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Elizabeth Dew

To Frame Photoes.

Hi, everybody!
The simplest way to do it in Photoshop is the following:

Step 1. open your picture in PS (skip this step if you are goinig to enhance your photo first.)

Step 2. double-click on the layer "background" in the "layer panel" and rename it in the pop-up dialog box, for ex. "mypicture"

Step 3. Create a new blank layer, rename it to "frame" and drug it down so that it is placed under the "mypicture layer".

Step 4. Click "Image" in the top bar menu, then "Canvas size". In the appeared dialog box increase width and length parameters, for ex. from 1024 to 1050 (less or more, it's upon you), then click O.K. you will see a blank border around your picture.

Step 5. In the "layers" panel click on the "frame" layer so that it becomes hilighted, then only choose the color and fill the layer with it.


Step 6. (only for those, who enjoyed the result and wants something more. The look of the picture will be improved if you, except a frame, make a border line around your picture within frame).
By holding the "Ctrl" key, click on the "mypicture" layer. The whole picture will be selected. Click "Edit", then "Stroke" (as long as I remember. Sorry, I have Russian version of PS). in the appeared dialog box choose the color of the border line and its width (1-2 pixels are enough), then O.K.

Below two examples. The frames are made like described above.

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