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Your camera, your best companion. Hundreds and thousands of moments, you captured together. Lots of photos, slumbering on your hard drive now. But which photo is the best? Which photo you think can win a contest?

We would like to see your personal selection of your best three photos! Make your own decision but send us only your best three and take the chance to win a prize!

We thank Aivis Ilsters (, Linda Herbert ( and Matthias Moritz ( for the photographs on the contestpicture.

  • Each account is allowed to participate in the contest with three images.
  • The upload phase and simultaneous user voting phase is from XX/05/2012 to XX/08/2012. The winners will be announced by the second week of august.


Specific terms and conditions for the participation in a competition

1. Scope

By entering the competition you recognize these conditions as a binding arrangement between you and the fotocommunity. Conflicting terms of you will not be accepted.

2. Eligibility

Open to all users - even non-paying members- of the fotocommunity that are of legal age. Employees and shareholders of fotocommunity, administrators of the fotocommunity and juries also are excluded from participation as employees and shareholders from any sponsors. When people are excluded from participation, also their families are excluded from participation.

3. Competition procedure

During the upload phase, every eligible user oft he fotocommunity can upload photos to the competition. At the same time every paying fotocommunity member can vote on the submitted images. (User voting) the images are rated with a point system of 10 points (best score) down to 1 point (worst score). The photos that get at least five votes and make it to the top 100 ranking get to the next round, the jury voting phase. The obtained score during the user voting is shown on every photo that didn’t make it to the jury voting. But the winners aren’t fixed yet, they will be determined by the jury. When assessing equal the winner will be decided by drawing lots. When a competition runs on several fotocommunity pages (eg. de, it, fr, es, com) 100 qualifiers from the various fotocommunity appearances will be chosen by a pre-fixed rate. During the subsequent jury voting phase every qualified photo will be rated by a jury, regardless of the user voting. After the jury voting phase the winners will be announced. The legal process is excluded. The exact dates of the individual performances are given in the contest description. If photos should be taking out of the competition during the jury voting phase no other photos can move in.

4. Photographs

You can only submit photographs you took yourself, on which you continue to have all copyrights. The recognizable people on the photos have to consented the publication. You are hereby again to firmly secure compliance with these conditions. As far as third parties in a transparent manner breach of the foregoing provisions or other rights, especially property, claims made to the fotocommunity the disputed photographs can be taken out of the competition after due consideration. Only photos that were submitted during the upload phase and meet the conditions of the contest description (such as subject, technique) will be considered. The maximum of the submitted photos by you is due to the contest description. If the competition runs on several fc pages, that photo is only allowed on one page (eg. just fr). There the photos submitted by you does not increase.

5. Copyright naming

During the upload phase the photographs are anonymous. This means that the photographs submitted by you are shown out of competition in violation of section 2 sentence 1 of the Terms of fotocommunity ( not public. Only you can see your photos in "My community - my photos" marked with an "a" for anonymous. Until the abolition of anonymity your name won’t be visible under your contest photo. The photograph must be free of comments. If you want to take part with a picture that already has comments, you have to upload it again. A copyright notice on the photo is not allowed. While the user voting is on you resign the right to name the photographer, in the case of participation in the jury voting until the announcement of the jury decision.

6. Advanced grant of rights

You agree to use your photograph in press excessive reporting and online (such as blogs, news ticker) depends solely on the competition announcing the jury's decision waiving a fee and space without limit against all third parties and clear purpose appropriate-exclusive rights to any third party one. When requested you have provide the photo in its original size.

7. Other

It is governed by German law. Performance for all obligations arising out of the competition is in Bonn, Germany.

PRIZES" alt="Image:Pixum.JPG" longdesc="/info/Image:Pixum.JPG" />

1. Place: a voucher from Pixum ( over 100.- Euro

2. Place: a voucher from Pixum ( over 75.- Euro

3. Place: a voucher from Pixum ( over 50.- Euro

4. Place: a voucher from Pixum ( over 25.- Euro

5. Place: a voucher from Pixum ( over 25.- Euro

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