The story behind – what a photograph does not tell

February 15th 2004, Canon A1 on Kodak film, scan from negative, photo by Matthias Moritz
The setting sun against U.S. 152 in Oklahoma, just off the Interstate. Beautiful warm colors! Suddenly I noticed two classic cars on the right hand. A super theme for a picture under perfect light conditions! U-turn, stop on the shoulder. Grasping my cameras and going out.
Hmm. Private property. “Beware of Dog”. Just about 25 meters to the car, nobody in the vicinity, not even a dog. Silence. Go on! Click! First photo. Click! Next one! Changing location, position into the squat.
Suddenly, a wild yelping from behind, also shouting. Oh, oh! … “HEY, get off my ground” I heared the angry voice of the owner. And while I slowly initiated my retreat, he got me. “I’ll charge you fifty bucks a photo!” “But, uh, I do not have that much money,” I replied, “I am sorry! I will not do that again!” “Next time I’ll gonna shoot you,” he threatened me. Well, that wasn´t music to my ears! Quickly I asked some questions for distraction, feigned interest and slowly but surely found my way to the road ….
Meanwhile, his two mini-barkers pulled at my jeans, trying to gnaw at my legs too (ouch! – just trying to keep a straight face as long as I am not in my car!)
Another “I am very sorry, sir!” Let me get out of here as fast as possible!
The photo above is a result of an undesired adventure. I made my experience and never ever tried something like that again.
Do you have a photo with an untold story behind?
Let me know! Send your story and the link to the picture to Matthias Moritz. Your story may be the next published at!

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