gets a new face!

For months our programmers were working hard on a new design for our community. New features were tested, debugged and improved through feedbacks during the beta-phase.

However, we are very sorry, but unfortunately the performance is not yet optimal. We are working on it!

You  might have noticed:

today a new face of has been launched.
Call any section, “My Community” or the portfolio of a photographer. You will now enjoy our new photo previews, which are significantly increased in size. But there is more: these pages are easy to scroll down instead of browsing through different pages.

We wish you lots of fun!

Matthias Moritz

8 thoughts on “ gets a new face!

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  1. matin -

    i can not upload any photo.why?

  2. What a wonderful addition in the way we get to view pictures…many kudos for your efforts.
    G.A. GRAY

  3. Laki K. -

    how to change to a different language while you’re in the overview? before you could scroll down and choose a different language version, now when scrolling down more and more photos pop up….so you can’t come to the end of the page, where those buttons are.
    sure there is the way to go to the forums and change from there, but i think that’s not very convenient, maybe someone has a different solution on this?

  4. I like it much better now. Good facelift.

  5. It looks very nice and every new begin starts with little problems. It think everything comes allright. thank you for the new site. gr Femke

  6. Laki K. -

    is there any chance to get back to the small thumbnail view when browsing through the photos of buddies? in this version you have to scroll and scroll, the old one you had a quick overview through the small thumbnails.
    And it’s still not very stable….

  7. Impression: very good. But, as I’ve indicated elsewhere- there is a problem with the color on my thumbnails. I don’t see it in the small sample of thumbnails by other members that I have seen, but my thumbnail color is attenuated. fc processing on the main display images continues to produce excellent color representation, and previously I experienced no problem with my thumbnails. john

  8. Thanks for the facelift! It still needs a bit of “Botox” and then the sun will shine again on the fotocommunity sky. Best wishes from the last winter month in Australia, Renate