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So, wherever you travel, there might be someone, who knows interesting places off the beaten tracks. We would like to use the opportunity to introduce points of interests to photographers, known by our members.
So let´s start, this time on the tracks of King Arthur!
Edinburgh From Arthur's Seat
Lawson McCulloch, living in Scotland, introduces a particular scenic view over Edingburgh:
This is a view of Edinburgh that I never get fed up looking at. I took this shot from the lower part of Arthur´s Seat which sits in an area known as the Queen’s park that lies in the centre of Edinburgh, Arthur´s Seat is part of an extinct volcano that Edinburgh was built on,and in the park there are 3 lochs / Lakes with the first loch at the bottom of Arthur Seat called St Margaret’s loch, and as we climb up the remains of this volcano we reach the smallest of the Lochs which is called Dunsappie Loch, which lies just below the top of Arthur seat where the view over Edinburgh is quite stunning. Coming down the other side of Arthur Seat we would reach the third Loch which is called Duddingston Loch, and which is a nature reserve where many species of birds are to be found, and also otters can also be seen. All this to be found in the centre of a European city is quite unique I think.
The image that I show you has many famous Edinburgh landmarks in it, including from the r.h.s Calton Hill which was going to be a monument to the napoleonic war, but was never finished, and is often referred to as Edinburgh’s disgrace, also included is the Scott Monument, remembering Sir Walter Scott the great Scottish writer, and further to the left sits Edinburgh Castle. All these places can be esily reached either on foot or by bus.
Edinburgh is also known as the Festival city, and each year it hosts the military tattoo, the Fringe festival, international Festival, Film and Jazz Festivals, catering for all tastes in the Arts. Edinburgh is easily reached by air from most cities in Europe, and it also can be reached by ship. So why not come for a few days and see for yourself the many things it has to offer.
Thank you very much, Lawson McCulloch!

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  1. The photo is very nice :D

  2. I live 200 miles South of Edinburgh but I occasionally make day trips by train (tickets are very cheap when bought in advance) to the city to take photographs. I think it is a fantastic place to visit for photography because there is so much variety and especially beautiful buildings/cityscapes. Everything is within walking distance of the city centre railway station so is very convenient to get to. If you want a break from photting there are great art and photo galleries to get ideas from!

  3. This is a great idea….especially now that I have found It :)))))))))
    A very interesing blog Lawson. You live in a great area with many, many interesting places, some of which we have been lucky enough to visit with you as our tour guide.
    Thanks my Friend.

  4. A very nice write-up and photo — it is so informative !
    Thank you Lawson!

  5. I think Travel Spot is going to make a nice addition to FC. It is always interesting to hear about other places we haven’t been to and get a little information about the area to spark our interest to go.

    Thanks to Lawson for informing us about Edinburgh interesting landmarks and activities.