Introducing the Voting Center

“Popular Photos” –  the community´s flagship for presentation

Last year fotocommunity underwent some significant changes in layout and design to improve usability and better clarity. Our voting center temporarily moved a little bit into the background. However: photos voted into the “Gallery” are presented in the section “Popular photos”. They receive the highest appreciation in our community. As a premium member you are also able to propose your favorite photos for voting.

Because its important for our community we kindly ask you to look for new proposals and to cast your vote.

Here are some photos (no preference, randomly chosen) still waiting for your votes:

Photographer: Bragi Ingibergsson – go to vote


Photographer: Rainer Klassmann – go to vote


Photographer:Jim McKinniss – go to vote


Photographer: Filip Meulemeester – go to vote


Feel free to vote on any other photos! Your vote counts!

The Management

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