Photo Challenge December – the winners!

Presenting the winner photos:

All votes are counted, the December Photo Challenge is finished, the winners have been determined.
Winter is mostly cold and dark, but even though beautiful motives can be found. Landscapes or details, its an exciting season! Thanks to all photographers for their participation.

Congratulations to palma, who won the first place (6.878 pts)!

Photo Challenge three trees for three

three trees for three

The second place goes to palma as well with 6.678 pts, congratulations!

Photo Challenge A Winter day

A Winter day …

Mihajlo Vasiljevic won the third place (6.367 pts)

Photo Challenge Durmitor Black Lake Montenegro

Durmitor Black Lake Montenegro


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  1. such a useful post

  2. Nice post

  3. Lost in the white, I lost my way home, I wanna cry but I do not make a sound… the Silence is shouting….

  4. The nature capture is vary greatful.

  5. palma -

    Thank you very much for choosing my pictures …! :-)
    Happy New Year 2018…!!!