watching something like Osama's special song:

5.Stick to the advice of the founder of this fc: Viel Spaß in der foto-community :-)).
relax and have a nice day,

Piroska Baetz, 8.10.2006 at 20:09h

Hi dear Bin,

thank you very much your nice note under my pictures. it is very tarurig which you wrote, unfortunately such hires thousands happened on that world. I wish you beautiful week without too many ensure,
ganz lieben Grüßen
your friend, piri
DE: Armut Heute. by Piroska Baetz
DE: Armut Heute.
by Piroska Baetz
7.10.06, 20:18

Carsten Jensen, 8.10.2006 at 10:57h

Ich finde es schon bemerkenswert, wie viele Leute hier völlig unkritisch und unreflektiert einem derart perversen Pseudonym zujubeln!
"A close friend, name Osama" - merkt Ihr eigentlich überhaupt nichts mehr? 9/11 schon vergessen?
Wahrscheinlich würden sich solche fc-user sogar noch für Anmerkungen von "Adolf H." bedanken! :(((

Fernando Codoceo, 27.09.2006 at 12:58h


Jana Weeber, 24.09.2006 at 22:42h

thank you

Visiones de vida., 24.09.2006 at 3:51h





and thank you for your kind comment!!


p.s.) I can contribute with cans of OFF! as bug repelent for scorpions!


Christian Knospe, 22.09.2006 at 18:18h

Thanks for your comment on my photo....
Habe schon lange nicht mehr ein so interessantes Profil gesehen, klasse.
So, now i will have a look to your pictures.

kind regards

Bogac Erguvenc, 22.09.2006 at 1:01h

Thanks again :D
Regards to Hitchcock by Bogac Erguvenc
Regards to Hitchcock
by Bogac Erguvenc
21.9.06, 1:41

Bogac Erguvenc, 22.09.2006 at 0:59h

Thanks for your comment on my photo :)
Sincere by Bogac Erguvenc
by Bogac Erguvenc
21.9.06, 1:53

Piroska Baetz, 3.07.2006 at 18:39h

Hello Bin,

I thank you much your nice note into my profile side
I wish you beautiful week

best regards, piri

Piroska Baetz, 22.06.2006 at 13:44h

Hey Bin,

thank you for your very much, thank you very much your many nice not there mail, unfortunately I was for a long time. Which I did not know it like for a long time remain had in Hungary. I wish you that you well learn and many beautiful pictures also in between time photograph

Best regards, piri

Phatcharin Becker, 18.05.2006 at 8:28h


Thanks alot of your very nice comment!
I would like see more of you!
I am very curious, so Bin where are your pictures?

So long,


Bin Im Laden, 14.05.2006 at 0:28h

Dear Piri,
thanx a lot for your kind remarks that I read just now.
I was long time absent........for some reason :-)
I wish you happiness always .
Kindest regards,

Piroska Baetz, 4.07.2005 at 8:13h

Hello Bin,

I am briefly your Home Page side looked at, but must one say I must still times return, because too many information and design give there that I could not look at once it.
you make beautiful komick designs fallen wass for me

I wish you all good and nocht much fun with your work.

best regards, piri

Bin Im Laden, 9.06.2005 at 18:29h

I only know Nessy from Loch Ness:-)
filen danke fur comment,

Irina No, 25.05.2005 at 18:24h

Hello from Russia))
Thank u for comment))
Welcome to FC and have fun))

Piroska Baetz, 25.05.2005 at 14:33h

Hello Bin,

love are thank you for your nice note under my profile side I be pleased about it and on the praise I wish you also many befriend still here with fc,
Unfortunately my englich kentnisse well, I does not know only correctly Hungarian language.

with completely dear greeting, Piroschka

Bin Im Laden, 24.05.2005 at 16:41h

Dear Piroscka,
thank you so much for your kind remark and explanation, I really appreciate your artful work and especially your kindness. I wish many more here would be like you.
libe grusse,

Piroska Baetz, 23.05.2005 at 14:17h

Hi Bin,

thank you for your nice note, is in museum village only already gives

best regards, piroska

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