Sexy in black and white – monochrome photography

Monochrome photographies were the first photographies ever. Many years later we had the opportunity to shoot our motifs with all their colours.
In this photo spread we show you how sexy monochrome photography can be – have fun and feel free to comment!

monochrome photo: b&w dans un intérieur 26 by Pietro De Angelis 1 Model: Kory - Lu Ce

b&w dans un intérieur 26 by Pietro De Angelis 1 Model: Kory – Lu Ce

monochrome photo: claire1 by jeanreb

claire1 by jeanreb

monochrome photo: The queen of spades by Ben Benowski

The queen of spades by Ben Benowski

monochrome photo: eye contact by Ralph Bache - Selina * Lingerie

eye contact by Ralph Bache – Selina * Lingerie

monochrome photo: Joelle by Stephanie Blomberg

Joelle by Stephanie Blomberg


What is your favorite monochrome photo in the fotocommunity? Please share it with the community in the comments!

This article was published by Franziska with help by the whole team!

19 thoughts on “Sexy in black and white – monochrome photography

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  1. I do love the skin tone of the last one

  2. Wow…The second last photo, stunning beauty in any color lol…

  3. The last model is really sexy. A lot of mysterious emotions…
    Thank you!

  4. var -

    Nothing to my experience can beat monochrome – I am talking about film and a photographer who can capture his dreams and visions.
    Forget technicalities, forget all the books, just apply your skills and we all will admire your images – like these ones

  5. Beautiful blonde in the shade !

  6. How can I make a good black & white portrait?

  7. some superb pictures…..mde even better in the medium of B/W

  8. Yes this is a good blog post because it opens up the question of, “What is Sexy”. Sexy for a photographer under a lot of conditions. As in how is the photographer, which leads to ones mind set, which leads to why is the photographer shooting females. And is the photographer a woman or a man. Age also has a lot to play with the outcome. I had just entered a photo contest of black and white photography. I was a little shocked to see that 90 percent was of young woman looking sexy, or in an attempt to be more exact. I was surprised to see photography attempt to go through their own mental metamorphosis of sexuality by producing what they thought was sexy women images. As we get a little older in real life and not swept away behind the fantasy of see what I can do with a camera and a woman as a cool shot. Just maybe we learn something about what portrays as sexy, and maybe when it is too late in our own life to enjoy the impact of sexy. Eye candy girls melt and leave a stain of disappointment. This is because there is very little skills or source material for communicating the statement within the the intended shot outcome. Everyone below writs fantastic. All I can say is that the quality of the post and studio lighting which ever methods use are ver good and this person shows patient in studio photography lighting. About the young woman. I think they are all find for a teen magazine with a hint of cute. I strongly feel that the photographers of these image if there are more then one should be pitching to a teen style magazine. It’s nota bad idea. But sexy. Oh I strongly feel the boat has left the dock.

  9. Fantastic work Franziska!
    Best regards

  10. A very nice idea Franziska!
    Thank you and congratulations.

  11. an excellent range of high quality, compliments

  12. an excellent choice of great quality, compliments!

  13. Excellent work Franziska and great idea!
    Best Regards