The new forum is online!

Dear members of fotocommunity,

We now fulfilled a long desired wish of many members to renew the forum of fotocommunity.

The new forum bases upon modern technology and is adjusted to the rest of the “new” fotocommunity (home, preview pages) in style and design.

The former forum has not changed since the founding of fotocommunity twelve years ago. The new forum is considered to be unknown especially at the beginning, but it offers advantages over the outdated version:

  • Citing excerpts and individual phrases is now possible by simply selecting it and clicking on the appearing “quote” button.
  • Discussions you are interested in or you participated may be tracked systematically in “my discussion”.
  • The quality and usefulness of any message can be evaluated and the display can be limited to the positive-valued contributions.

We would like to say “thank you” to all users who helped us during the beta phase of the new forum with their criticism and their suggestions for improvement and we wish you much pleasure with the new forum.

Your fotocommunity team

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The search box is not up to date. The search box is visible, however, provides no results. The search will be active within the next week.

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