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Rob Bennett


i know this is an old thread but i thought i'd pass some of my favourites along just in case :o) All of these are direct links to freeware fonts so just click and have fun! Usually I have to restart my computer before the fonts will actually show up in Photoshop. Also, I think there is a limit to how many fonts you can have in PS. I think the limit is about 100 or something :o| -Blue Vinyl Fonts Ray Larabie Fonts (they only have pricing listed because that's the cost for the whole font family, but the standalone font is freeware) Font Freak

These three should keep you occupied for a while :oD

have fun!

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Larry Abruzzo

Out Of Box Defective Camera

Thank you Paul for your reply. A fact i left out. I have been nothing but nice and polite. I know you gather more flies with honey then with vinegar. But you're right i need to keep contacting Fuji. I took it to a repair shop listed on Fujis site, as I had regesitered the camera on line for the warranty coverage. They told me it is not a reapair job but a factory return only.I asked if they could help me and told them of my problem, as I had the box and all the orginal attachments in factory condition as I never untied the cables or even opened the CD disk. I had only attached the strap and the batteries and the DXcard." No you will have to call Fuji, it's a factory return." I'm thinking I should just send it to Fuji with a letter and state, "It's of no use to me if you can't help a loyal customer, as this is the second Fuji I own, then throw it in the trash." okay a last I'll let you know what happens. Thank You Larry
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Boriana Todorinska

The mysticism and the beauty of Bulgaria

It was a very discriptive narrative of your country and of your love for your fellow citizens, places of intrest and country. A joy to read and as well as see from your photos.
Why I read your page was for the beneifit of my present girlfriend who has been to Bulgaria (1996) and was married to a Bulgarian man for 12 years. She said it was and is exactly as you write it. And I have seen her photos as well and it is truely a place I would like to visit and photograph as well. And the women of Bulgaria are beautiful and very erotic just like the land of your country.It would be awesome to photograph such beautiful girls in such a mystical land making it a magicial adventure of digital points of light.
Larry Abruzzo
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