Featured Photographer of the Month: Ben Goossens

Ben Goossens
Surrealism, a source of inspiration
Ben is one of those rare digital artists who combines suberb technical skills with an amazing creativity.
His works are not merely combinations of various elements randomly thrown together. Rather, he combines the subjects in his pictures so skillfully that he’s able to create wholistic new images and entire fantasy worlds, which tell stories and inspire our imagination.
Not surprisingly, Ben seems to be influenced strongly by surrealism and quite frequently takes references from Magritte.
I gladly introduce Ben Goossens as featured photographer of the month. Enjoy the pictures!
Best Regards
Dr. Axel Flasbarth
CEO fotocommunity
Ben Goossens: I'm a dreamer
Ben Gossens
After art school, I worked in 35 years as Art Director in advertising
What I make now for my hobby (I’m retired) is a logic follow-up from what I did as profession.Surrealism had always be a source of inspiration for the visual concepts in advertising and is still now for my hobby.
I used PS (from the first version), after a long period of traditional techniques, and it change completely the way of creation.
An object/subject inspired me to create a personal concept, this with my own shootings, a full HD stock, which has been build-up after 40 year of photography.
The traditional drawing techniques, I learned in school and job are very useful to make what I like to do: surreal concepts.
Many of those “crazy surreal” images are edited worldwide, that also why many call me R.Magritte/Dali in the photography, which is a great honor for me.

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