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a great photo site

This is another one. =)
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Angel Pena

The Gallery and the voting system

ok, the Gaööery is the selection of the top pictures in the fc
to get into it there are 2 ways

1. the most common one you are voted in, this happens if some one sugests you picture for the voting, then all fullmembers can vote pro, skip or contra on your picture, after 2 days and/or 100votes(it takes longer her, beacuse not so many people vote her, in the .de with in 2 days about 300 ppl vote) the picture comes inte the galerie or not, one can see then in a blue writing, somewhere under the comments how many votes the imige recived,

2. this is for the fc a new way to get into the galerie,
you uplode you picture into a contest e.g. and people vote from 1-10 for your picture

at the end the 1. or somethimes even the fisrt 3 best get a prize and come into the Galery

hope i yould help

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