fotocommunity update almost complete

We ran an update on fotocommunity over the past weekend and renewed all the forms as well as we updated to the new memberships. Unfortunately all this didn’t succeed without any problems as we wished it would happen. One could also say it was a pretty bad crash landing. We experienced all kinds of problems which didn’t come up during our testing phase before.
Because of that and the thereby caused problems and inconveniences I would like to apologize to all of you! At the same time I want to thank our programmers and technicians which solved almost all bugs within the past week. A very special and big thanks goes to all supporters. They spent most of their weekend right after the update with answering a few thousand questions sent to them via support!
We have thought a great deal about how to avoid those problems for any future updates. We do have two test systems for new software updates and versions, one of these servers is located in our office which is used during new developments. The other one sits directly at the computing center and this one is set up just as if these updates would already be online. Because of the quite hurtful experiences we recently made, we will implement a third one within the next weeks and hereby kindly ask some of you to help us testing those future updates of fotocommunity. You could call this some kind of half public beta testing.
In the meantime almost everything is running again the way it should run. Today we are working on the last minor problems which will go online tomorrow morning. And then I am very convinced that fotocommunity will be running as good as it should :) If you should whatsoever find out any mistakes, please let us know! We are always happy and need your feedback!
As an apology all of you will receive a little “present” from us on Wednesday morning. In order to do so we first have to add a little feature to our system that will enable us to give you some extra uploads. So just go ahead and check your available uploads at noon on Wednesday. :)
Always good light and a quiet and happy fotocommunity experience in the future wishes you,
Andreas Meyer
fotocommunity founder

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