The story behind: do not underestimate a bird!

The peacock as a symbol of beauty, wealth, love, passion but also immortality, arrogance and vanity always has a special place in the animal kingdom. It is a main figure in myths and legends of various cultures and eras. In India the peacock is a sacred animal and destined to be the national bird. The main figure of the Kurdish religion Yezidism, Melek Taus, is most commonly depicted as a peacock, which was appointed by God to the highest angel and the guardian and steward of the earth. In Greek mythology, the goddess Hera created the “hundred-“plumage of the peacock from the many-eyed giant Argos, who with his eagle eyes guarded Io and was finally killed by Hermes.
Canon Powershot S3 IS
So, also photographers are drawn to the attractive coat of this bird. But: its better to be careful and to demonstrate respect for the pretended weaker opponent. That´s the story from Adele Oliver:
I have taken photos in many forbidden places or in areas where it was not safe, especially for a woman. I have taken lots of pictures in difficult situations off moving boats or turned myself into a pretzel to get the right perspective …. but everything has always turned out just fine. But I remember the day when I took this image all too well.
It was March 2008 when I went with my 8 year old granddaughter to the small carved out of the jungle zoo in Mismaloya/Mexico. We had a great time watching and photographing animals, then we came to an area with birds – and some of them were running around freely! Excitement, excitement : there was my first peacock !! I had to get down to his level to get the right angle and crouched down sitting precariously on my haunches, I had to adjust my camera – such a bright light, I had to focus ….. I pressed the shutter and had a photo – then tried a second shot. Suddenly an enormous weight landed on me – the peacock was right in my lap !!!! I felt pain in my right hand which was holding the camera – he had bitten me !!! My granddaughter was screaming, I was on the ground, in shock, and there was blood running down from my hand. I managed to get up after shaking him off and inspected the damage – three wounds, but my ego was probably more damaged than my hand.
But I counted my blessings – he could have picked me in the face or even eyes, I also had tissues to clean up my hand …. and my Tetanus shot was still good for a year…. a painkiller could be taken at home.
I was ” rewarded” with one photo …. but it will remain my only Peacock image for a long time.
Do you have a photo with an untold story behind?
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