New: fotohome is out – “photo portfolio” is in!

This week fotocommunity offers a new feature: the photo portfolio for every member. It works like a photo website and you may choose among several templates to create your personal photo portfolio presenting your best photos.

Your portfolio is optimized for internet search engines. You can reach more visitors interested in your photos.

Your portfolio is ready for social media. Insert “like” or “Share”-buttons to present your portfolio.


Just follow the procedure within the drop-down menu under your account name linking to “my portfolio” and within a few minutes your selected albums are ready to shine! Send the link of your portfolio to your friends!

Kind Regards

Matthias Moritz

Team fotocommunity


5 thoughts on “New: fotohome is out – “photo portfolio” is in!

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  1. That is wonderful news.. Can these portfolio sites be set up as e-commerce sites to sell prints etc..?

  2. Thanks for this feature.

    I tried this out and made my own website with this new software.
    The result is pretty good and very well to my taste.

    I have a small technical problem, but I will contact the FC support/help desk for this.

    In case someone should be interested in my website, you can have a look here