Copyright: The Louvre Pyramid in Paris

We have to inform you that in the future we will have to delete photos of the glass pyramid in the inner court of the Paris Louvre. Public use and display for these photos are copyright protected by the Paris Louvre museum who are holding the copyright of architect Pei who built and constructed the pyramid and therefore is the “owner” of it.
All inquiries for usage of such material are to be addressed to the Louvre directly. They will decide on permissions of publishing or other use.
Since we are not in the position to proof whether such photos do have such a permission, we kindly ask you to not upload those in order to prevent troubles for you and us. Also, we ask you to remove your photos by yourself and save us a lot of work by doing so.
This rule only regards photos on which the pyramid is central motif and main topic of the photo.
As a reminder, the same rules are valid for photos of the Brussels Atomium and the illuminated Eiffel tower, all of these must not be shown on fotocommunity.
Thanks for your kind understanding.

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