New design for fotocommunity homepage!

We are working on many new features for fotocommunity. Just watch and see our new front page which we’ll be launching tomorrow. We have cleaned it up a bit and set focus on the most important functions and latest information, such as login/logout, the newest posts from our blog and other interesting themes.
For this new and clearer design we won’t show that many photos any more, but a single large one together with the latest three uploads of the just shown photographer. These photos will change frequently with the last gallery photo or the latest contest winning photo. Additionally we will display photos chosen from our office team.
Doing so we will bring the photo and its photographer into focus. We are really looking forward to these changes! You can have a preview right below this article.
We hope you will enjoy our new front page!

3 thoughts on “New design for fotocommunity homepage!

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  1. Wonderful choice of colors!

  2. On this new home page, much improved, we don’t see anymore how many members are on line.
    Where could we get this information now ?

  3. very smart =)