Pah … 5 uploads … use them wise!

Did you see that? You’re getting five uploads as a present … only for being here!
Well, if this would be my community you would get nothing! That’s for sure!!!
He’s such a nice guy, this Andreas Meyer, forwarding presents to users … Why does he do that??? Maybe I will send him a note and show him how to handle users the “nasty penguin way”!
Did you read the comments under my initial posting??? Funny stuff … the first comic heroes, “Batman” and “Orca”, showed up and thought about getting into the clinch with me! Poor fellows … dream on!
But maybe you dream your dream the right way and use some of your nice new uploads to make a comic strip. Show me how you bash me up … make me laugh!!!!
[Burbs] … Ahhhhh … better now! Too much fish today!
So, is there anybody out there who can show how to make a comic strip, produce one and present it to me???
You could also inspire your community friends to do one – I heard that there are some theories about the intelligence of swarms … but that is another story ….
Are you taking the challenge, you Superheroes??? Probably not … but we will see …
Penguin out!

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