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Abdul Khaliq

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Dear Channel Managers & FC memebers.

On " mypics " page there is a Tab Known "Discuss". this page shows all those pictures you have commented and also higlighted with yellow color if any addition comments posted on that picture. This is a nice concept.

Presently it works in this way, you have to brows all past pictures to know if any comment added on those.

I have a proposal to make this browsing simple: In this "Discuss" page, pictures should be sorted as per last comment posted.
So we can have all yellow color highlighted pictures in the last, this will help browsing the picture easily where you have commented.

Hope the above message is clear for channel managers.
And FC members you can put your advices.



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Rob Wells

What is it worth ?

Good for you Rob.
25.05.05, 13:53
Good for you Rob.
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R Caper

Ignores buddies-NOT

Get in line !
23.05.05, 22:44
Get in line !
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