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FD/EF adaptor ... or not

There are good adapters from Novoflex to fit Nikon, Mamiya, Hasselblad and Leica lenses to your EOS body, without optical elements. With FD there is only one adapter that fits and it has some glass in it that changes the focal length and reduces image quality. I have quite some FD gear myself but by the time I go digital I certainly don't bother to try and use the lenses on an EOS body.
I think you're much better off trying to get a second hand EF-replacement of your FD lenses. That will give you better value for money. I have almost all my FD gear second hand, in a very good condition. A real good place for used gear where I bought several items is KEH in the US.

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Looking for suppliers of FINE ART papers for digital ink jet

Someone else recommended them to me too Ruud. Hear they make a great selection of media. I was also sent a very long list of papers that fit my new printer. AMAZING!! Paper (or whatever media you print on) is such a big part of the experience of photography.

What I really am looking for is paper that has irregularities, dimples, texture, feathering on the edges and hopefully variations of thickness. Basically would like to find paper deckled on all sides. I can make my own paper if I have to, got lots of paper to make pulp and tons of laundry lint that would do nicely, don't really want to though. Very messy and time consuming. I'm hoping to find someone that maybe is making acid free archival level hand pressed pulp paper that is maybe compatible with the printer. I am hoping for different colors with irregular grain that I can tear and collage. For somewhat of an idea of what I am going for you can see Ernestine Ruben's American Landscapes in Platinum ... ?GP=5&IM=1

I found a company that carries Japanese paper, but a bit fussier than I want. Found some great papyrus, would love to find some true vellum too. Would be tickled to death if I found some onion skin. I want to do some transparent and layering. More artsy fartsy multi media and historical than straight photographic prints. I still need the good quality print paper for the regular stuff too.
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